Sunday, April 02, 2006


hmmz...i have a few things to share today, one makes me happy, one leaves me sad, and one leaves me puzzled...

Let me share the puzzling one first...It's all about friendships, and relations between people...I just don't understand why some people can just so suddenly become so cold to me, as if i've done something bad against him/ first i was kinda sad, but now i'm quite pissed actually, and i figure if u can't even be bothered to give proper replies when i try talking to u, then why should i even be bothered to try talking to u?'s like for a while i've been talking to this person quite a lot, thru smses/msn/phone chats, and now it's like when i sms, no replies come, or one-worded replies...alright..if u wanted to drive a point into me, you've got it "ya"?...=)...but as a fren, i'll still say, "all the best to you..take care".

Next, hurling unhappy thoughts aside, i feel quite happy today...met up with a friend of mine, hahaha..."Screaming Queen", you know who you are..haha...pretty happy to finally be able to catch up with you more...this is what friendship is...haha...last time in jc, i never really had the chance to talk much to you...i was shy lah...haha..=)..hope to hang out more often yea?...=)..makan kakki of mine, study buddy to be?..=)

finally...I was a little sad on stage today...actually i cried whilst playing the bongos for worship today. wasn't really upset over anything, but the music really got to my heart? really made me reflect upon the wrongs i've done to others in my life, reflect on the betrayals i've committed to other friends..whilst playing, i made a prayer to God, for Him to really take over control of my life. I told Him to take control there and then, because when my mind gets clouded by sin/anger/jealousy again, i refuse to give the controls to God because I know He will not allow me to have such bad thoughts...well, I hope He really takes over my life...

I was also saddened, and cried, not because of the abovementioned issue, but rather because i missed the kids..whilst playing the bongos, i missed paul's accompainment on his bongo, and elisha's accompainment on my set of 2 drums, as well as jabez's drumming of the beats on my back...this really made me miss my brothers so much that i cried..that's the good thing abt playing the bongos, nobody can see when i cry..=)

Well, thanks for reading folks...=)...really appreciate it..=)

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