Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I'm at macs now...waiting for time to pass, cos i have a short gig later at Cuba Libre at 9:30 till 10:15. So though i might as well blog a bit now...well, i bought some new knives recently!..check out the pics...aint the knife lovely?..this is the USN D*gger, which was made in a pretty limited run...very glad i managed to get it!..haha...pretty awesome knife, quick in the hand..etc..haha...shall post more later tonight when i get lappy's batt is getting flat!

Cheers and Regards,


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Friday, September 07, 2007

Hello!... was pretty cool...went over to the kid's house cos they had a small celebration for Elisha's Birthday, together with their grandma's birthday..both celebrated was pretty fun...we had a bbq..and the whole family was there, together with 3 of their cousins..then we went to the field to play frisbee!!...and also played with the boomerang from AEROBIE...and the boomerang's super fun to play with!!...then we also played "blind man's catch"..haha...basically we'd climb around this particular structure in the playground, and the person who is "IT" would have to close his eyes and try to find's pretty fun actually..=)...then the kids taught me a new skill...hahaha...KNITTING!!...hahahahaha...i'm not able to knit complex stuff like a sweater, but i can knit a plain rectangular piece...hahah...can be a scarf ya?

well, today was fun!...hahaha...and tomorrow should be an exciting day too!..yay!..=)..haha..alright...i shall go take a nap liao..haha....tata!!

Cheers and Regards,

*p.s: Happy birthday Elisha!!*

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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Hello!.. update on what i've been busy with recently..heh..

Well, for starters, tutorials started this week..and i'm kinda glad they did...i think i learn more in tutorials then in lectures...Oh well, but first tutorial's usually kinda boring...the focus generally revolves around settling administrative issues. so ya...Well, last sunday was pretty cool though...brought the kids out, and we ended up watching "Evan Almighty"..haha...why "ended up"? you might ask...well, here's what happened..

I'd arranged to bring the kids out to go cycling actually..Haven't gone cycling with them for a year plus? after church, we took a cab down to east coast park..and as we arrived there, it started to Mr Jabez used my cellphone to check the weather radar pictures, which didn't seem very positive..but we decided to wait a little at Mac'Donalds, and grabbed some food there...BUT the rain didn't stop, and seemed to be getting well, we thought we'd either go bowling or watch a movie...took a vote, and Paul who wanted to watch a movie was outvoted 2 -> 1 by Elisha & Jabez who wanted we went to the bowling alley...that was at 2:40++...BUT!!..the bowling alley was closed for some national bowling tournament!..=( we decided we'd go to Marina Square to go either bowling or to watch a movie..

Well, when we reached Marina Square, the bowling alley lanes were all booked, and there was a pretty long waiting in the end we settled on watching "Evan Almighty" at between buying the tickets and the movie, we went shopping...haha...or rather, more like them accompanying me to go shopping...din buy anything though...was looking for a pouch, but didn't find a nice one...=p...well, so the show was pretty nice...the kids laughed a lot at some parts..and that was nice!...=)...after which i sent them home, and played a little of bridge at their house..=)..Ohya, and this week i'm bringing them Ice-Skating!!...(Because Paul keeps wanting to go Ice Skating..and this week it's their holidays!!)..*cheerios*..

Oh well, yesterday was pretty cool too!...i organised this "family-movie-outing", in which i brought my entire family (Grandma + Grandpa + Aunt + Mum + Dad + me) to watch a local show 881...and it was really a very nice show...kinda touching and saddening at parts because of some reasons which a few frens know why...but anyway, it was pretty nice..=)..

Oh well, nothing else much to update, except oh ya, my term in Arts Club is coming to an end..All the best for those who're running / re-running for the 28th Management Committee..yeap...i'm kinda glad that after this, i'd be free-er!, and will have more time to spend on my music, my church cell-group, and also on the kids!!..yay!!..=)..Cheerios!

Haha...on a side note...just posted this pic on the USN...a picture of what's with me now..haha...check it out!...does this look like a lot?..

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