Sunday, March 25, 2007

this is where it ends.

life, what is it but a dream?

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Monday, March 19, 2007

Is this another dead end i see?...should i turn back before i hit the wall again?...


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Friday, March 16, 2007


I'm sooo tired!!..Had a long day out today..twas kinda good though..If only I wasn't tired..Well, kinda dragged myself out of bed this morning because I couldn't wake up!..haha...had a light breakfast, then headed to school..

Had lunch together with Ms Balloons today. It was kinda cool, as we went to this place which I've always wanted to go to, but never had the time nor company. We cabbed down from NUS to Holland Village, and I brought her to eat at this restaurant called "The Original Sin - Michaelangelo". It's the first and only Mediterranean vegetarian restaurant in Singapore actually, though I didn't know that at first..heh..and they had a HUGE mirror in the restaurant actually!..I was kinda intrigued by that actually..heh..

Initially when we sat down for lunch, the restaurant was kinda empty, and the 2 of us were the only ones inside. But the crowd started packing in within the hour, and they were mostly made up of caucasians..

Oh well, sent her back to school in a cab after that..then headed down to the chowies' house for tuition..haha..after tuition, had dinner with them, and went home. Well, not really, because i only went home to take a quick shower, and within 10 mins, i was out of the house and on my way to Plaza Singapura in a cab to meet a friend for home around 11+, and i'm just about to turn in now...yawn....i'm so tired!!...

je t'aime...

vous faire m'aime comme je vous aime?

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Monday, March 12, 2007


It's Monday again, and i'm kinda having the monday blues..haha..oh well, just upset over some stuff la...I know it's unfair, and It's not your fault that I'm upset, but just well, I feel sad when I see you...Like I mentioned some entries back, my greatest mistake in life was to fall for you. Your rejection really shattered all my self-confidence. I dare not love anybody anymore now, until I'm very sure that it's not going to be another case of unrequited love leading to the emotional death of the heart.

Oh well, but there were some nice things that did perk me up. Firstly, this morning i recieved a missed call when i was giving Jane tuition. When I called back, I was elated to find Elisha on the line!..talked to him a little, as well as to Paul. Whilst I didn't manage to talk to Jabez, but it was really good to hear their voices again!...

Secondly, yesterday saw a combined cell outing for Faith's cell-group, Angela's cell-group, as well as my Sec 3 + Sec 4 Boys cell to Sentosa. I was especially elated to see how my boys and the girls clicked so well!. That totally dispelled any initial fears of mine that there would be a gender-based seperation into 2 core groups during the outing. After the outing, the kids still wanted to go catch a movie!!..haha...but in the end that plan was shelved as some of them couldn't stay out too late. Well, instead, we went for dinner, followed by a short session at the Arcade. That was totally awesome!. Twas a pity that some of our cell members couldn't come along, like mozz, who was away in Jakarta, as well as others. Oh well, I will arrange another such outing in June, during the common school Mid-Year break!..

Alright, I got to go catch up on my sleep already. By golly, It's Tuesday already!...p.s: hope we can meet to study together on thursday..Ballet's cancelled cos my mum's former pianist, as well as close friend passed away from cancer. Rest In Peace Mrs Owen, and I thank you for teaching me piano when I was a kid. I have never forgotten the part about you telling me to lift my wrists when I was playing, and to imagine a train runnng below my wrists. May The Lord welcome you into His Heavenly Kingdom with Open arms.

Good Night!..=)

P.S: Below are some pics I took of my cell-outing!..I'm not in any of the pictures becos I was the one behind the camera lens...duh!.



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Friday, March 09, 2007's a good day.a few things happened today which made it a good day. Firstly, many months ago i did something terribly wrong, and which i deeply regret to this day. I'd long thought the friendship was over, but i thank God that it doesn't appear to be so. Shan't elaborate, but for my friend, if you're reading this, just want to say sorry again, and i promise you this time i'll treasure the friendship and i'll be a good friend to you, and will never betray it again.

Secondly, i had 2 events today. One was some test which i managed to pass. Though i think it's still possible to cheat the system, i didn't dare to try. Next was an interview. A big thank you to my political-science coursemate li xiang for recommending me for the post. Will be starting to teach english lessons next week in a particular "Hua Language Centre", both in the 1 to 1 format, as well as in a small class setting. Well, i'm pretty seems so formal..i feel more like a "lecturer" than a tutor lah!...hahahaha...
finally, just went to play lan game with mozz..haha..i really stink at dota manz...and the anime-fight game..but i still own at c.s and bf2..haha..but so sad, i stink at strategy games..anyway, have a safe trip, and bon voyage mozz..sorry couldn't change the sentosa outing to time i'll organize another outing kaez..have fun!..

oh i didn't have tuition for the kids cos they're away in taiwan till next thursday..i'm not sure if u guys read my blog..but, well, bon voyage to you too, and let's go cycling on friday!..haha..we'll have a (cycling-frisbee-tuition-psp/bf2 tournament) day next friday alright?..see you guys then...
well, nothing else much to blog about..haha..=)..


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Thursday, March 08, 2007


I had a pretty good day today..=)..This morning, i met up with Ms Balloons at 10am. Together, we went to the National Library at Beach Road. She has an assignment due beginning of April, and thus we went to do some research..Actually more like she went to do research, and i just tried to help here and there...hahaha..Oh well, the cool thing was that we did our research in the "Lee Kong Chian Reference Library"..and that was my first time there.. Managed to find some interesting reads there, and Miss Balloons is now interested in Yoga because...."blah blah blah"....hahaha..=p..

Well, the place is pretty cool. Firstly, it's so quiet that one can really do some serious studying there, and the scenery is so beautiful!..Cos it's pretty high, one can really see quite a fair bit around!..=)..well, basically i loved the place.. Let's go there and study again kaez?..=)

After our research, we left for lunch, and i brought her to this place i've always wanted to go to for like dunno how many years!!..It's this nice fish and chips place called "Fishermans' Wharf"..haha..well, guess what we had there?...haha....Fish & Chips...Duh!!..I guess i was too eager for us to sample the food...between the 2 of us, we had a *something..something..Cod* fish and chips, + a Snow Fish fish and chips, + some prawn and chips thingy, a coleslaw, a bottle of mineral water, and a cup of capuccino..haha...actually i wanted to get Oysters too!...but they didn't have it then...=(..well, it was pretty good, and I really LOVED the prawns!...they were so fresh!...haha..the only bad thing was that Miss Balloons got a stomach ache after the meal. I'm so sorry!..I shan't order so much food the next time we go for lunch or dinner. (p.s: i think i really made myself look like a complete glutton these few times we went out to eat!)..heh...

After that, nothing much, we cabbed to school, as she had to rehearse for her presentation, and i went to the clubroom..=).

In the evening, i helped set up the banner and some other small stuff for the NUS Open House..haha...seems like i've become the "Banner I.C" for all events...hahaha..oh well, that about summed up my day...hmm..oh..i watched "Hannibal Rising" just now too...met up with a friend for supper, and suddenly this man walking by thrust us a pair of tickets for the show. So well, we just went to wasn't too bad..but I'm not too sure whether i think i liked it or not..haha...Oh well, I've gotta sleep!...gotta wake up early to do work tomorrow!..

Love lots,

p.s: To Elisha, Jabez & Paul, Bon Voyage to you guys and your family on your short trip to Taiwan..See you guys next thursday or friday..I'll bring you guys out then..

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Hello!.. was a pretty OK day...let's see..In the morning, i woke up, lazed around till it was like 9am before i woke up..which was BAD! because i had a Futsal Meeting at 10am, and i had wanted to leave home by 9, so that i could take a bus the end, i had to take a cab there. taking cabs nowadays are so expensive, especially when u have to travel to school, and there's nobody to share cab with. But well, it's just life. Anyway, meeting was pretty short, and ended like around 11?..I had wanted to go down town to do some hunting for a new bag...but recieved an sms from Ms Balloons, saying that she could do lunch with me! well, i stayed in school then, and waited..after that, the 2 of us went to Foong Seng's Taiwanese Porridge stall, and had quite a bit!..haha..Her favourite among the 4 dishes was the Fried Red Bean Cake thingy..which was pretty good!..haha..i think they had some lotus paste inside too! Well, the other dishes were prawn dumplings; xiaolongbao; and fried "mantou"..haha..i liked all of them!..well, it was good to have been able to grab lunch with u, Ms Balloons!..=)

haha...oh well, after lunch i slacked around a little more, then headed for church to grab some books from the library, and from my pastor Uncle Daniel. Thanks for lending me the books on "New Age Religions"..Hope these would be helpful on thursday when i meet up with Ms Balloons to study as she does her project on it.

Nothing much to blog for the day liaoz..except maybe that it quaked somewhere nearby today, and Singapore felt some tremors...haha...pity we weren't given the day off in NUS!..


p.s: thanks for your comments Mr Anon...actually i know who you are..=)

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Thursday, March 01, 2007

28th Febuary 2007.

Let's just see...from now on, i'm not gonna initiate any more communication. I'm tired. Let's just see how long it is before we become strangers again. 6 years ago the friendship started. 6 years ago my heart started to die. I'm tired. 6 years ago I was a happy boy. 6 years later, my heart no longer knows joy. Joy used to be like air, always around me, always flowing within me. Today, joy is something i experience once a week with the kids, something i occasionally feel when something nice happens. You broke my heart. Falling in love with you was the greatest mistake in my life. 6 years of friendship, and i feel less close to you as when i first started knowing you. Gave up 1 relationship because I still loved you more than anyone else. Was it worth it? Maybe not. Do you really know me? Do you even care for me? Do you know how upset I was when my turtle died? Did you console me? Do you even remember me telling you before how that was the one thing that will see me at my saddest and lowest point in life? I doubt it. 6 years as my "hao xiong di", how many birthdays have you even spent with me? I'm not a materialistic person, but sometimes it's the thought, or lack of thought that makes me sad. 6 years as my friend, how many birthday presents have i ever recieved from you?. One. In these 6 years, how many times have you rejected me when I asked you out? How many times have you even asked me out?. For the latter question, I think the fingers on my one palm would suffice for the purpose of counting. How much of me do you know? How much of what you know came from asking me about how i think? How much of it was volunteered to you? Do you even know me? In these 6 years, there's only been twice i recieved an sms from you asking me how I was. Do you know how hard I tried to get you to like me? Did it even matter? Did i even ever made you feel touched? I totally don't feel I did. What else can I do? I don't know. When was the last time we realy had a chance to really sit down to talk about life? If I'm not wrong, that was probably a year plus ago at Simply Bread. Do you even remember that?. I'm tired.

your Hao Xiong Di.

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