Saturday, July 21, 2007

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007


hmm...nothing much has happened in my life recently...but well, ya, i managed to get tix to ndp!! pretty excited...should be going with a school mate from rag..haha...first time i watch an ndp which is on the sea...heard from joann that the navy's performance is pretty cool ya...kinda looking forward to it..will have to then rush all my stuff so that i can go down guilt-free that day...heh...well, this saturday JK Rowling's next Hairy Potter book comes out!...and i'm getting it!..haha...a welcome gift to a friend...hope Sam likes it!...oh well, nothing much to blog about lahz...hmm..okay, today my percussion teacher complimented me saying that the sounds of the tone; slap; palm..etc, that i make sound almost like his...and that was really nice...bought a new phone some time ago too, and the functions are astonishing..well, i got the Nokia ya...=)..i'm actually quite stone now...came online primarily to check the weather for a friend...Sam's i'm just here to check the weather, and be the weatherman via sms...haha...oh well well, think i gtg do my stuff already...seeya!!..


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Sunday, July 08, 2007

hello!.. some updates...haven't had the time and/or the energy to update much recently...pretty much bogged down by rag, and also, i was busy with planning and executing this mission-trip with micqsy...furthermore, i've had other church stuff too.. well, first of all, let me talk about my mission trip! was pretty good, though it was just a short one..but the planning took quite a bit..planning for the games, the sequence of events, calling people up, and trying to persuade them to come...but it was pretty meaningful..i find more meaning doing this kinda stuff then i find in other projects..well, really want to say a big thanks to michelle for helping me..especially the logistics stuff, and also in planning...well, back to the events that transpired that day itself.. early in the morning, the whole lot of us met at church at 7:45am!!..there were 15 of us in total: xueningjoycelynnjosiahjarodmathiasbinglunaaronsamuelweizhengzheng kuangUncle Ling YingTsun He Lao Shimichelleme All in all, i think the turnout was pretty fantastic!..well, after loading up, we headed on towards woodlands, and johore, which thankfully we did not have to unload the musical instruments which were cumbersone to carry, and heavy!..we had with us: 1 cajon1 set of congas (1 tumba + 1 conga)2 conga stands1 keyboard1 guitar1 amplifier well, things went smoothly, and we cleared the customs with not much hassle..after which we went directly to the school, which is located about 30 mins drive from the malaysian was pretty nice, but the accoustics were horrible...haha...when i played the congas there, they sounded so empty, and so hollow!..well, but it was good to see the level of enthusiasm in the youths..really appreciated their participation..=)..oh well, we had a short worship consisting of just 2 songs, and then we proceeded to station games. the games went pretty well i must say, and everyone enjoyed it..for mathias' game: "The Longest line", it ended pretty fast, and that's where the arts camp games came in handy to fill in the empty-times..=)..well, after games, it was our rest time, plus time to practice for our skit. we had a pretty nice lunch at a restaurant some 15 mins away, and then headed back to rest, as well as to prepare for our skit...managed to integrate the worship into our skit, which i feel binglun and samuel really acted well..think they pulled off their segments really well!..

Well well, after we finished acting the skit at night, and having had worship, it was time for us to leave...we left with having had a good trip, and having had fulfilled the objectives set out..returned to singapore around 11+, and that was all..=)

well, really glad that the mission trip was also provided me some form of relief from the tiring process of rag...i'm really so sick of people telling me that i'm not committed enough...and asking me to around 24/6...that's insanity...i have other commitments too, and of them all, church, and being around for the 3 kids will always remain my top priority...and for my close friends, you know how much percussions mean to ya, playing percussions for church will always be one of my top-most priority, oh ya, and church is something which is very important to me, i will never skip church for other there...and also, anything related to the kids will be of the top-priority if they tell me they have a tennis match coming up, i will definitely make that my most important priority..i can't wait for rag to be would really be a catharsis for me, i'm really missing out on so many things i want to do...once this august comes, i'd be done with rag, and also with arts club stuff...i'm probably the most certain within the arts club mc members, that i will definitely not run again for arts club..haha...when these 2 commitments end, i will finally have time to devote to God, to percussions, to the kids!!..yay!!..=)..i feel stifled...and moody...the whole june hols i din even bring the kids out once can?!...nvm...once rag is over, during the september holidays, i'll bring them cycling again!!..

p.s: thanks to those who have been a listening ear to me...jiajun, micq, etc..thanks loads...
well, i've said a lot this morning...


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