Sunday, July 09, 2006


Hahaha...sorry i haven't been posting much for AAAAGGGEEESSS!...had NUS Arts Faculty Camp, which absolutely Rocked my Socks!! to know many new friends there too!... I guess the camp opened me up too...haha...i never knew i could be so enthusiastic!...haha..i kinda went mad during the camp!...haha...did so many totally wacky(un-junpei) like things like eating a banana with the skin attached? cheering like crazy? being totally hyper?..haha...where's the quiet junpei manz?..hahaha...oh, and did i mention i'm in RAG? a dancer? (JUNPEI IN DANCE?!)..ahahaha...also got to know some new friends quite well!...yay! new kakkis! i know who to go for ktv sessions with!, who to go for SASHIMI sessions with!, etc...hahaha...pretty cool to have makan kakkis!'s supremly important!...i'm such a food person!...

Well Well, camp's over, and now the focus is on rag!..haha...kinda spending quite a lot of time here..haha..and now i feel so energized!...haha..i wanna do sports now!..haha..okay...i'm mad...just ignore me...

Well, had some health concerns too, my lymph nodes on the left side of my neck and head swelled up recently, and i was quite worried, but thankfully the bottom one has diminished in size..=).also, injured my head, and got an eye infection...all on my left side, so for a while my left side was pretty pathetic!..haha...well, i'm up and running agaiN!..yay!...hahaha...

Oh yar!...i got accepted into NUS's Language Preparation Programme!..whereby my 3rd language of choice is French!...and i will be able to go for exchanges!...yay!...haha...pretty much excited abt it!...haha..

hmm...alright..shall blog more another time ya?...kinda busy with something else!...hahaha...seeeeeyyaaa!!

Au Revoir!..

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