Sunday, April 30, 2006


As you can see, my new knife, the BIG one, is pretty's one of my Biggest Folding Knives I have in my collection, and the small one just below it, is one of my smallest folding knife..haha...isn't this cool...what a juxtaposition!...the Cell-Phone above is included to serve as a scale, for you to estimate the size of my new AL MAR SERE ATTACK 3003A Folding Knife!..=)...

Some Updates on the day...Attended my Church's Annual General Meeting today, which had a PowerPoinT presentation of the various ministries in church..This presentation was of my creation..haha...I rarely do presentations, and it was kinda an ardous process for me, but an enriching learning journey too!..=)...just glad the slide show went on well..=)..

To Micq, Joannz, Ben, Eunice, Weizhen=), and all who have tagged, haha..thanks!...i enjoy reading the tags manz...makes my blog more interesting too!...haha..=)

Kinda feeling sick now though...i don't know why, but i often get these excruciating stomach aches, which come coupled with pain along my lower back...urgg..and it just makes me double up, and i can't really stand or lie down was horrible today..and at night, i had to get a headache induced by cigarette smoke...that kinda put the lid on it all man...hope all this is gone by tomorrow..=)...and did i tell u, i can't seem to sleep at nights...i tend to toss and turn from about 1am+, all the way till somewhere around 5am, or 6am, before i finally catch some sleep...sigh..

Ending on a lighter tone, i have some things i await in eager anticipation! Firstly, my trip to Paris is just round the corner, and i will be leaving for the land of escargot within the month!, i can't wait till august!..cos 2 things happen...i commence my university term of study at National University of Singapore, AND...Elisha, Jabez, and Paul, my 3 favourite Missionary kids, are coming back to Singapore!!...yay!!..=)...

On that note, i shall pen my last sentence for the day..=)...

Life, What is it but a dream?..

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Saturday, April 29, 2006


I've been kinda busy lately, creating some slides for my church's Annual General Meeting...pretty exciting though...will update more on my life in the next few days...

Just a little Inventory List of mine..haha...i was rummaging through my "toy / gadget" cupboard when i chanced upon a few of my old phones...haha...for those of you who have been bugging me about what old phones i have, here's what i found:

Nokia 3100
Nokia 3210
Nokia 8210
Nokia 8810
Nokia 6510
Nokia 7100
Nokia 7710
Nokia 9500
Ericsson R310
Motorola Accompli A6188
Motorola v6188
Siemens M35
Sony CMD-Z10
Plus a Sony Ericsson P900 that i lent to a friend, and i might have 1 or 2 more which are lying around somewhere, and i've forgotten about them..=)

Hahaha...that's 14 phones..haha...i didn't remember when i bought them already man!...haha...and Nokia should really have some form of a membership club!...i'm such a BIG supporter of their's!

Nicky, aka the knifeknut / phonephnut

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Hello!..haha...I haven't posted in quite a while...was pretty busy...well, here's an update!..
Last sunday we had this celebration of the 125th Anniversary of the Presbyterian Church's existence in Singapore, and had a dance item from the youths..I was one of the tambourine dancers...haha...pretty hard to imagine me dancing eh?..=)..well, it went pretty well, except for the fact that i was pettrified during the actual day..because i was located pretty much right smack in the centre of the performance area for the dancers...and furthermore i had friends who were looking...haha...twas a pretty nerve-wrecking moment. And i must really have been very "stone-faced", because after the event, a friend smsed me
"Hey u looked very stone todae during d dance. u okae?"
hahaha...thanks for your concern =), but i was just plain nervous...and kinda forgot my steps, and was focusing on Xy, who was in front of me, trying to make sure i didn't miss out, or make the wrong move..haha...there must have been at least 100,000 people in the indoor stadium that day?..well, i'm glad it's over now...but i did enjoy the experience..
After the celebrations, i went with some church friends for lunch, and had thai food at this sort of a 'thai-food restaurant"?..the food was pretty nice, except that the prices seemed a tad exhorbitant, considering the fact that the premises weren't air-conditioned, and resembled more of a coffeeshop than a restaurant. But it was nice..=)..
After lunch, we went for a tour around the recently built National Library at Beach Road, and it's a pretty nice place, but it still can't beat my favourite, which is the Esplanade Library..haha..accompanied Weizhen back after that, and had a pretty interesting chat along the way.
In the evening, i met up with Paila to go to Marina Pier, a place which i have found to be a beautiful place, and wanted to share with her..I have never been there at night, and I kinda feel that it looks nicer during the day, maybe because it's more quiet during a weekday, and there are lesser people making noise, and breaking the seal of silence that lingers..with that, my weekend drew to a close..
Well, some updates on the week that just begun some days ago..These few days have been pretty much un-eventful for me..I've been spending my time reading, drawing, making some cards for friends, as well as enjoying life, having my daily dosage of caffeine during tea-time beside the sea, at Bakerzin, located within One Fullerton. It's a pretty nice and quiet place to unwind, and read a book...
Well, that's about all for tonight..haha...
p.s: To my pal Evien, Congrats on getting sixth sense was pretty accurate ya?..=)..

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Just a Graphic Illustration Of My Cut...=)

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An account of my day today, and the thoughts that ran through my head...

I awoke at about 15 minutes past the noon hour..lazed around at home till about 2pm, before i left my house, equipped with my trusty Nikon film-SLR, and a smaller Canon ixus digital camera as a preliminary plan was to make a voyage back to the Marina Pier, and perhaps capture some nice photos, but in the end i decided not to, but rather leave it till friday, when re-visit the place..

Well, i decided to take a stroll along the areas bordering the esplanade area..after a short stroll, i settled at Daniel Yam's "Bakerzin"..tis a pretty neat place, i had 3 "tapas" they called it, and had a cup of cappucino..twas a pretty relaxing afternoon, and there was a mediacorp Channel 8 show being filmed at where i was..Ms Tan..don't be jealous ya..haha..after my tea, as i was walking towards Funan, i bumped into another scene being about karma...oh well, that pretty much sums up my delightful afternoon..oh, and of recent, i've been listening to classical music as i embark on my "journeys of discovery", and it's just leaves me in a dream-like mood, where i'm able to fully grasp, and appreciate the beauties of nature..

In the evening, I had dinner at Equinox with my mum and this Ballet Examiner from the Royal Academy of Dancing..twas a pretty cool dinner, nice scenery from the top of Westin Swissotel(sp?)..set dinner was pretty nice, i think it's about $90+ per set, and together with some nice wine, really makes a nice dinner meal..=)..

Well, that more or less sums up my day..i spent some time musing on what i wanted to do in future, and kinda have some new ideas, let's see what the future holds..only God knows for certain...oh ya, cut my palm today accidentally. Had just sharpened an AL MAR SERE Attack II folder, when i slipped off the bed, and my hand slid right along the cutting edge..had a pretty nasty cut from that one..haha..thankfully my folks weren't at home, or they'd get all uptight about it..(proves my sharpening skills are pretty much up to standard yea?)

Oh well, nothing much to add for tonight...the week's passing so slowly!...urggh!..i can't wait for august to come, because that's when my 3 brothers return!...=)

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Hmm...was feeling a little down this morning, perhaps cos i didn't have a good night's sleep, was deep in thought till pretty the early afternoon, i watched a programme which introduced the new Marina Pier...which replaces Clifford Pier...The place looked pretty cool, serene, and yet i could feel the scent of the sea....hence i decided to make a trip there at about 3-ish?..

The place was was as i expected, serene, and filled with the scent of the sea..the presence of the sea permeated through all my senses, into my soul...standing on the roof, i could see miles away from where i was, to the point where the sky and the sea touched, becoming one in eternity..when the sea breeze blew, i could smell the sea, the freshly cut grass creeped into the overall scent, and made its presence felt...i could hear the rhythmic crashing of the waves against the rocky breakwaters...and at that precise moment, it started to drizzle...and i felt at one with nature...with all my senses evoked, except for the sense of taste..

I lingered around for close to 3 hours..before leaving the place...during the time, i also helped an old man take a video of himself as he requested, touring the roof i was filming him, a sad thought crossed my mind, as i wondered whether this would be the final time he visits the garden, and i pondered upon what could probably be on his mind as he strolled around the roof, gingerly touching the rails on the perimeter, oblivious to my presence with the video camera...

I miss the place...i guess i'll drop by tomorrow again...=)...

Life, What is it but a dream?

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This is another phone i had thought was pretty neat, and had wanted to get this's the Bang & Olufsen - Samsung "Serene"...doesn't have many fanciful functions, but i think the design is stunning...unique, kinda zen too...BUT!...i didn't expect the price to be a stunning $3,000! with the previous phone, it was a bit too rich for my blood too, and thus i left empty-handed, not having bought any phone at all...=)

++ quoth dragonfly at 4:56 AM

Went to look for a new phone today...My budget was $1500..wasn't really sure what i wanted, but there were two models which i was kinda interested of which was this, the Nokia N91. It's a music phone with a 4GB capacity to store music..perfect for my outings, when i just want some quiet time for myself, and maybe some classical or soothing music to soothe my spirits..well, this phone proved to be too rich for my tastes too..perhaps because the shop i went to got the phone much earlier?...they were selling it at $1,900. purchasing it would thereby burn a $400 hole in my knife-budget.

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Monday, April 17, 2006

Sigh...sometimes i wish i had a dog...a pet, a companion...a friend i could go for runs with...i have 2 turtles at home, and i love them to bits...but i can't bring them on runs...sigh...i don't like the feeling of having nothing to do at home...i wish i had more friends to hang out with..or at least, i wish i had something to do, which i like...if only my family had allowed me to buy a bicycle...i could have gone cycling everyday..

i love cycling...i like the feeling i get when the wind rushes past's like a cleansing of my heart, my soul...the breeze brushes against my face, a comforting touch...a gentle touch to let me know that it's there for me...and then it's gone...taking all my sorrows, all my heartaches with it...

Let me paint a dream for you...a dream i have in my mind...

It is a scenic hillside...the road winds around the hill. Standing where i am, the road crosses from my right to my left in a graceful the depths of the woods, a piano is playing..i don't know who's dancing her fingers on the keys, but the beautiful melodies that erupt from the woods tug on my heart strings...

A gust of wind causes my eyelids to drop...for a moment, all is dark...i see nothing..all i hear is the piano in the distance..the notes wrapping around me like a cloak...

The gust fades to a gentle breeze, and i open my eyes once again...a new noise breaks into the music of the piano...i hear the faint rhythmic tapping of a soft foot on the tarred a distant drumming of a conga it plays..yet the beats fit in with the piano complements it...another sound flows reminds me of the shakers used in percussions..the percussionist moves the shakers through the air with a grace alike no other..

The taps get louder...and then, a lone cyclist breaks into the scene, crossing from my right to the left, pedalling with grace and gusto..each revolution of the wheels and the axle sounding like the graceful movement of the shakers through the air...the drummer runs beside the cyclist..a collie, wind rustling through its fur, drumming his soft paws on the tarred swiftly as they appeared, so do they exit...once again i'm alone..i close my eyes...the scene fades...but the piano still plays.....

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It ain't me she likes...

++ quoth dragonfly at 9:03 PM

It's just me....sigh...

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Alright...the Cat's out of the Bag...we shall see what happens..=)

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Sunday, April 16, 2006

ROBBIE WILLIAMS - "Something Stupid" (feat. Nicole Kidman)
I know I stand in line until you think you have the time to spend an evening with me
And if we go someplace to dance, I know that there's a chance you won't be leaving with me
Then afterwards we drop into a quiet little place, and have a drink or two
And then I go and spoil it all, by saying something stupid like I love you
I can see it in your eyes, you still despise the same old lines you heard the night before
And though it's just a line to you, for me it's true, and never seemed so right before
I practice every day to find some clever lines to say to make the meaning come true
But then I think I'll wait until the evening gets late, and I'm alone with you
The time is right your perfume fills my head, the stars get red, and oh the night's so blue
And then I go and spoil it all, by saying something stupid, like I love you
I love you

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Oh...and for those of you whom have been musing over the "photo-shopped" picture posted sometime's the answer...the car is a Rolls Royce Phantom, in a Long Wheel-Base version..haha..=)...a car i aspire to ride in on a daily basis sometime in the distant future...=)
Rolls Royce Phantom Posted by Picasa

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HeLLO! Everyone!'s been almost a week since i last blogged!..haha...well, this is what i have been busy with...
Clairol Posted by Picasa
twas helping Evien and her project group with their marketing project...which is to promote Clairol Herbal Essence's new product...I've never ever experienced what University work life was like, but over the past few days, i had a little taste of it..haha...and i think it's very hectic!...but well, i hope i will be able to do a good job when i get into the university...=)...

Anyway, some stuff i would like to voice out on my blog...

First and foremost, I want to congratulate my bestfriend Ben in finding his other half...haha...sneaky fella...hahaha...always bluff me...when i ask him is there any girl he likes in uni...he always tells me that no...there isn't...then always out the blue, he will just suddenly tell me, "hey, i just got attached" secretive!!...haha...

Next, I've been very happy these few days because I recieved an email from the Chow family, of which Elisha, Jabez & Paul are from...They said through the email that they would be returning to Singapore, sometime in August, whereby the 3 kids would continue their studies in Singapore thereafter!!!...i really miss the 3 of them...especially my favourite Elisha!...YaY!...would be able to see them soon!!

My third note would be a note of congratulations to Pongsy, for FINALLY changing to a new phone...haha...the Motorola V3X!!....twas one of my dream phones too, but i decided to stick to my beloved Communicator...hahaha...

Oh, and yesterday I went to visit my "ee-poh-chor"...who's 104 this year..pretty cool to have been visiting her all these years, and she seems to be going strong!...although she seems a little pessimistic...maybe after so many years, she's just bored of life...especially when everyday passes by so uneventfully...I hope when i grow old, I would age with grace, and face the concluding chapter of my life with a smile on my face...

Oh well, till the next time thoughts worthy of blogging cross my mind again....Seeya!

i leave you guys with my favourite quote:

What is it but a dream?..


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aGosh!...I don't Believe this!!...I collect vintage AL MAR knives, and I have this piece, which i never knew to be worth so much!...I purchased it some years back for about 600 Singapore Dollars, and it was only today when i was browsing through Evil-Bay, that i found a couple of on-going auctions for this piece, and the average high-bid was around US$1,100!!...i was appalled when i saw thaT!...gosh!...anyway, i have almost the complete set of AL MAR's SERE ATTACK series, with all the fixed blades, as well as 2 of the 3 folders, with the last piece, the Large folder enroute, and will take delivery of it in may..hmm, i wonder how much I would be able to raise, should i put the whole series up for bids on Evil-Bay...haha...

AL MAR SERE IV 3004 Posted by Picasa

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Thursday, April 06, 2006


Hahahaha...finally i can blogg...there was some problem accessing blogger just now...but anyway that's solved!...anyway here's some updates on my life...

met up with my "Makan-Kakki" Weizhen to holland village to eat laksa...The laksa there's pretty good...and when you request extra "hum", they really give u a lot more...much better then other places, where you'd only get a measly increase in the amount of "hum"...was originally supposed to meet up with Evien after makkan-ing, but she got caught up with some stuff...haha...let's meet up soon!...oh well, it was quite funky lah...i think Holland Vee is a real cool place, somehow i like the ambience's not as crowded as Orchard too!...

Haha..oh well, at night i went to see my friend Mathias off to Italy for his Choir performance/competition..I still remember, and i'm grateful for the time when u came to see me off once for my holidays, and once when i went to Australia for Airgrading...All the best for ur competition, and Bon Voyage!

Anyway, to Joannz, glad to hear u back wif ur "dearie"...( rou ma....)..haha...treasure him!...=)...i'm darned tired now, and getting a bit i shall sign off hear for the night...i leave u guys with my favourite quote...

"Life, What is it but a dream?..."

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

hahaha...I just played a bit with photoshop...learning how to use it day by day...well, for the car enthusiasts here, guess what car this is...=)...if u get it correct, i'll treat u to something edible...=)
whatcaristhis Posted by Picasa

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Monday, April 03, 2006


Somethings I want to share today...Firstly, this is in relation to what "-_-" tagged..

I don't deny the fact that I've had liked a few girls before. But i've never ever had much success, and in most cases except one, got away with a heartache due to un-returned feelings..This has led me to kind of become very wary about committing too much of my feelings to any one, and hence it may seem like i jump from one person to another...till the day i find the person who reciprocates my liking for her..which i have yet to find in the recent 2 years..If i do find that someone, I will definitely put my all into the relationship...=)

Well, that aside, let me share about my day...twas quite cool! the early afternoon, i went to have lunch with Weizhen at bugis..pretty cool, now that i have finished my national service, can finally meet up with my frens, past and present..frens-to-meet on my list: Hongwei, Selwyn, Mark De Winne, David De Winne, Mighel my cousin, Yunji, etc...haha...will start calling/smsing u guys to go out n chill soon!..=)

okay, in the afternoon i went to holland village and bukit timah task was to seek out a nice, quiet, and comfortable place i could go with my friend Evien to study was quite an exciting experience because i found a few potential study-hangouts, as well as a nice hidden shop selling what looked like authetic italian pizza...the way the pizza was chosen, cut, and served replicated the way they did it in Rome...Evien, i will bring u there someday soon to try it out!...=)

finally, in the evening, i went to paragon with my mum to do some shopping..she bought a top from Calvin Klein jeans, whilst i bought 3 tops from Sisley..haha..pretty of them is a yellow long sleeved round neck tee, which i can wear when i go to NUS...esp when i have long lectures in the air conditioned halls..also bought 2 short sleeved round neck tees, which look pretty's green in colour, with yellow accents around the collar and the sleeves, whilst i can't remember what colour the other is in..haha...after which, i had dinner with my parents at Bakerzin, which was quite cool...tried some soup of theirs, which was pretty interesting..i love the presentation, having it in a bowl, with a puff on top..exciting!..

Well, that kinda sums up what i experienced today...=)...hope tomorrow will be an even more exciting! one...=)

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Sunday, April 02, 2006


hmmz...i have a few things to share today, one makes me happy, one leaves me sad, and one leaves me puzzled...

Let me share the puzzling one first...It's all about friendships, and relations between people...I just don't understand why some people can just so suddenly become so cold to me, as if i've done something bad against him/ first i was kinda sad, but now i'm quite pissed actually, and i figure if u can't even be bothered to give proper replies when i try talking to u, then why should i even be bothered to try talking to u?'s like for a while i've been talking to this person quite a lot, thru smses/msn/phone chats, and now it's like when i sms, no replies come, or one-worded replies...alright..if u wanted to drive a point into me, you've got it "ya"?...=)...but as a fren, i'll still say, "all the best to you..take care".

Next, hurling unhappy thoughts aside, i feel quite happy today...met up with a friend of mine, hahaha..."Screaming Queen", you know who you are..haha...pretty happy to finally be able to catch up with you more...this is what friendship is...haha...last time in jc, i never really had the chance to talk much to you...i was shy lah...haha..=)..hope to hang out more often yea?...=)..makan kakki of mine, study buddy to be?..=)

finally...I was a little sad on stage today...actually i cried whilst playing the bongos for worship today. wasn't really upset over anything, but the music really got to my heart? really made me reflect upon the wrongs i've done to others in my life, reflect on the betrayals i've committed to other friends..whilst playing, i made a prayer to God, for Him to really take over control of my life. I told Him to take control there and then, because when my mind gets clouded by sin/anger/jealousy again, i refuse to give the controls to God because I know He will not allow me to have such bad thoughts...well, I hope He really takes over my life...

I was also saddened, and cried, not because of the abovementioned issue, but rather because i missed the kids..whilst playing the bongos, i missed paul's accompainment on his bongo, and elisha's accompainment on my set of 2 drums, as well as jabez's drumming of the beats on my back...this really made me miss my brothers so much that i cried..that's the good thing abt playing the bongos, nobody can see when i cry..=)

Well, thanks for reading folks...=)...really appreciate it..=)

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[Life is like a dream..In reality, things do not always go the way we want them to turn out. What we desire, may not always be what life destines for us. These unfulfilled wishes turn into actuality in our dreams. Dreams reveal what we want to happen in life, and it is only in dreams, that possibility is infinite..Dream a dream tonight...=)]

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