Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The view on the right from the river bank on the side of my "Dream Home"
My "Dream Home"..situated on the bank of a quiet and Serene river!
Peace and Tranquility fill the air along this walkway beside my "Dream Home"
The view on the left from the river bank on the side of my "Dream Home"

Hmmz...took some photos the other day..this was around this Private Apartment which is located along the river which i love, and which holds many beautiful memories..It's there along the river where i have spent time there with people who are special to me. In the near future, when I buy a house, this is where I would choose to live in.

Love lots,

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Monday, February 26, 2007

Ten things NEVER to do to me.
1: Never ever drop any of my knives.
They are very expensive, and in many cases irreplaceable. The worst thing you could do is to drop one of my knives.
2: Never view the images in my Cellphone without asking.
3: Never ever read the messages in my Cellphone Inbox
4: Ask and you shall recieve. Do not take any of my things without asking
5: Do not ever make scathing remarks about my friends if you do not know them.
6: Do not step on or scratch my leather shoes or boots.
7: Do not drop, or even scratch any of my gadgets.
8: If I don't want to say something, don't pester me for an answer.
9: Don't leave me hanging. If i smsed u a question, kindly have the courtesy to reply.
10: If you can't fulfill the appointment, tell me. Don't just "pangseh".
Nick. (P.s: I'm writing this because someone just did 1)

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hahaha...paul took this one...it has the "Skull/Ghost Rider" tee shirt visible!
My 3 brothers, standing in front of Kent Ridge's float...
3 brothers, standing in the middle of Orchard Road!!..haha...they insisted on taking this pic cos it's rare u get a chance to stand in the middle of the road!
The 4 musketeers! Me, Lao 2, Xiao 3, Lao 1!...hahaha...it's black and white cos the stupid traffic policewoman somehow made it blue tint!...grr...so i changed the pic using photoshop to black & white..haha..You kids Rock!!


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yay!...finally i can blog again!...Blogger's been giving me problems!..I couldn't seem to post an entry these few days..haha...anyway...


Haha...it's been a great past few days...hahaha...i'm looking forward to thursdays!...gonna have ballet lessons!..haha..with Ms Balloons!..yay!..=)
Let's hope this star twinkles this time ya?..=)
Love lotts!

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Friday, February 23, 2007


Hmm...today was an awesome day..haha..let's see..met up with Ms Balloons=) at 11, brought her to my mum's for ballet lessons after that..haha..ballet was fun..my mum had suggested me learning together with her, but i wasn't sure if she would be okay with the idea..well....haha...i was pretty happy when during ballet, she asked me to join her..haha..so well, i joined in..

My mum was basically only teaching the two of us..haha...that was pretty cool...did some basic jumps and stuff, and i think she did quite well!..=)..my mum was quite happy with her actually too..=)..haha..as for me...ermmm...haha...i stink at it..=p...but i enjoyed myself!..=)...

After ballet, we cabbed down to Neil Road, where I had booked a place at this Japanese Restaurant, to celebrate a belated birthday with her..haha..in the morning, when i had met her, i hadn't passed her her birthday present, but rather, had carried it with me all the way till we were at the restaurant...haha..also, the previous night, i had asked her to bring her iPod nano down on the pretext that my mum needed it for ballet..hahaha..(ain't i smart?..=p)...alright, so i passed her the card and the present at the restaurant, and the look on her face was a nice mix of surprise and joy..=)...glad you like the card i made for you, Ms Balloons=)..i don't make cards for everyone of my friends k...=p...

Oh well, did i mention, just the 2 of us ate like let's see...hmm...3 plates of Salmon Sashimi, 1 "Spider" - Soft Shell Crab Hand Roll, 1 mixed sashimi platter, 1 chawanmushi, 1 tofu thingy, 1 mixed tempura, 2 green teas, 1 sesami ice cream..think that's about it...i THINK...ahahah...too bad they din have Unagi...Ms Balloons=) likes that..Oh, and did i also mention, we had the whole restaurant to ourselves!...*smiles*...so it was pretty nice..

After a nice lunch, we took a short 5 minute stroll down the street, where i brought her to this Viennese Cafe..haha..Over there, between the 2 of us, we had a Red Wine, a "Maria Theresa" Alcoholic Coffee, an Apple Strudel, and a Sache Torte (Traditional Viennese Choccolate Cake)..haha..glad you liked it!!..=) [P.S: we almost had Cheesecake, and probably Mudpie at NYDC after that..if not for the fact that we didn't have the time for it..]..haha..

After our Viennese Cafe meal, we then cabbed down to Wheelock, to do the setup for the present i got her as a birthday present..haha...followed by some shopping at Kinokuniya with the vouchers i gave her..all in all, it was an awesome day!!..Thanks for spending it with me..=)

Love lotts,

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Friday, February 16, 2007


hahaha...today's a pretty awesome day!..well, in the morning i went back to my secondary school, Maris Stella High, and the first thing i saw there was my pot, the one i did for my Secondary 4 O'levels art exam in the display cabinet, with my name, and a writeup...that really made me smile..it's a beautiful feeling looking at something in an exhibit case, knowing that it's your creation. Next, went to visit the teachers in the staff room, and was quite nice re-acquainting myself with my sec sch teachers..haha...oh well, i shall go back every year!

well, after that, i met up with a fren for lunch...twas pleasantly surprised when she asked me out for lunch..thanks..=)..i enjoy your company Ms Balloons..=))))...hahaha

Alright..nothing else to blog about...gotta sleep early!...i've got a tuition student to teach tomorrow at 10am!..and watching "Ghost Rider" with the kids, and adithya in the afternoon!!...gotta shop for Ms Balloon's birthday present toO!..


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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hmm...i saw a set of congas today..pretty affordable..at $399..i thought it would be 1000+..but it's not...yup..

hmm..i'm really just so sick of telling people stuff, asking people stuff..etc..i can't wait to get out of university..i have this feeling i'll work my ass off when i'm out..audrey commented yesterday that i look tired..do i?..hmm..i guess that's the look i'm gonna be having now..called my mother just now. Wanted to ask her for permission to get the congas..in the end, she gave me a lecture about me working too much..well, last time u complained that i was slacking..now u complain that i work too much..hmm...just want u to know that this is going to be the case from now..i'm just going to find more work to do, to get money, as well as to occupy my time..

now, i have probably 1 slot of free time each week, and that's reserved for the kids. I guess i'm slowly going to disappear from church too...already i've kinda left the group already. I don't join them for lunches anymore too. I'm quite tired already..in church, i don't feel any sense of friendship..i feel so "out"...i used to have a friend whom i felt close to, and whom i usually stuck around in church..but ever since he left, i felt kinda "betrayed", and nowadays, i hardly talk to him too..no point lah...i used to treat him as my best friend..but that's gone..u're kinda still my fren though..but just one of them.

maybe i won't leave church lah, but perhaps i might leave youth ministry...i don't fit in there..i'm very happy helping the children's ministry actually..=)..damn...i'm late for my p.i class..cos percussion lessons started late today..then now i had to take a taxi..which stinks, cos i'm trying to save money..oh well, no choice lah..urrgg...

Oh well, something to look forward to!..I went to buy the tickets for "Ghost Rider" on Saturday!..haha..yay!..will be bringing Elisha, Jabez & Paul, together with one of their friends, Adithya(sp?)..gosh..it's becoming a Big group!...haha...imagine if daniel came too...i'd be a bit nervous, cos so many kids! but nevertheless, i'll love it!!..=)

damselfly on feb 14th

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Monday, February 12, 2007

Monday's gone...Tuesday is here..All i'm waiting for is Friday. The weekdays drag by so slowly. You can say i'm emo-ing..whatever....I hate valentine's day...it's so painful seeing so many couples doing sweet little things for each other, when i never get any..I guess i'm really destined for singlehood. I don't understand you Lord...and maybe I never am meant to. But could you kindly show me some light?..set me free Lord..it's so painful loving somebody who doesn't love me back..like i asked before, when Jesus came to earth to experience all our sufferings, did he ever experience the pains of love?..Tell me....

Renewed Death -
Each day, the rising of the sun breathes the breath of life into my nostrils, and i wake to live again...But each day, I experience a renewed death as the day passes by. What's love?...pretty sad case huh...i've never experienced love before in my life. and i don't wish to try to anymore..

You've really exhausted me...all my efforts, everything..it's just like shining the torch at the stars..nothing comes back...after a long time, the battery just goes flat...my torch has been running, shining at that patch of your heart..but never once, has a star twinkled back at me. Was liking you the worst mistake of my life?...i guess it is. "Love" has changed me so much..my unrequited love for you has transformed me, ripped all confidence from within me..I've learnt to see myself as a monster, i've learnt to see all my flaws, but never learnt to look past it. I've experienced countless times how you just brush me off when i try to talk to you.

What do i want?..i don't know...each year, during my birthday, i make this wish..that you would love me, even if just a little. each year, i renew my hope that this time, the fairies will grant my wish, and each year i sigh when i look at the sky on my birthday, and the stars still remain dark..never once have i had a star shine back.

Love is patient, love is kind...6 years..is that not patience?...kind?..hmm..you've never appreciated that. I'm tired...over the years, I've lost all my friends, i've been suicidal so many times that now i really believe in the existence of a guardian angel who protects me..if the angel had even taken a piss-break, i'd probably be missing you in my dreams, lying in elysian fields by now.

Honestly, even if another girl likes me, it wouldn't work out too..I've lost my capacity to love..I've lost my capacity to even relate to other people. You say i'm running a marathon, and it's not just me running, you're running too and you're stressed..i'm not much better too..by heart is dead, my mind is in a mess. somewhere along the run, i lost my smile..my eyes are mere functional tools now, i no longer smile through them anymore..

I thank God for letting the 3 kids walk into my life.. They have really restored some of this joy that i lost during this marathon run. Thanks God, for giving me a little hope to live on..honestly, these 3 threads of joy are what keeps me hanging on to church, and to life.

To my friends, if you have known me since the days before i started liking Weizhen=), did you see a change in me?..I miss the days when i was the crazy "monkey" junpei..I hardly recall what i was like already..

Weizhen=), i'm sorry that i'm really being an asshole when you're around..i'm sorry...it's just that maybe that's my way of trying to prevent myself from crying...valentine's day is really painful...so many sweet couples around, and it really hurts me to see them, and then reflect on how u treat me...

in tears..

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Hmm...I had an enjoyable day out today!..


p.s: if you're reading this, i still think the balloon thingy is hilarious!!..hahahaha..see you around soon..

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Thursday, February 08, 2007


I'm sorry...yup...thanks for still sticking around as my friend...I really treasure the friendship...yup..hmm..i have some thoughts, will tell you when we get the chance to sit down and talk.


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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I know i'm being a complete asshole to you..isn't that what you prefer?..i feel like shit doing this too..but being nice gets me nowhere, and it just makes u stay away from me...maybe being an ah-beng; an asshole, might be better..u think i like treating someone i love as though she's someone i detest?..

okay, i feel so tempted to say that "you stink"..but it's not true...it's just that you're damn good at making me feel sad..and you're weird...nowadays i must watch my words very carefully..i must NOT ask you any questions...cos you don't like that..okay..fine..when your frens asked me about some business module u're doing, i was like "oh, she's doing a business module?"..haha..i don't know...so if u're sydney's fren, just don't ask me what sydney is doing, where she is okay?...i wouldn't know..urgg...sometimes......


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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Hmm...you=) looked very cool today..you=) looked funky..haha..i like the bottom of yours=)..heh..pretty funky!...=)..oh wells, today was great during worship practice...i somehow felt the oomph!..haha..was just dancing to the beat, but dancing with my palms on the congas..heh..and it felt awesome seeing the others share the same feeling..just watching them nod to the beat, or sway their bodies to the beat made me feel in tune..=)..

oh wells, i'm in pretty much a huge rush now..rushing to east coast park to set up some stuff for bike quest07..there'll be 3 spare bicycles there, maybe at night when everyone else is sleeping or stuff, i'll go cycling myself, and just relive certain beautiful memories i have..=)..some of which i can still experience them again, but some of which will always be just memories..oh well, that's life..=)..

alright..don't have much left to talk about, and i'm reaching soon..gonna be engulfed by madness soon..haha..and i'm gonna embrace it!...

life..it isn't life till you choose to let it be..


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Friday, February 02, 2007

Hmm..i'm seated in the back of a van now, accompanied by 600 bottles of New Water, 200 New Man magazines, a dozen FHM calenders, a sound system, and other stuff..listening to different songs today..currently i'm listening to Sun Yanzi's "Yu Jian"..and that just ended..next song is "At The Beginning - Anastasia"..hmm..nothing much exciting to blog about today..
oh, maybe the cool part of today was seeing Mediacorp Publishing Pte Ltd for the first time of my life..heh..took a spyshot of how it was like with my camera phone..haha..

hmm, i'm glad it's friday already..because that means i get to see my favourite kids..will be going there earlier today since i get to drop off nearby..fridays rock!..=)

haha..today during lecture i was actually surfing the net for tee shirts to buy..i want to get some tee shirts that are wacky, or controversial..haha..saw some nice ones by greenpeace, as well as some which make a statement on topics ranging from saving the turtles, to anti-nuclear sentiments..pretty intresting..there's one i might get..it says nu-klea-r..it's basically against nukes..=)..i think tee-shirts are a very good way of expressing one's sentiments, as well as one's stand on issues such as politics..never really had many of these "funky" tee shirts before, and i guess the university is a good place, at a good time for these..haha..since when have i become an activist at mind...heh

well. Gtg..reaching my next destination soon...but i still hope to get to the destination of my heart..=)..


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