Tuesday, March 06, 2007


hmm...today was a pretty OK day...let's see..In the morning, i woke up, lazed around till it was like 9am before i woke up..which was BAD! because i had a Futsal Meeting at 10am, and i had wanted to leave home by 9, so that i could take a bus there..in the end, i had to take a cab there. taking cabs nowadays are so expensive, especially when u have to travel to school, and there's nobody to share cab with. But well, it's just life. Anyway, meeting was pretty short, and ended like around 11?..I had wanted to go down town to do some hunting for a new bag...but recieved an sms from Ms Balloons, saying that she could do lunch with me!..haha..so well, i stayed in school then, and waited..after that, the 2 of us went to Foong Seng's Taiwanese Porridge stall, and had quite a bit!..haha..Her favourite among the 4 dishes was the Fried Red Bean Cake thingy..which was pretty good!..haha..i think they had some lotus paste inside too! Well, the other dishes were prawn dumplings; xiaolongbao; and fried "mantou"..haha..i liked all of them!..well, it was good to have been able to grab lunch with u, Ms Balloons!..=)

haha...oh well, after lunch i slacked around a little more, then headed for church to grab some books from the library, and from my pastor Uncle Daniel. Thanks for lending me the books on "New Age Religions"..Hope these would be helpful on thursday when i meet up with Ms Balloons to study as she does her project on it.

Nothing much to blog for the day liaoz..except maybe that it quaked somewhere nearby today, and Singapore felt some tremors...haha...pity we weren't given the day off in NUS!..


p.s: thanks for your comments Mr Anon...actually i know who you are..=)

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