Monday, September 01, 2008

What if one day you wake to find me gone...

You wake up to a bright new day,
The sun shines just the same.
And you're busy just the same.
Sometime in the day,
You reach for your phone,
and realize i'd tried to call.
2 missed calls the screen says.
That one line just to inform you,
I tried calling but you were away.
An unknown number calls and you pick up.
This is the police the caller says.
We found your number in the speed dial.
Your friend's been in an accident,
and it looks like he's not gonna stay.

A week passes on,
Your friend's come and gone.
In his absence, is all the same?
Were you so busy, You couldn't hear him say,
I've loved you most in my life, i wish i could stay.
But circumstances say i can't remain.
There're many words i wish to say,
but i guess they'll follow me to my grave.
I wished we could have talked more,
but you were always too busy for me.
Yesterday i am, today i was
The sun shines just the same.
And you're busy just the same.

When i'm gone,
Will you remember my name?

++ quoth dragonfly at 10:21 AM

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[Life is like a dream..In reality, things do not always go the way we want them to turn out. What we desire, may not always be what life destines for us. These unfulfilled wishes turn into actuality in our dreams. Dreams reveal what we want to happen in life, and it is only in dreams, that possibility is infinite..Dream a dream tonight...=)]

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