Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Just blogging from the Central Library now...had lunch just now with Micqsy, Zheng Kuang and Joseph..hmm...i really dun kinda like organising meet ups..always there'd be some hiccups nearing the time itself...oh well, but nice to meet up with them lahz..haha...oh well, haven't blogged in quite some time ya?...so maybe here's a little update..
Well, I really want to thank Ernie Emerson for refurbishing my knives!...I'd sent in a Custom CQC 8, a Super Commander, a Commander, a Mach-1, and a Specwar Tanto. I'd been expecting a pretty quick turnover on the production pieces, but had expected a pretty long wait on the customs, as what is usually the case...so imagine my pleasant surprise when last saturday i opened the parcel in the taxi (after collecting from the UPS guy at Lucky Chinatown)..and i saw my Custom CQC 8 inside!!...Yippeee!..well, today it's my EDC, along with a Custom Mayo TNT in Damascus..haha..yeap!..that's more than 3 thousand dollars worth of investment in blades!!..haha..here's a picture of what i recieved from Ernie..my knives, and an Emerson Knives Polo Tee-Shirt...
oh wells, after collecting my knives, i proceeded down to the Chowies' house...brought them down to Swensens at Crown Prince Hotel to have lunch...kinda a birthday lunch actually..haha..cos Paul and Jabez had their birthdays during that week. It was pretty cool, having lunch with just the 3 of them...haha...i really enjoy having them around...thank you God once again, for bringing Elisha, Jabez and Paul into my life...they're really a blessing to me..as i hope i am to them..after that i had to bring them home cos i had to go for an audition at NUS at 3:30pm...the audition didn't work out too well actually..but oh well..nvm..
well, that's about all that happened during the past few days..Life's pretty much unexciting nowadays...but well, i'm living pretty happily..haha..not much to worry about, not much to trouble my little mind about, not much to get upset over..=)...

Right now, i've grown to be pretty happy in the solitary sphere of mine...sure i do sometimes wish it wasn't so lonely...especially since i'm the only child...but well, i've also grown to appreciate that this means i don't have to get upset over trying to please people, and i pretty much can do whatever i like, wear whatever i like too!..haha...(so what if i look "uncle-ish")..actually I believe that as long as one places his faith in God, everything seems much simpler..cos i don't have to worry about things...some phrases which i feel are very meaningful, and which i feel have spoken loads to me:
"If God puts you to it, He will pull you through it"
"When All that you have left is God, then you'll realize that all you need is God"
"God will provide"
right now i do have some dreams...some questions in my head, some things i wonder if it's possible..but now i've also grown to learn to not cast my all in, not to put my whole heart, whole soul into things which i'm not sure of..is that the right approach?..i don't know..all i know is that if God meant it to be, somehow it would be..it just would..I don't know if "u" are reading this blog..haha..but you probably won't know who i mean anyway....*i guess*...haha...and it's not who u think it is...so ya..=p..haha...whatever...
Oh well, there are some other thoughts in my head now, but i don't really feel like typing them out here..haha...so ya..i shall start reading my notes now..
Adios Amigo!
Cheers and Regards,

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Hahaha...finally got my laptop back after it was sent for servicing at Hewlett Packard's Customer Service, and which the service there leaves much to be desired..long story, but the gist of it is that the lady who served me that day asked if i wanted the laptop to be delivered to my house f.o.c as it was still under warranty. I agreed, but apparently she didn't record it down, and for days my laptop has been sitting unclaimed at the service centre, repaired, and with no instructions..till today when a friend prompted me to give the service centre a call. That's when i found out it was ready for collection!...oh well...what a muddle-up!

Well, that aside, life rocks!...haha...gonna go for an audition for the NUS Jazz Band this saturday at CFA at 3:30pm, and just before that i'll be bringing the 3 kids for a Birthday-Celebratory lunch at Orchard Swensens..still thinking of what presents to get for them!..Wilson suggested a few board games, which i'll probably check out sometime tomorrow (my off day!)..any ideas?..besides DICTIONARIES(someone suggested..hahaha....u know who u are...) heh...oh well, i got to get back to my readings!...got to read up on the definitions of International Relations before my next lecture at 4!...till then...adios!

adiós y toma el cuidado

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

hmm...i'm laptop-less now...sent my lappy in for servicing as the "U"key had fallen off. I'd thought that it would only take a short whileto fix, and i was actually hoping to get it back this very day...but apparently i have to wait for 3 to 5 working days!..gosh!..perhaps the only positive thing is that it'd be delivered free to my house, and i don't have to collect it myself..

Well, went to buy some of my texts at clementi today, and managed to help ah-mik get her text too..i seriously think the bookstore's very cool..they have this slide, whereby the person on the first floor would call up for a certain book, and then in a short while's time, the book would be slid down!...ain't that cool?!..oh well, after that i went to queensway shopping centre, hoping to get my coursepack, and hers, but apparently i can't get it there...gotta check with my lecturers..=(..

Hmm...the other thing which amazed me today was the service at Hewlett Packard's Customer Service Centre..wow!..they had not only a few desktop workstations for people to surf the net on, but even had a telephone there, a coffee-maker, some bread, chairs, tables and wifi!..i mean, wow!..i've never been to any customer service centre which was so awesome...and Omega's is the worst i think...somehow i can't remember why exactly, but i just know that i didn't like it..

Hmm...it's surprising how much i actually type whilst on the go..haha..well, i'm blogging from my Nokia E90 cellphone outside takashimaya now, and listening to this group of street buskers who're playing using peruvian wind instruments, as well as a keyboard, and they're not too bad...oooh...and they're finally playing true peruvian world music now!...they were playing pieces from "Pocahontas" just now...hmm...this suddenly makes me wonder..what makes music great?...as in there're no doubt many musicians around who are good, but what truly makes that one individual or group stand out as being great??..is it about the feeling that one from the audience gets when listening?...well, to be honest, i don't know the answer to this question either...but it's certainly something worth thinking about...actually this doesn't just apply to music...the same question goes for art, for knives, etc...

Oh well, the day i see God, i shall ask him this question too...makes sense right?...asking the Greatest Being...He should know...well, pray for me..i'm not exactly in the pink of health now..firstly i'm currently undergoing physiotheraphy for some injured right shoulder tendons..then this morning, i woke up at the wee hours having horrible diarohea, and whereby there was some blood in my waste..kinda scary...doctor said that it may be a viral attack..=(.. and on top of that, my feet are still recovering from ezcema..and just when i thought that was all, i got out of bed realizing i had this horrible pain in my right sole..it's damn weird..it's as if the bones in my right foot had expanded overnight..for now each step i take is painful, and feels like i'm bruising the bone..sigh..oh well, but i'm a strong person, and i'll overcome these ills and pains!...God give me strength..=)..oh well, it's time for me to head home for dinner...gotta log off Wireless@SG for now...seeya..

Smiles Always..

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

ahah!..here i am once again, in the bus, on my way back to school for my 2nd lecture of the day. Had one this morning from 12 till 1:20++, which was "Great Ideas in Contemporary Physics"...sounds a handful ehz?...i sure hope it's okay..=P...kinda pissed with myself because i didn't really pay too much attention during the lecture..was msn'ing with some friends, and that kinda distracted me a little...well, in subsequent lectures i shall just leave my msn off!..oh well, but anyway today the lecture ended early, and i thought i could have my percussion lessons earlier, at 2:30 instead of 3, cos i needed time to head back to sch for the lecture i'm so gonna be late for..haha..turns out faiser can't make it today, so it's been postponed till friday..i really really miss percussions!..it's one of THE GREAT motivators in my life..haha...the other one being the Chowies..

Well, no percussion lesson today, so what did i do?..haha..i headed down to heeren to get my friend "Soh" to fabricate a custom neck pouch for my current EDC, a Tom Mayo Reptilian Damascus TNT folding knife. I must say the entire set-up looks kinda neat, and the knife's pretty light too, so i can carry it around easily without it being too much of a strain on my neck..heh..here are some pictures of the knife and set-up...

Oh yes...it's a really cold day today!...i was freezing to bits inside LT25, when i had my Science Lecture just now, and when i came out, the wind at the bus-stop was not only pretty strong, but it penetrated my clothes too!..haha..now this is gonna sound pretty random, but earlier on, i was bored, and decided to do an appraisal of how many hundreds of dollars worth of goods i had on me. And here's the breakdown:

Timberland Boat Shoes: $279
Timberland Kakki Pants: $100
GAP V-Neck Tee Shirt: $40
Blackhawk 3-Day Assault Backpack:
Tommy Hilfiger Wallet: $80
Compaq Laptop: $2200
Canon iXUS 850IS: $799
Samsung Portable Hard Disk:
Nokia E61 Cellphone: $399
Nokia E90 Cellphone: $1399
Nokia 7710 Cellphone: $1300
Tom Mayo TNT in Reptilian Damascus:
Spyderco Spydercard: $180
Parker Sonnet Pen: $50
Otter Waterproof Case: $60
Leather Pouch for knife: $50

That makes the total up to be: $8646!!..haha..i was kinda surprised too, because i thought i'd only about $3000+ worth on me...haha...if i had just one more knife, my custom emerson cqc8 on me, i'd have 10k+ worth of stuff on me!...oh well...anyway i just reached school...so gotta go..seeya!!


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Monday, August 13, 2007

hmm..it's good to have a diary, and to blog on the go actually...kinda cool, plus it's often during these long bus rides that i start to ponder, start to brood. Oh well, much has happened within the past few months, and there were times when i was on cloud nine, and there were also times when i felt down in the dumps..but nontheless, i've made it through..stronger? Weaker?...only God knows. Somehow i've managed to leave more of my pains, my worries to God. And that has made life somewhat much simpler, and less stressful. "God Will Provide"...these 3 words have been echoing in my head constantly for months...and to a large extent, they provide me some comfort, knowing that there's a being out there looking out for me.

Well, RAG's over, and the submarine i created didn't win anything..and i guess i'm kinda sad it didn't...to be honest, i broke down and cried a couple of times at rag day itself. But till this day i'm still uncertain why i cried..maybe because i was disappointed?..maybe because i was relieved that it was over?..maybe because i had wanted to dedicate the award(if we had won any) to Jay who died a year ago? Maybe i cried cos of fatigue?...i don't know...well, want to really thank Mathias, Eric, Weiling for coming down to support, and of course, Weizhen=) too...after spending such long months with my rag friends, i really missed the company of church people, especially my closer church friends..thanks "hao xiong di=)"...

During Rag, i had a friend i got quite close to, and i'd kinda hoped that things would work out in the sense that i'd hoped i had found someone to share my life with, but as always, it was not to be so...oh well, it's okay, like i told "pal" last night, i've decided that i've tried enough...and i've accepted the fact that somethings just ain't meant to be mine. I guess i could say that i've given enough of myself, i've waited long enough, and it all didn't work out. I guess God has better plans for me single for life..honestly, i'm tired too..i don't think i'll ever be sweet and caring to any girl now even if she stepped into my life..well, maybe?..but even if so, it'd probably only be for that one girl, the one star in my life...but i guess that's slipping back to the one way road again?...whatever...

Right now, the one thing i know i'm sure of is that the 3 kids bring me the greatest joy in my life. Last Thursday at Rag, i was so tired, not just physically, but emotionally too..and then the kids came...and they really brought the smile to my face, and the hop to my feet...well, they just made me very happy...right now they're still so young...and there's both pros and cons to that..i just wonder how they'd be like when they grow up..Paul's entering his teens soon, and that would mean that i can soon bring him out more to go trekking maybe?..and other stuff...he's started asking me funny questions like who's my gf..etc..haha...funny guy...oh well, i'm just super thankful to God for putting the 3 kids in my life..sometime years down the road, there'll be a day when i'm old, nearing my end, and i'll ask the 3 kids out, then with their own families, and we'll go cycling, and we'd reminisce about the times i used to bring the 3 of them out cycling..that'd be nice..

Oh well, i'm reaching school soon..meeting ben for lunch later at 2pm after my class...so for now, that's all...

Life, What is it but a Dream?

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