Friday, June 23, 2006


Hmmm...i'm trying so desperately to get a bicycle...for those who don't know, i love cycling...i really love the exhilarating rush i get when the wind brushes past me..whatever troubles i have are swept away by the wind..i used to have a bicycle, but it was lost at a friend's parents are still pissed with me for losing the bike because that was the bike they got for me when i was primary 6, and it cost somewhere like 600bucks...quite a large sum of money for a bike for a kid...and partially because of that, they are hesitant abt me getting a bike...(OMG! aunt just smsed me this):

"I would like to help u w it. Gv me yr plan to pay bk, i'll gv you the $ n jus go get it. Dont tell them abt my involvemt tho."

Gosh...she rocks!...thanks EE!!..haha...okay..let me finish my post...another reason why my parents aren't happy about me getting a bicycle is because they don't want me to get into an accident...urgg...i mean, HELLO!!...i'm 23 this year, can you pleaseeeee stop treating me like a damn kid?!...i know you all give me almost everything i want, like phones, and gadgets etc..but the things i always wanted, but never had are:

1: a brother
2: a dog
3: a road bicycle
5: understanding

You guys really don't know me at all!! home i hardly speak a word!..i'm always facing my computer because i really cannot click with anyone at manz...i want a bicycle because cycling is really something i love and i enjoy...can you please stop sheltering me??...the world is out there...please, open the cage...set me free...i've grown up in such an environment that i don't understand people at all, and i'm still so immature in terms of thinking...don't you realise that by "protecting" me all the time, you've let me get so badly hit each time i meet a crisis?...sigh...set me free...please...

p.s: the picture above is the bicycle that i am hoping to's $1100...but i'm probably going to get the one with a white frame, instead of yellow...


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I am kinda feeling better..had a horrid last week..wasn't feeling very good..I'm slowly getting over it..thanks to all my friends..especially to the group of friends whom i seldom talk much to..thanks for being there when i was down...

regarding last sunday, thanks to all who tried calling me..sorry i din pick up ur calls...thanks angeline...sorry, i din want to talk to anyone then..sorry weizhen=) for hanging up on you calling from hong kong..thanks joannz for talking to me..thanks mozz too, sorry ahz, i'm such a lousy those who were with me, sorry for scaring you guys..and thanks david for the evien, sorry i freaked u out..i guess i freaked a lot of people out..sorry!..thanks Pal too..sorry i made u worried..

Do bear with me..i'm still not totally over some stuff..need some time to get over some stuff...sorry i can't tell anyone the main reason why i was so's too personal...i'm a horrid you, i'm sorry...

Thanks for all the people who have talked to me, and have tried to understand what happened during the week..thanks.. i just find life so meaningless...sigh...i'm so stressed out...urgg..i feel fear, but i don't know if my fears are logical, i just feel so scared...haiz...the main source of comfort i get, is from looking at the sky, at the clouds..they're what's unchanged, and what's always the same..

Life, what is it but a dream?..

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

i'm going cycling's the best way for me to my friends, if anything happens to me, and i should die, or leave this world, please read my blogged post a few days ago...i'm just so nervous i really want to escape all my problems...God...if were to see you today, would you accept me into your kingdom? or would the gates reject me?...i'm scared...i feel like going to the places i frequent to relive memories...but something in me is scared...i'm not going to bring my knives out with me right my knives always give me a sense of comfort...but i don't feel that now...i feel queer...i feel weird...will today be my last?..i don't know...

God help me please...i promise to be a better child of yours if you get me past this me me my friends...pray for me, don't ignore me...


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Oh manz...

I don't know why this week has been such a lousy week...ever since monday i have been damn nervous...i keep having this weird fear in's not just because of my fren..and it's so scary...i really don't know what has happened to me...i'm just damn scared, damn scared...i need help, but don't know where or who to turn to...urgg...i don't know why i am feeling like this...i just so feel like dying to escape all my feelings of fear...i'm just scared...i really am...don't ask me what i'm frightened of, i don't really know...i'm my closest frens, please don't dao me at this period...even if you're busy...i just need you guys by my side...God help me...please...God, are you still there?...or have you already forsaken me?...i'm scared...i'm


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Life just sucks...


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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

i'm sorry...i don't know what made me lose it....please forgive me...if i could turn back time, i would, and it would never ever have happened..i'm sorry...


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Monday, June 12, 2006

Life, What is it but a dream?..

I'm feeling a little better now..but there's still a fear in my heart about something..kinda very worried about it...i don't want to lose a friend, and i hope i don't..i did something very wrong...i'm sorry...i regret my actions..i really do...i don't know what made me lose it..sorry again...

Friendship..probably the most important thing in my life...sometimes i realise i never treasure the friends i have, until the time comes when i lose them, or something happens, and we lose contact..from today onwards, i will treasure all my friends...and i will never do anything that betrays their trust in me ever again...i'm sorry...


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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Somethings that i want to get off my mind now...should i ever walk away from everything i have ever known, please read this..a peek into my inner most thoughts..


I haven't been a very nice person during this life of mine...Hopefully next time, i can be a better person.

To my closest friends..i know i haven't been a very good friend, and have even betrayed the trust put in me by some of you..i'm very sorry. i really am..please forgive me..if Jesus's blood can wash the sins of men away, will the life of a man atone for wrongdoings of his own?..i will always miss the times we hung out together, the times in secondary school, the games we played, the times we went cycling, the times we went to play lan games..

To my parents..i'll never be the child you want me to be...i'm sorry, but i'm unable to take all this anymore...u say that i always say "relax lah"..sometimes it was meant more for myself then for you..i'm sorry for all the things i did that were wrong last time..i was still young then, and din really know how wrong it was of me...i'm sorry i've never been the ideal child...i'm sorry for wasting so much money..the only wish i have is that i wish i had a sibling...but thanks for all the patience, and all the support you've always given me...and thanks for letting me get to see the world..

To my grandparents...thanks for everything..the only thing you never gave me was understanding and acceptance, which sadly was what i needed most in life..but thanks for all the love and care you 2 showered on me for all the years of my life, i really appreciated it...grandma, i will never forget the sandcastle u built on the island of pulau tingi last time when i was really young...grandpa, i will never forget the times u let me ride pillion on that old vintage bicycle of yours..i really thank you two especially..i'm sorry...sorry also for not being the perfect grandchild you always wished i could be...

To my aunt..thanks for being the one who understood me the most in the family...when i was young, you used to say that you wanted to bring me mountain climbing, etc when i grew up...i'm sorry i can't go liao...

To people who have ever looked up to me..i'm sorry my life isn't as perfect as what it seems...i'm sorry if i have destroyed your impression of seek the Lord as your role model..he is perfect...

To people whose paths have ever crossed with mine in life..i'm sorry if often i have promised stuff, but never delivered...i tend to think too highly of my own capabilities, and often either i forget, or it is beyond my capabilities, and i end up dragging my feet over it...i'm sorry...


To my closest friends..thanks for making me feel accepted..thanks for being my listening ear when i had troubles, and thanks for being there..thanks for being my "Hao3 Xiong1 Di4"=)..somehow you understood me the most among my my cycling buddy, thanks for joining me for cycling, etc..i will always remember the game "1 day, my light went boom..."..thanks for teaching me to play dota too..and thanks for being there as one of my few closest friends, and letting me feel as though i had a younger brother..thanks for sharing my life with my pal, thanks for listening to me so much in the last few weeks/months..thanks..i really appreciated it..and thanks for sending me off that time..though it's not all trips that that's elisha, jabez and paul, thanks for the caricature of's been on my wall ever since...thanks for looking up to me as ur paul, good luck for ur babe, thanks for being my listening ear when i was most down, esp during my friends who have made me feel i mattered..thanks for it..=)

To You=): would you cry if i leave?...did you cry when i left?...

Life, what is it but a dream?

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Sunday, June 04, 2006


Haha..i haven't posted much these few days because i was a little tired..we're finally back in Paris, and as i write, our luggage is already packed, and it's 1:18am Monday Morning here..we fly back to Singapore at 12pm it's kinda like my last blog here from Paris/France...

Well, I really enjoyed the trip...saw the Mona Lisa painting today..twas awesome to be able to be standing in front of such a famous work of art. To me, it was like being in front of the a world leader..the feeling of grandness is there...anyway, i tried to snap a photo of the Mona Lisa, and i did, but at the expense of being scolded very badly by the security guard there!...he was like ranting away in French, and there i was playing along, giving totally meaningless replies in hokkien..i was just replying him with stuff like (I like to eat chicken rice);(I love to drink coffee),'s so lame..haha..he must have thought i was replying him....hahahaha..Oh well, hope the photo doesn't turn out blur!..

To weizhen=): Sorry i didn't manage to find the painting.=(...the place is too BIG lahz, 7500 pieces of art there...and i only spent a day there...

Oh well, i'm kinda excited to go back to Singapore too!...kinda miss home, and miss my grandparents...especially my grandmother...i also miss the sense of security i have back in Singapore...Did i mention before, that i always feel so insecure when i'm overseas...Here in Paris, i always have my HUGE folding knife in my windbreaker pocket, with my hand firmly grasping it..and another few other knives in hidden pouches all over my body..Somehow that helps make me feel safer..haha

Well, tuesday will be pretty cool too!...will be meeting up with eunice at the airport, and after that, meeting another friend to go cycling with..yay!..haha..and maybe meet up with my other friends who are flying off for coffee..=)..anyway, this trip is the first i have ever had overseas without buying any knife!..haha..that's something to remember!

Oh well, i guess i've gotta go sleep body's kinda tired now...Goodbye Paris!, and rehi Singapore!


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Friday, June 02, 2006

1st June 2006

Wow!'s june already...haha...that's pretty fast! month i will be going for my Orientation Camps in NUS, yay!..haha..I woke up a couple of hours ago..haha..had breakfast(as usual..duh!), then went out to the guesthouse's garden to take some's so pretty here!...but then again, somehow i can't seem to be able to find a nice angle/composition to take photos of the garden...*shrugz*..This morning it was confirmed by the guesthouse owner that the trees in her garden, which i suspected to be cherry trees are indeed cherry trees! That's just awesome!...imagine baking in a house like this, where you do not need to go out to buy cherries, but you can just pick them off the trees that you have in your very own backyard!!..

The guesthouse owner shared a little with us about her history too...The house had been bought by she and her husband(who passed away 5 years ago) primarily because he fell in love with the garden. And she revealed that in when he was still alive, his occupation had been that of an eye-doctor. My guess is that he loved the garden because the colour green's supposed to be very soothing for the eyes, and maybe that was of high importance to him..also it would have been good ti be able to come home to a nice garden to relax after a hard day's work..=)oh, and her husband liked knives too!..there are like 5 or 6 knives on the piano, one being what looks like a persian!..haha..and i must tell you!, the piano is made in 1795!, and ir purportedly one of the first few, if not the first piano in France!...gosh!...a 211 year old piano!...i wish i had that at home, and of course i wish that i knew how to craft music on the piano keys..the lady also told us that prior to running the guesthouse, her previous occupation had been that of an artisan at the local stained-glass workshop. So cool right?..haha...

Oh well, i didn't sleep much last night..woke up at 2am to send an sms..then after that when i went back to sleep, i had 2 dreams that were....ermm, well, one was pretty okay, dreamt of going with weizhen to toa payoh to have breakfast or tea, and the weird thing about that was that in my dream we took a bus...usually she drives..yea...usually it's either by car or cab when we meet up to go places for it was kinda queer to have dreamt of the mode of transport being a bus..the second dream was a nightmare...i dreamt of some monster trying to get at me, and the monster was in this case a serpent...but somehow i wasn't all losing...i kinda fought back against it, and shoved Kiwi(the shoe polish) down its throat...twas kinda freaky because i saw its eyes in the dream..and of all things about a living person or animal, the most beautiful, or most frightening things are always the i was kinda freaked out...i always have a fear of nights, even back at home in Singapore, at nights my whole house is always lit with lights, because i will feel frightened if its funny, i carry knives, gadgets and all, and i don't fear much else, but the dark...chicken-hearted junpei/nick...

Oh well, i think europe's a beautiful and very interesting place, it has so much history in it!...Singapore has just too little years behind it..well, but i'm a little bored of europe already..maybe the next place i would want to go will be to Africa? and maybe to Japan-Seki city, the town where swords are crafted...gosh, that would be such an interesting experience!...
haha...till tomorrow!...gotta pack my luggage!...taking the morning train back to Paris tomorrow morning!


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31st May 2006

Good morning Chartres!'s 10:30am here..I woke up something like 2 hours+ ago..had breakfast, which was awesome!..haha..this guesthouse feels real awesome...oops!..gotta go out now...will return to blog later!..=)

Hello!...i'm back...alright, this morning i woke up extremely glad that finally i have a proper sized bed! the previous guesthouse, the bed was so small that in the mornings when i wake up, i keep nearly falling over the side!'s a sofa-bed there actually...pathetic huh...haha...oh well, this morning when i woke up, i was glad that i could stretch, toss and turn in my bed a little before waking up, and without having to worry about falling down!...haha...breakfast was a luxurious mix of cereals, pastry, coffee, milk, jam and yogurt..i pretty much enjoyed it..=)..

After breakfast, lazed around a little, blogged 2 lines, before my parents came into my room to ask me to dress up, and get ready to go out..=)..we went to tour the little city a little, walked around, saw a few shops, had lunch at this place selling Turkish Kebabs, and i had a mixed kebab sandwich, which came in a pretty large portion. twas glad too for the heat provided in the shop by all the cooking as it was very cold outside!...After lunch, and a little bit more walking, my dad and i went cycling!!...haha...for friends who know me well, they will know that i am crazy over cycling...too bad i don't own a racer-bike of my own YET....well, we toured around the little town of Chartres, took some awesome photos of the beautiful scenery that is sort of impregnated into all the little houses, streets, etc...i mean, there are houses that are covered from chimney to walkway in plants!...and yes, i meant it literally!!...Gosh!!...well, took photos with both my camera phones, as well as with my trusty Nikon..=)..i've taken in total, 49 photos with my Nokia 7710 mobilephone, and 109 photos with my Nokia 9500 Communicator!..haha..i'm photo-mad...=)..

oh, forgot to mention, this morning i went to the Notre-Dame here too...finally i understand that Notre-Dame simply refers to a church, i mean, like there are many Notre-Dame's in France, as opposed to THE Notre-Dame...haha...well, there were many stained glass windows to see, and it was simply awesome!...the thing i like most about europe are the churches really feels different, when i'm in a modern church, and when i'm in an old, traditional church...i feel closer to God when i'm in a traditional's like you can feel the difference from being inside the church, and outside of's like once you step into the church, you feel this serenity within the church, which seeps into your mind and soul...makes you feel so at peace...

Oh well, i think that kinda covers my day today...that's all i'll blog for tonight, cos i'm tired, and i think i'll go sleep liaoz...


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30th May 2006

Hello!...we arrived at Chartres, the place we'll be spending the next 3 days and 2 nights..tis a pretty scenic place! and this time i have a room to myself, which is kinda cool..alright..let me share something...last night i had a beautiful dream...well, it was beautiful because in it i saw the people i most miss..Elisha, Jabez, and Paul were all in my dream, which was very cool, because i miss them so my dream, they were back earlier then expected, but they were leaving soon, because Paul was going to Toyko, and they were also going to some other country after that..somehow they looked different in my dream..only Elisha looked the same, but then again, he looked the same as he was when he was 6yrs old..haha...oh, and i also dreamt of weizhen...haha..she was wearing green in that dream of mine...seems like she was in the same attire as she was when she came bowling with us (Elisha, Jabez, Paul, Ben, Weizhen and myself)..haha...i woke up missing them even more, as well as missing my dream!..hahaha...
oh and another thing...somehow i associate Eunice with the Renault Scenic, maybe it's because her mum used to drive one...everytime i see one here in Paris, which is pretty often, the thought of Eunice crosses my mind...damn funny...haha...

Okay, more about the's very pretty! has a beautiful garden, which has flowers of i think almost all 7 colours of the rainbow!...that is very pretty!..i took some lovely photos here too!..haha...this guesthouse has been here for was built in the mediavel era, can you believe that!..and the place is just too pretty!..furthermore, i have my own room, which has this study table by the window, facing out to the small street in front, and it's pretty cool because here i am now at my desk, blogging, drinking wine which i bought just now, and also, my room has a very classical feel to it, with a beautiful wooden cupboard, and the desk is a beautiful wooden one, kinda makes me feel like i'm a poet..haha...

Oh well, i'm a little tired tonight, so shan't blog much more..tomorrow i will be going out to take more photos, as well as rent a bicycle to cycle around here..haha..i will be armed with my cameras and my knives..haha...shall take loads of scenic photos!...haha...

Gotta go sleep soon, maybe tomorrow i can upload all these onto my blogger, if i bring my laptop to MacDonald's here, because they have free wi-fi access to the internet!..yay!...i'm feeling so starved of internet usage!...haha..oh well, prayers for the night, still for Pastor Boon Young to recover soon, and for safety, and journey mercies for me..=)..goodnight Blog!...


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29th May 2006 - (Day 7)

Hello! was a pretty good day!..haha...because I did shopping of my own!..yay!..haha..and i went alone, so it really felt awesome..can you imagine, the feeling of shopping in Paris alone!..haha...i seldom go shopping by myself, even in Singapore, so imagine how excited i was today!..haha..but i went with my parents to do other stuff prior to my shopping trip, so let me detail it all in a chronological fashion.

First thing we did in the morning was to go get another Carte Orange to last us for the week. Basically this Carte Orange provides unlimited travel on both the bus and the trains, so we don't have to worry about having to buy tickets..yup..after buying the Carte Orange, we went to buy the train tickets for our journey tomorrow out of paris, to chatrea tomorrow, it's somewhere in the countryside, and is supposed to be pretty beautiful..will take loads of pictures there! my mum initially wanted to leave some of our stuff at the left-luggage lockers, and i really was very reluctant to do so because i would hate to lose any of my stuff! i was quite happy when she checked it out, and said it was too expensive..haha...yay!..i'd rather lug my luggage around, then to leave it at the lockers...after that we went to a small shop behind our guesthouse, and i saw this umbrella which said 108E..i thought the number "10" must be the code, and the umbrella was 8Euro, because it looked just plain cheap plastic...but horror of horrors, when asked, the owner of the shop said it was 108 Euro!..OMG!..that would be S$216 for an umbrella?! carbon fibre one is even less costly than that!..and it's just plain plastic..and NOT branded!...after that, we came home, cos my dad wasn't feeling very well from the flu my mum and i headed out to the shopping district..haha..

At the shopping district, my mum went to do her shopping, whilst i went to do my own!..haha...i went to the knife shop initially, with the intention of buying the Benchmade AFO..haha..sneaky eh..but i was kinda sad when i realised the AFO was in the other knife shop..*sighz*...well, after looking around, i left feeling surprised that there was NOTHING at the knife shop that interested me!...can you imagine?!..haha..i think i have too many knives already..kinda like have ALMOST every interesting piece in the, i decided to go shopping for clothes and maybe a small leather bag for weizhen..haha..but in the end i couldn't find any nice ones for went to buy clothes!..haha..oh well, i bought a pair of Levi's 501 Button-Fly jeans for 42.5 Euros, which works out to only S$85!..haha..which is damn cheap lah! first pair of Levi'ss!..yay!..also bought a tee shirt from the GAP boutique, which is brown in colour, with this deep V cut, which extends down pretty much..but it looks cost 25 Euros, which is S$50..pretty okay at Galleries Lafayette is crazy...i went there with the initial intention to buy clothes, but the tee shirts cost at least 50 Euros each, which is 100 bucks for a top..hmm..a bit too expensive for me lahz..and there were some polo-tee shirts i saw and quite liked from Lacoste, but they cost like 150 Euros?..haha..i won't pay S$300 just for a polo tee manz..haha...oh well, that ended my "shopping alone in paris" adventures..haha...

hmm..besides shopping, i also did a couple of other things today..i checked my email too, but i didn't see any new mail...Yo! eunice!!!...i wanted to email you too kaez..but the stupid wifi connection was so laggy, and i was checking my mail out in the cold...haha..i think maybe tomorrow lahz, when i'm at the rail station...will try to then kaez?..

hmm...i think when i go back to Singapore, there are a few things i wanna do, cycle, meet up with Weizhen simply for bread before she flies to HK, meet up with Evien before she goes to the United States for her 2nd degree, meet up with Janice when she returns, before she flies back to the States, and meet up with my couz Mighel before he flies to Australia many of my friends as well as my cousin are going overseas!!..i also want to go catch the show X-men, maybe with mozzie, if the show isn't nc16, or pg..haha...micqsy says it's, i quote, "FREAKING NICE."..haha...dang...i haven't even watched the Da Vinci Code yet!!..urggg!..hahaha...alright..i guess that's all for today..


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28th May 2006 - (Day 6)

Hello! many things of which really got me so pissed!..

Oh well, in the morning we went to the Notre Dame, a church which was made famous by the novel "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" wasn't THAT fantastic..haha...everything pales in comparison to The Eiffel Tower!..oh well, attended a sunday service there, which was quite cool..i mean, to have attended services in such famous places. The other famous place i attended service in was in the Vatican City, Rome. During the service, i was very awed by the presence of the pipe-organs..kinda wish they had that back in Jubilee, but i realised it would be a freaking expensive white elephant, since we're generally playing contemporary stuff like Hillsongs..haha..but pipe organs have this majestic aura which flows out from them, together with their music..

After service, initially had the intention of going up Notre Dame itself to see a view of Paris, but decided not too because the Queue was damn long..haha..and as for me, after seeing the view up from The Eiffel, every other view is just "okay lahz"..hahaso we went to walk around, and have a look at some of the shops..found some shops which had stuff i wanted to buy..saw this shop which sold the "Tour De France" tee-shirts, and i think i'll go back there one of these days to buy one for Mozzie..found a shop which sells cool hand painted stuff, and i bought this pretty funky pair of ear-dangles(do you call them that?) for weizhen=)..haha..hope this time it doesn't prove so disastrous, as the time when i bought an enormous pair for her from vienna..haha..the ear-dangles are green in colour, cos she likes green, and i just felt that they were funky lahz..and not really that expensive..haha..don't ask me how much kaez..ermm, i forgot liao..hahahaha..=)..that's the first present i've bought this trip!..haha...oh yarz, passed by another knife shop just now, and saw this Opinel knife that i wanted to buy too, it's one of the traditional french knives, the other being the Laguiole...this one has this really awesome leather pouch too, with some other tool in the pouch..But i didn't buy it..because it would have taken up quite a bit of my still considering!..=)

Anyway, chatted a little with mozzie on the phone today, which was cool, as well as with micqsy through sms...well, i always miss my friends a lot when i'm overseas, especially those whom i'm close to, or hang out with quite a it always feels good to hear their voices..kinda makes me not miss Singapore so much..wanted to chat with Paila too, or Paula..(i call her paila cos of some pail thing during church camp..haha..)BUT she was busy...asked me to call back at night can!?..haha...kae lah...but "at night" i can't lahz, cos i'll be out taking photos'd be afternoon here..haha..and anyway we cant chat for an hour plus like at nights back in Singapore either, so i'll just store all i have to tell u first you when i return...i can pour them all out to you all then!...haha...just like water out of a PAIL..right, PAILa?..hahaha..

Oh yarz, i managed to steal wi-fi connection again today!...managed to reply to weizhen's=) email..haha...yay!...she simply refuses to reply my smses..haha...she will only communicate with me through email...wah laoz..haha...oh well, somehow as i was seated at this fast food restaurant surfing, i just had this dream of bumping into Elisha, Jabez and Paul along the streets...if only that were a cool it would have been...i miss them sooooooo much!

Oh well, today was spent mostly just walking around, so didn't really go anywhere else..haha...oh, now let me tell you what pissed me's just my plain carelessness lahz..we ate ate this place called "Quick"...basically it's like the parisans' version of MacDonalds..anyway, as i was clearing the trays, i stumbled a little, and i spilt the sauce on my pants and my shoes..URGG!!..i was damn pissed because i soiled my shoes just like that due to my clumsiness!...grrrr!!..

Okay, but the next place we went to was was this garden, which had an exhibition of beautiful photographs..i loved those!..took some photographs of the photographs..haha..walking further down into the garden, we arrived at this pond, which had these small sail boats running in the pond!...OMG!!...that was just absolutely beautiful!!!..i took like 2 rolls of film there, photographing the kids using these long sticks to push their rented sailboats back to the middle of the pond whenever the boats sailed to the edge of the was just so pretty!!...=)..oh well, we walked back to the guesthouse after that kinda sums up my day..going out soon for dinner, which will be escargot!!!...YAY! i'll blog about it when i return!..haha...ciao!...oops...Au Revoir i meant..haha

Hello...i'm back...haha...this is what i had for dinner today..for starters, i had 6 escargots, that were served with some olive oil and herb dressing..they tasted pretty alright..haha...i quite enjoyed was different from the way they usually serve it in Singapore, i.e: with garlic and herbs..and i think i prefer the olive oil and herb dressing more..for my main course, i had usual..dessert was this "fried-ice-cream" thingy with molten choccolate draped over it..tasted pretty good too!..and for beverages, i had Kir..the Kir tasted different from what i usually have in Singapore..tasted much more fruity..haha...queer huh... mum kinda scared me just now...she can't really stand inefficiency..just now at the restaurant, she got kinda pissed when the waiters weren't really "on the ball"..and she kinda told them off after our meal, just after we paid the bill, and were leaving the restaurant...i thought that wasn't very nice la...oh well, i guess she took this waiter's joke too seriously when he jokingly offered to cook their domestic cat for us..i thought it was kinda funny actually, and i even asked for cat sashimi..haha..furthermore, the waiter didn't seem to have heard of Singapore before, so he thought we were from china..which is fine for me, but my mum felt kinda insulted by what she percieved to be sterotyping..and the reference to eating cats didn't go too well with her either..oh well..that's my mum...

Anyway, i've gotta go sleep soon..prayers for the night, that Pastor Boon Young will recover asap, without any permanent side-effects from the stroke, for micqsy that she will do well for he Chinese AO paper tomorrow, for flippy that she will have the motivation and energy to study, and for weizhen=), that her exchange programme stuff will all be settled in time..=)


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27th May 2006 - (Day 5)

haha..i went to the summit of the eiffel tower alone today!...OMG!..the view was absolutely fantastic!..okay, but first, let me describe my journey to the top!..haha...i had to queue for ages!..haha...the lifts to the top start work at 9:30am in the morning, and being the kiasu singaporean i am, i arrived there at 8am..haha...oh well, at abt 8:30, seeing that the queue was still damn short, and i had an impending stomach ache, i went to find a lavatory. The damm thing was that the eiffel tower's toilets only open at wth! i walked back towards the RER-train station where i knew there were the outdoor toilet cubicles. supposedly you're supposed to pay 0.40Euro, but somehow i didn't know how to pay, or how to operate the damn thing..haha..i just went in, closed the door, and shat. I thought that since this sign thingy turned red when i opened the door, it meant "occupied", and i thought i didn't have to worry about the door opening on me when i was doing my business. i went in, and there are 2 handles inside, 1 small one, and 1 big one...the thing is, both are to open the door, and there's no knob to lock it. remember i thought it would self-lock...=) fine...i finished my business, and came out, only to see another person go into the cubicle beside mine, which had the same red sign, and same words...and the fact was that he could just go in like that..omg!..can you imagine, if someone had just opened the door on me when i was doing my business?..haha...yucks!...

Okay...after that, i headed back to the tower. It was about 8:50...Horror of Horrors!..the queue had become so damn long!...omg!...but i was very determined that no matter what, i HAD to go up the eiffel tower! i queued...

and queued...

and queued...

and queued...

and..finally, bought my tix, and went into the felt real awesome then!..i was pretty excited, tried to call a few friends, but only managed to get through to flippy..euni's phone was off AGAIN!!!...grrrr!...GRAWR!..*can you switch your phone on??*...oh well, i chatted a little with micqsy through sms..haha...(iModels..haha...been there, done that la..=)*winks*)..anyway, i got all the way to the top, where the view and the feeling of being right up there just blew me away..haha. maybe you'll think i'm mad, but when i was up there i was like talking to myself, saying "woah...i'm at the top of the eiffel tower lehz!...eiffel tower lehz!.." haha...even though i've seen other awesome places like the pantheon, stonehenge, capella sistina..etc, but the eiffel tower just beats it all's an amazing piece of artistic expression, and yet so functional, and so grand!..OMG!! did make me wish i could become an architect/engineer..haha...nuts lahz...and micqsy, i smsed n mmsed you from the top of the eiffel tower..hahaha..isn't it cool?..i tried calling you too......but you didn't pick up!...i bet i'm the first person to sms and mms you from the top of the eiffel tower..=)...anyways, from up there, i could see the pyramides, as well as the arc de was simply awesome...haha..okay, that's about all for the eiffel tower(for now)..i'm going again later, to take night photos..micqsy said the eiffel tower looks damn nice at night...haha...i'll take pics for you lahz..okay, so far i've spent like 4 rolls of film on the eiffel tower alone..can you imagine?..

haha..after the eiffel tower, *oh, did i mention, i spent the whole morning alone..haha.*..okay, after the eiffel tower, i went to meet my parents, and we went to the Notre Dame to take some photos. met this damn amazing man there, who was feeding birds from his hand!...OMG!..he would just hold up a piece of bread between his thumb and forefinger, and the birds would literally flock to feast off his hand!...GOSH!.i took another 50+ exposures here..haha...shall post pics on my blog when i manage to get them developed and digitalised..alright...i shall sign off here, cos got to go get my stuff(cameras, etc) ready..cos i'll be going out to take night photos of the Eiffel tower soon..=)..

Oh yarz, i had a horrible toothache today! incisor hurt like mad..i don't know why..i think it's some infection in my gums, because my tooth is dead, as in the nerve has been killed, and i had a crown done..paila should know what i mean...hence it can not possibly be hurting!!..oh well, it feels much better now, after 2 ponstans(painkillers), plus a panadol extra..haha..okay, i shall pen off for now...might return to blog later..but if i'm too tired, i'll probably just leave a one-liner..haha...bye!

haha..i'm back..alright, the eiffel tower really looks gorgeous at night!!..firstly, it is lit with this warm golden colour, which makes it look so much "warmer", and much more pretty!..then, there were some moments when suddenly these bright white flashes would be lit sporadically, and suddenly it would seem as if the stars had descended upon the eiffel tower, and were dancing on the tower itself...real awesome!..anyway, my dad got kinda spooked. because as we were walking along the river, we witnessed some policemen chasing some people who were bigger and faster then dad kinda felt then that paris was a little unsafe. One policeman literally threw his thruncheon/baton at them dad then commented to me that if the muggers were to chase us, they'd definitely out-run us!..BUT i replied that if they were to fight us, we would definitely out-knife them!..haha...i believe my dad was carrying 2 knives, including 1 with a gut-hook, and i was carrying 4 knives..haha..and 1 of the 4 knives i was carrying, was my enormous, and hefty AL MAR SERE Attack 3 Folding Knife!..haha..i think if i were to pull that out, any mugger would at least think twice, or even thrice about robbing us...haha..okay, that's about all for today...i realise that my entries are getting longer and longer...shall try to shorten them...=)..alright..that was an 8-liner..hahaha


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26th May 2006 - (Day 4)

haha...was damn tired this morning, hence i didn't blog..actually i had wanted to blog yesterday!..Yesterday was pretty cool after all. I went to the Eiffel Tower!!...OMG!..i think it's absolutely stunning..i mean, whilst my parents didn't find it fantastic at all, but i really thought it was awesome. Many reasons why so. Firstly, the sheer size and grandeur of it all just blew me away!..i mean, imagine, in 1888, people actually had the capability to build such a monstrous structure!..that's just amazing..secondly, when i was there, i saw the gears, and cogs located in the tower itself. The way the lifts are transported up the tower, carrying precious loads of human life is just so amazing too!..Okay, from a distance, i thought the eiffel tower looked funny...don't know why, but it just resembled a phallic symbol...okay, maybe it's just me, but i had this impression that it also looked like a middle finger saying a big "F-OFF" to the french monarchial system and regime prior to the French Revolutions.=) i said, maybe it's just me...haha...okay, but basically when i was at the eiffel tower, i was like a little kid, as if learning for the first time, in detail how an aeroplane is able to fly...i was just soaked, drenched in the awesome beauty of the eiffel tower...words just flew past me, people just flowed past me..and for an instant, there were just 3 elements around, the Eiffel Tower, My Camera, and Me. I shot something like 3 rolls of film there?..which equates to 72+ shots on 35mm film..i love the eiffel's just beautiful...was so excited too!...called flippy to share my excitement with her..haha...tried calling micqsy and eunice too, but micqsy didn't pick up, and auntie eu's phone was off!...grrrr!...GRAWR! GIAP!..okay, that was lame...oh well, i'm going there again early tomorrow morning, to take the lift all the way up!...yippee!...and i'm going alone!..haha...i love the feeling of travelling in a foreign country alone!...haha...don't really feel that scared too, cos firstly i'm a guy, secondly, i got many knives with me, not to mention the HUGE knife, which will probably make any mugger shiat in his slacks...haha....then tomorrow night i will most probably go there again to take photos, since my friend micqsy says that the eiffel tower is beautiful at night..haha...

Oh well, more about TODAY!!...haha..i went to visit the Arc De Triumphe too!..haha...but somehow it didn't excite me as much as the eiffel was okay lahz...quite pretty, but didn't have the "awe" factor...maybe if the whole thing had been constructed of solid gold...ahhh...that would have been something!..haha..well, after spending some time shooting the Arc De Triumphe with my trusty Nikon, we ventured down Champs Elysee Avenue...saw a few interesting things there.. firstly, it was cool, but queer to see automobile showrooms located in the middle of the shopping district, but it was damn cool because, far from being the usual showroom one sees back in the little Red Dot, these showrooms were more like concept stores, or boutiques, they featured prototypes, featured existing models with totally wacky acessories, such as a Renault Laguna with a jeweled steel/aluminum casing..(jewelled refering to the metal having these circular patterns polished onto them, similar to the steel locking liners in my knives), they also had this other Renault with little red sheres covering the entire car body, less the mirrors, windscreens etc. That was bizarre!..the next car showroom i went to was the Toyota showroom..when i was in there, i wished mozzie was there too, because i think he would have enjoyed it!.well, besides 2 very interesting concept cars featured on the lower level, on the second floor, there was also this "hand-eye" co-ordination test game that was developed for Formula 1 car drivers to hone their reflexes, and hand-eye co-ordination. out of a total score of 60, i managed to get only 35, which was surprisingly quite good, because the average score attained by most of the other people i saw attempting it ranged between 21 to 24 tops...there was also this freaking cool driving simulation game, where one actually sits in the cockpit of a F1 car mock-up, and there is this huge plasma screen in front, giving you the simulated view from the cockpit!...OMG!!...

Alright, after that, we came back to take a short rest, before heading out to have a look at the Notre Dame...haha...when i was taking photos of the Notre Dame, i felt so tempted to ask somebody to take a photo for me, with me in the photo, hunching my back..haha...i could be the Hunchback of Notre Dame then!...okay...lame...but seriously, i might get someone to take that photo for me soon.

Walking on, we chanced upon a shop selling Airsoft guns, which looked so damn real!..i was so tempted to buy one, and smuggle it into Singapore, but i didn't have the guts to do that lahz..haha...oh well, it started to drizzle after that, so we just took buses, to tour the urban parts of Paris, sheltered from the rain in the relative comfort of the bus.

Recieved a rather upsetting sms from my pal eunice sometime in the day. Twas quite saddened to hear that Pastor Boon Young had gotten a stroke. Such a pity because he was such an active person..Oh well, i'm sure God did that for a good purpose...Just hope Pastor Boon Young gets well soon..and hope micqsy's sore throat gets well too..oh, and my final prayer request, that weizhen enjoys the retreat in Batam, and that God grants her health too, free from her headaches..=)..


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25th May 2006 - (Day 3)

hmm...just woke up a few hours ago...sometime during my sleep, my dad had come to put this woolen blanket/humongous scarf over really kept me warm manz!..was just telling mozzie thru sms tt i'm like covered in 2 tee shirts, 1 fleece sweater, 1 woolen blanket, and i'm still feeling cold!...haha..oh well...woke up, had breakfast, which was prepared by my dad...some "Pita", with ham, eggs, mushrooms, and beans..and my favourite Orange may not be my favourite colour, but Orange juice sure is my favourite drink manz!..well, we should be going to the Eiffel tower today, but my dad seems to be ill...he's still down with his flu, hand-carried over from my parents are still sleeping..time check, it's 10:22am now..haha....

chatted a little with eunice through sms today, and that was pretty's always nice to have friends to talk to when i'm few thousand miles away from home..makes Singapore seem so near, as though it were just a street away, yet at the same time i'm all too aware that it's 12 + 1 hours away even on a jet plane...haha..eunice is very hip...she always says hi to me with a "Yo!" instead of just a "hello..."..haha...she's quite funky....anyway, for this trip, i shall try to limit my smses to no more that 100 overseas smses. Based on the sms that Singtel sent me on the day i arrived, smses are charged at EUR 0.25 per message sent, which works out to around S$ 100 smses would be $50, still within my limits...that works out to 7.1428..smses a you must be a pretty close or special friend from me if u get SMSes from me manz..haha...during my other past trips, when i didn't really bother to check my limits...i usually ended up with something like 500+ dollars in SMS charges!..and my mum screamed her lungs out at me manz!..=)

hmm...i really enjoy blogging...i'm so glad i decided to bring my computer over with me..even though i can't use the msn and internet as i originally intended to, at least i get to use it as a diary, which i can simply copy and paste onto blogger back home onto my blog!..=)..oh well, shall finish up this entry when i return back to the guesthouse tonight!..=)

okay, back, but we didn't go out...because the brilliant heater just that means no hot baths, no hot water to bathe my hands!..haha...oh well, it's 1:35pm(paris-time) now, and we're waiting for the electrician/s to come check out the here i am to blog a bit more..

micqsy is damn funny..haha..prior to my departure from Singapore, when i asked her whether she wanted something specific from Singapore, she said she wanted a Frenchman..then i smsed her just now saying that i had asked a frenchman to come with me to singapore to meet michelle, but when i said the word "michelle", all he said in reply was "you eat escargot without the shell"..haha..okay, that was lame...and anyway i bluffed her, but she believed it..haha..."gullible", as she so claims..*bleahz*...well, anyway, i shall take some nice pictures of the Eiffel Tower, and the Arc De Triumpe, as well as the Louvre Museum for you yarz?...i will be going to the countryside for 3 days next week, will take some nice scenic shots for you too!...=)

Okay...the electrician came...apparently, there's like only 75litres of water ready to be used at any one time..and with all the bathing, washing of dishes, etc...we exceeded the 75litres that's available for use. so the only thing we can do, and we have to do, is to just wait for this 75litres to be replenished, heated, ready for use.

hmm..sometimes my mum gets on my nerves..she likes to take charge of things, and sometimes this gets very irritating, like when she tries to insist that i do things a certain way..for example, transfering water from a big cup to a smaller cup...and today, cooking maggi noodles. Today i got quite pissed cos i was simply cooking maggi noodles over the hotplate stove, when she came over and kicked up a fuss about me cooking stuff over the hotplate..she said that i should just have put tap water, and the noodles into the microwave, set it for 3 minutes, and 3 minutes later, take it out, turn the "noodle brick" over, and set it in for another 3 minutes. The thing is, i don't really like microwaving food, cos to me it seems pretty scary to have the thought of having your food being "roasted" my radiation..i still prefer to do certain things the old-fashioned way. Her reasons later were that first, i would dirty the stove, which i think is rubbish, because if that's the case, why let my dad cook even more elaborate stuff then!?..second reason,while plausible, i think was was that when the hot plate was hot, unlike an open fire stove, people could accidentally get burnt, because the fire isn't visible. well, that was why i was standing there guarding it right?!...urgg...I still like living with my grandparents manz..maybe because after living with them for so many years, i'm much much closer to them, i don't get so frightened of them...ya...i sometimes feel quite nervous, and tense when i'm with my parents...because there's this underlying current of tension that threatens to suck me in anytime...anyway, thanks Eunice, for listening to me rant/shout thru sms over in Paris..=)..thanks pal!..

Oh yarz, i used Microsoft Excel today to create a table, so that i can better track my sms usage as to how many smses in total i have sent, as well as who i sms/mmsed the most here..haha...pretty cool huh!...=)..


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24th May 2006 - (Day 2)
hmm...woke up this morning a bit confused what time it was...earlier on, i had woken up to sms mozzie good luck for his final day of exams at 5:50am (singapore time), then went back to sleep, and awoke at 5:55am (paris time)...I was confused then as to whether i had simply dozed off for a mere 5 minutes, or had i had a 6hr 05 min sleep..haha..The answer?.. the latter. Oh well, we had breakfast, which consisted of some greens, and eggs(my fav), and some luncheon meat, which my dad whipped up..Most of the stores are closed today as it's acsension day..Time now is 8:12am, and my parents have gone back to sleep...haha...i wanted to venture out alone to take some photos initially, but the cold has kept me largely confined to my somewhat comfortable bed..haha..and here i am, listening to some cuban music, "blogging", as well as playing with my knives..=)..i'm kinda toying with the idea of doing some work on my current project "The Book"...but my parents may be waking up anytime, and might want to leave i think i shall wait till later when i come back tonight..=)

I'm back!...had a long day today..went to tour the neighbourhood a little bit more, and for the first time in my life, i caught a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower..although it was in a distance, but the sheer sight of it has made the trip to Paris worthwhile..took a bus that ran thru the Museu De Louvre, that weizhen's mum told me about, and there too, i saw the pyramids, made famous by the "Da Vinci's Code".

After some bus rides, we hopped off at where must be one of Paris's main shopping areas. My mum was busy shopping inside the United Colours Of Benetton boutique, and i decided to use my Nokia 9500 Communicator to see if i could hop on to somebody's Wifi, and surf. Imagine my joy, when to my pleasant delight i could!.. I managed to drop Paul Chow a reply to his email, as well as 2 more emails, 1 to weizhen and 1 to micqsy. Hopefully i'll be able to carry out a similar feat tomorrow..=)

Walked into 2 knife shops too..knife and gun shops to be more precise, as the shops sold both knives, and guns. The first shop we walked into had this beautiful custom Fred Perrin "street surgeon", which i really wanted to buy, but my dad kinda put his foot down on that..=(..oh well, i shall try to somehow get to buy it over the next 1 week+..=)..saw a few other knives which interested me too.. Al Mar's bolstered Eagle folder, Cold Steel's Safe Keeper II(which sadly was the "Made in Taiwan" variant, and not the "Made in Japan" variant), as well as the Benchmade AFO!! and Benchmade auto-Benchmite!...

Guess that's about all for today..i'm feeling tired, and want to catch some sleep..=)..Happy Birthday Pongsy!'s your birthday today babe! i write, the time is: 4:18am, (25th may) - Singapore time, and 10:18pm, (24th may) - Paris time...well, best wishes for the year ahead Pongsy!...catch up with you soon ya?..=)


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23rd May 2006 - (Day 1)
Hahaha...finally arrived here in Paris after an extremely long 12 hour flight from Kuala Lumpur..Oh well, it didn't seem as bad this time, perhaps because I managed to catch 3 movies through the inflight entertainment. I watched Hairy Potter n the Goblet of Fire, Entrapment, as well as Croccodile Dundee...haha..the latest sequel of Hairy Potter isn't too bad...hahaha..Hermoine is so pretty!...haha...till now i still think Hairy Potter is a dunce for not liking dumb!!...Oops...sorry i digressed!...

Anyway, back to events that transpired at Changi Airport..haha...Thanks Eunice!, for coming to send me off..haha...i'll go send u off the next time when u go overseas too kaez..haha...i think Eunice must agree with me that my lameness is part self-developed, part the foodcourt, my aunt was like telling eunice that she had passed my granny's (teeth inspection) test..lame la..basically saying that eunice has nice teeth *cough*-never see properly-*cough*..hahaha...whenever my family sees me with a girl, they will automatically assess the girl, to see if they think she's nice, etc..haha..and trust me, there have been cases when they didn't like the person's face, or some other characteristic..and whenever i say i'm going out with so & so, they'd say things like "she again? about your other friends?"...haha..pretty stringent tests!..haha...oh well, they think eunice is smiley, and has nice teeth...not to say genuine teeth, unlike mine, nice, but fake...haha...lame la...haha...whilst eunice was with us, my whole family somehow brilliantly displayed all their most unique characteristics...starting from my grandpa's(the toilet's my best fren) trait, my grandma's(gotta vett all of junpei's friends examinations), to my mum's (kanchiongness), and my aunt's (heck care attitude), to my dad and his lame jokes..and of course, me and my eternally corny lamality...hahaha...i think eunice got the full dosage manz!!..anyway, thanks again pal! for coming to send me off..=)..

First impressions..well, the apartment we're living in for the first week is claustrophobically small!..gosh!...we had to tilt our luggage sideways to get it in even!..Oh well, but it's an interesting experience..somehow the toilet seems pretty big in dimensions, in proportion to the size of the apartment..The place was a tad colder than what i had expected...luckily i had heeded my seasoned-traveller-auntie's advice to bring my Nike ACG fleece jacket along, as opposed to just bringing the outer garment. well, for the first week, my living quarters are on the lower level of the apartment,and within reach of me(literally), is the kitchen..haha..a pity i don't really know how to cook..we walked around a little today, found a supermarket "nearby", from which we could obtain our groceries..and thus settled the day..=)

Found the first shop that kinda sells knives here too..was walking by a row of shophouses, when i noticed some Laguiole knives in the display, as well as some Swiss army knives..the shop sold stuff like watches, and cigar cutters, one of which was going for 850euro. That equates to estimately 1700 Singapore Dollars for a cigar cutter!..


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