Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hello again...
Here's what i was busy with yesterday..was busy building this wooden figurine for my church to use as some publicity prop for the upcoming Christmas play...heh..made using wood. I didn't do the painting though...was responsible for building the structure and cutting the sheet wood to shape..issit nice?

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Hello!...haha...went up to the bell again today, with Paul and Daniel Gan, after percussion lessons in church...Paul wanted to take a photo, so here it is..haha..i look so tired here!..but this is cool...heh
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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hello! i went shopping a little...and bought these 4 pens..the one on the left-most is for Weizhen=), and the other 3 are for my 3 brothers..haven't really decided exactly which is for whom though, i think i'll just let them choose...ain't these pens cute?..heh...oh well, nothing much to blog for today cheerios!
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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


grunt out.

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Sunday, November 11, 2007


Today's a good day!...the "family day" event went smoothly, and i'm so glad it did! ran out pretty fast too!..which was a good response!!...also, Thank You God, for helping me through this event. Yesterday was a very hectic day, and things went smoothly, thanks! and thanks for the weather too!...a rain might have ruined the banner, but You gave us good weather.As for today, thanks for just keeping me composed on the congas, during the small item we put up. And earlier on, when i had problems mounting up the "signboard", you led me to the 6th floor, and led me to find the spray mount there..which i used to great effect. I was worried abt it falling, but U assured me it wouldn't...and thanks too, for letting the Ramly Burgers come nicely packaged, and not letting it disappoint me. Thanks God!

Well, next up, today Paul and i climbed up to the roof of our church..haha...i know we're not supposed to, but it's somewhere i used to go as a kid when i was waiting for my grandparents to be done with their service. I brought Paul up to the top of the Bell tower too, where the big bell's something you don't often see...and i doubt any of our church members have seen this before till today...

Here it states the name of the company that cast the bell, and the year it was casted.

And over on this side, it states who the bell belongs to. Cool eh?

Ain't this cool?...hahaha...alright..i shall logg off for now...hope the week ahead is a good one.

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Today was a pretty good day!!..i managed to accomplish a whole lot of things!'s the iternary for my day:

1: Go to Tiong Bahru Market to purchase Bamboo Poles
2: Go to church to leave the items needed for the "Family-Day" preparations there
3: Go to Jurong Town Corporation to pass Tommy the blueprints for my proposed trolley design
4: Go to church to settle the "Family-Day" preparations
5: Go to People's Park to purchase cloth for the "Family-Day" decorations, and lunch for the ppl helping to do deco.
6: Go back to church to continue preparations
7: Go to JTC to finalize the construction of the trolley frame, and collect the finalized product
8: Go to NUS Arts Club Room to meet friends
9: Go to Naga's house with the rest of the 28th, and affiliate.
10: *Crashed* in Home Sweet Home

It felt good managing to finish so much today!...really want to thank some people:
James and Jonathan, for the lunch, and rides to collect supplies, and helping; Jiajun for helping with the cutting and helping out in many ways, and same goes for faith; jiawen; grace; grace's friend; jiang feng; peisong, thanks!!

super tired now...will let the pics speak for themselves..

Cheers and Regards,

Our humongous banner!...note the person on the bottom left of the banner...check out the size of the banner!
How i tied 1 side of the banner up
how the other side is attached
our family day signboard
The worker at Tommy's factory helping me to weld the various metal pipes together to fabricate the trolley for my EG2604 project.

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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Here are 2 pictures of my latest knife purchase!..a Custom made knife by Tom Mayo!. this is his Medium TNT model, in S90V steel!!...woohoo!'s incoming in 2 weeks' time...i can't wait!
Cheers and Regards,

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Saturday, November 03, 2007


Some updates for today!...well, i ordered 3 more new knives today. The first being a S.R. Johnson Drop Point Folding Knife!..this one will have mother of pearl handles, like that pictured below, but with a slight twist...something special, which of course i won't divulge what it is. Not too sure when it would be ready, but the wait for this will be in years, and not i got a long time to prepare the cash. haha here's a pic of something similar to mine:

S.R. Johnson Folder

Next, i also ordered a knife from Jens Anso, being his "Bastid" folder, and i ordered mine a little special too..hahah...which of course i won't divulge's a picture of the pattern i ordered, but the configuration is different. I love the curves on this baby!

Jens Anso "Bastid"

Also, i just put my name down for another Tom Mayo TNT folding knife!!...yippee!!...haha...don't have pics yet, but yea, u get the idea.. was a fun day spent at sentosa with some members of the 28th Management Committee from the Arts Club...played captains' ball, plus some sea activities...haha...something not so nice happened too, but i shan't talk abt it here....anyway, after tt we went to vivocity for dinner, had pretty nice chicken rice there too!..haha...and yingling and joyce left after tt, while samuel, may, xiaoyan, another affiliate and i left for the North East Outram, Samuel, May n Xiaoyan got off the train to change to the East West Line, and i was just 2 stations away when xiaoyan called to ask us back to go sing karaoke! we went back, and went to ktv from 7+pm till was fun, and i've got a teeny weeny bit of a sore throat now!..haha..was so cold in there though!...luckily May lent me her sweater. Thanks May!'s some pictures!:

The whole KTV-Gang

May & I

That's all for today!

Cheers and Regards,

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