Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Hahaha...I had a presentation this morning for my SSA2209(Government and Politics of Singapore) Module!..haha...there's Sue Ann, Xinyi, Weizhen=), and I..Weizhen=) was the first speaker, and I, the last...I really enjoyed the lesson, because I love debating sometimes, and i managed to really utilize the skills i learnt in pursuing History in JC...haha...but weizhen=) said that i sounded very different, because i was then speaking in proper english, in proper and complete sentences..haha...but that's just me...i have the ability to switch between styles of writing, and speaking..=)...

After our lesson, weizhen=), rebecca, another girl(i forgot the name), and i went to ginza to eat our lunch..haha...or brunch, for weizhen=)..haha...i had my favourite chicken rice!..hahahaha...and then we shared a bit of "Har Gao" too! cool, rebecca is also a fellow "Har Gao" fan too! Weizhen=) time we can all go eat dim sum!!...

hahaha...hmm..nothing much about the day i guess, except that i'm buying a new knife!!...woohoo!!'s called the Emerson Super Commander, basically a Commander that's 20% larger!...haha...can't wait for it to come!...then it can complement my Commander EDC options!...haha

Well, that's about all for today, to my frens, thank yoU! Weizhen=), get well sooN!....Let's go for Crab Bee Hoon next week ya?..


++ quoth dragonfly at 10:28 AM

Monday, September 18, 2006

Talk to me O Lord
In recent days, i've been pondering quite a lot about life itself..Maybe my mum's scolding really did serve to jolt me awake..I've realised that i've really taken so much from them, but i've never given much back to my family, i really appreciate all you've done for me..You've really made me understand what it means to be pampered as the only child...and dear Lord, I thank you for putting me in such a wonderful family..
Thanks Lord, too for giving me wonderful friends that stand by me when i'm down, friends that lift my spirits when i'm morally down, friends to raise me up when i'm spiritually in the lowest realms..Thanks guys, you've helped me become a better person that i would have been in a world devoid of you guys. My friends, I appreciate all that you have done..and should you ever need a fren, help, or just a shoulder to cry on, i'll be here...i can't promise much, but i promise i'll be there..
Lord, I pray that in the years to come, you'll let me become a better kNow my weaknesses, you know my my strengths, in the bible it says "...let your light shine for all to see"...Lord, so build me on my strengths..let your light shine through me, so that all may see a Christ-like life in me. Lord, ammend my weaknesses too, so that others may see how Christ works through flawed individuals like me, and let me be an example to lead others to follow You in my footsteps...
Lord, continue to speak to me, through music, through friends, and through nature, so that I may be enriched every minute, every second of my life..teach me to be Your faithful child once again..

++ quoth dragonfly at 6:58 AM

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Some memories...

In my primary school days, i used to be the smallest sized in my class, and always would get bullied by the class bully...i used to get beaten by him, till i got bruises that showed..when my grandparents asked me about it, i would always attribute them to some kind of a fall...

In the School Bus, i once had someone smear bubblegum all over my hair granny spent the whole day cutting bits and pieces of my hair off, to get rid of the bubblegum...

Those were the dark times of my past...but they made me stronger, made me a very protective person, protective of my physical well being, as well as erecting this barrier around me to protect myself from any possible harm. Seldom do i let people into my comfort zone totally. It also made me very protective of my loved ones, my family, and my best friends..

Why am i saying all these at 3:16am on a sunday morning?..i can't sleep..i felt so sad recently when i heard that one of my frens was ever beaten up by made me feel very mad, and sad could anyone ever do such a thing?...what a bastard...i feel sad thinking of not only the physical pain my friend went through, but even more so the emotional hurt that resulted...

to you, i really hope u don't reconcile with him..not for any reason, but that i think it's scary that a guy can do that to someone he professes to love. to you, and to all my friends..should anyone ever bully u, remember that junpei will always stand up for you, and even fight for you if the need arises..

my friends who have been there for me when i'm sad, who have listened to me when i was in tears, i thank is through people like you that i see God working through, and reminding me of His presence and glory. Likewise, when you have problems, or any problems, remember, Junpei will repay you for the concern you've shown him...a thousand times over and more...


++ quoth dragonfly at 12:18 PM

Friday, September 15, 2006

Some updates for the week:
hmm...let's see...last weekend those of us who were successfully elected into the NUS Arts Club, 27th Management Committee had to undergo this "Rites of Passage" weekend camp, which was physically exhaustive!..I've never walked as much in my life as i did then man!..haha..but the camp did result in better bonding between the formerly distinctly apart campaigning teams..I had fun during camp though!...haha...but being away from my knives certainly did throw me off balance a bit...felt a tad queer...i've never been away from my knives before...Not at least i had my fork+knife combo with me though..=)..being away from my cellphones too was scary!...i felt so out of touch with the world!..not to say tt i missed texting my frens!...certainly an experience i must say!...but i was very disappointed by my physical abilities...sux man!...urgg!
well, more about this week!..
Met up with flippy on wednesday for lunch at first time to the Newton Hawker centre in years!'s much cleaner now i must say..then we saw a church fren's dad there, and we were like trying to avoid him, and hope he would go away...but guess what, he chose to sit behind flippy..and facing us!...haha...well, but we managed to slip away before he saw us..haha...using exciting!..then went to suntec to walk around, before going to marina square...on the way, flippy was commenting that the sunflowers were very nice...and i did something wacky..haha..i just cut one off for's tax-payers(our) money k!...hahaha..that was pretty cool n fun!..after that walked a bit more then at about 3+ i had to rush back for lessons at 4, and she had to go home to cook dinner...met up again on yesterday for lunch and to chat, and twas quite nice, managed to chat quite a lot..heard some things which really upset me...but deepened my respect and admiration for her..shan't elaborate further, but to flippy, shd anyone bully u, i'll be there to stand up for you ya?..just let me know..
Well, I have a french test next week, and i'm quite stressed!...cos french really is tough for me!...this weekend i shall be mugging for french..hopefully i can grasp the language soon!'s the structure itself that's bogging me down!..pray for me!..
Also, I've been appointed the Welfare Secretary for the NUS Arts Club 27th Management Committee. Hope i do a good job!...and to my frens with me in 27th MC, do remind me when i lag behind, and gimme a kick if u feel i'm slacking!...and to all in NUS FASS, should u ever feel that u have issues to raise, do let me kNow!!...

++ quoth dragonfly at 9:53 PM

Thursday, September 14, 2006

In memory of you..

I'll always love meant more to me than just a pet..when i was sad, u listened to me cry..when i came home, you were always the first to greet me...i will never forget the look of your eyes..
every night i would stroke ur head..till u sleep...on 12th august i stroked your head once more...till u eternal sleep..thanks for waiting for me to come home before you died in my palm...i miss you...where are you baby?....

++ quoth dragonfly at 7:44 AM

I miss my turtle...I wish i could be with it now...
in tears now, but who cares?..
My life is shitty again...after the high comes the low..
Life, what is it but a dream...a nightmare more likely..

Jay, I miss you...why did you die?...
do u know that when i put u in the river, i felt like jumping in?
You're gone forever, how can that be?
who do i talk to now when i cry?
who do i cry to when i'm sad?
is your spirit still with me?
when i die, will we meet?
will you still remember me?..
more than just a were my fren...

in tears..

++ quoth dragonfly at 7:33 AM

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[Life is like a dream..In reality, things do not always go the way we want them to turn out. What we desire, may not always be what life destines for us. These unfulfilled wishes turn into actuality in our dreams. Dreams reveal what we want to happen in life, and it is only in dreams, that possibility is infinite..Dream a dream tonight...=)]

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