Thursday, August 16, 2007

hmm...i'm laptop-less now...sent my lappy in for servicing as the "U"key had fallen off. I'd thought that it would only take a short whileto fix, and i was actually hoping to get it back this very day...but apparently i have to wait for 3 to 5 working days!..gosh!..perhaps the only positive thing is that it'd be delivered free to my house, and i don't have to collect it myself..

Well, went to buy some of my texts at clementi today, and managed to help ah-mik get her text too..i seriously think the bookstore's very cool..they have this slide, whereby the person on the first floor would call up for a certain book, and then in a short while's time, the book would be slid down!...ain't that cool?!..oh well, after that i went to queensway shopping centre, hoping to get my coursepack, and hers, but apparently i can't get it there...gotta check with my lecturers..=(..

Hmm...the other thing which amazed me today was the service at Hewlett Packard's Customer Service!..they had not only a few desktop workstations for people to surf the net on, but even had a telephone there, a coffee-maker, some bread, chairs, tables and wifi!..i mean, wow!..i've never been to any customer service centre which was so awesome...and Omega's is the worst i think...somehow i can't remember why exactly, but i just know that i didn't like it..'s surprising how much i actually type whilst on the go..haha..well, i'm blogging from my Nokia E90 cellphone outside takashimaya now, and listening to this group of street buskers who're playing using peruvian wind instruments, as well as a keyboard, and they're not too bad...oooh...and they're finally playing true peruvian world music now!...they were playing pieces from "Pocahontas" just now...hmm...this suddenly makes me wonder..what makes music great? in there're no doubt many musicians around who are good, but what truly makes that one individual or group stand out as being great?? it about the feeling that one from the audience gets when listening?...well, to be honest, i don't know the answer to this question either...but it's certainly something worth thinking about...actually this doesn't just apply to music...the same question goes for art, for knives, etc...

Oh well, the day i see God, i shall ask him this question too...makes sense right?...asking the Greatest Being...He should know...well, pray for me..i'm not exactly in the pink of health now..firstly i'm currently undergoing physiotheraphy for some injured right shoulder tendons..then this morning, i woke up at the wee hours having horrible diarohea, and whereby there was some blood in my waste..kinda said that it may be a viral attack..=(.. and on top of that, my feet are still recovering from ezcema..and just when i thought that was all, i got out of bed realizing i had this horrible pain in my right's damn's as if the bones in my right foot had expanded overnight..for now each step i take is painful, and feels like i'm bruising the bone..sigh..oh well, but i'm a strong person, and i'll overcome these ills and pains!...God give me strength..=)..oh well, it's time for me to head home for dinner...gotta log off Wireless@SG for now...seeya..

Smiles Always..

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