Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Hahaha...i'm in quite a good mood today...in my previous post i ranted about this video i was doing?.. well, the person it was intended for liked it!, and praised it twice when he was giving his farewell speech on stage!..

Oh well, some updates here...

Firstly, I went to take photos for the dinner event yesterday, wasn't happy with the photos at all...they turned out under-exposed...even though i was using ISO 800 film!...urgg...maybe it REALLY is time to invest in either a DSLR, or a proper flash system!...but then again, i still prefer the solid feel of a full mechanical film slr camera...like the Nikon FM2...haha..oh well, gonna have to learn a lot more about handling light in photography!..there's a contest coming up, for this "Singapore Youth Photographer Award"...i wanna take part in it...if I can win, it would be cool!...could put that money to good use too!..haha...i've got loads of items on my shopping list!..i wanna buy a new knife, and a new bike!(more abt the bike next)

Haha..okay, on the bike...Today i went to test ride the bicycle(not motocycle)...it is a classic ALAN racing bike, probably made in the 1980s, but the quality is pretty good, and the bike feels structurally sound!..oh well, but it costs S$1500, a sum which i might not have to spare just now..=(..still have so much stuff to pay for, including knives of course!..haha..oh well, hopefully i get back most of my loans..haha...then things will be a lot easier on me..hahaha...yupz...

Oh well, guess it's gonna be a short entry today...cos i'm kinda tired..
Can't wait to go to Paris!!...

My prayers go to u Elisha, Jabez, & Paul, my 3 God-brothers!...haha...Do tag okay!!

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