Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hmm...I'm at Starbucks now, and my friend from the states asked me a "What's in your pockets NOW!?" question..well, apart from the usual stuff, here's a pic of the 2 main blades that i'm carrying now..

The Emerson Knives INC Commander BTS 2006 Variant

The EMERSON SPECWAR KNIVES Close Quarter Combat 9 folder!!, in a true Satin finish, and incorporating the trademarked Spyderhole as an opening feature.
I also have on me 2 other blades, the Spydercard, and a Koji Hara SL2 damascus and black-lip pearl folder.

Cheers to the world of cutlery!

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Hmm...it's 2am in the middle of the night, but somehow i can't really sleep...just took a shot of some of my Custom Emerson Specwar knives..Enjoy..=)



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Hmm...just some updates...I've been real busy, preparing for some stuff, both sch related, and non school related, as well as just slacking..Well, let's see, these are the more exciting stuff that happened recently..

1: I bought a new knife!...It's a custom no-date Emerson Specwar CQC9, with a zero-grind blade, and came with a skull clip,as well as a skull attached to the lanyard that was tied to it. Merci beaucoup to "Spyken" for helping me obtain my "Holy-Grail-knife" from the states!. This knife in particular has been my much desired piece since the day i embarked on my knife-collecting journey. But since then, it was either (a): beyond my budget then, or (b): simply not available!. Well, it's a long story how i managed to get it, but to keep things short, the USN rocks, and Spyken is a real pal!...Here are some pictures of the CQC9!!!

Ain't my new knife Pretty!?!..the CQC9 has since become part of my EDC, toted alongside my EKI Super Commander!..and that simply rockS!!...I never dreamed that the day would come when i could tote a CQC9!..This blade's a beauty!..

Alright, knives aside..here's some of the more exciting things that happened since the date of my last post.

Last week i met up with Paula twice. On tuesday, we went to the National museum to view the Cartier collection, and we were pretty intrigued by the collection that was put up on display!.. i was pretty awed by the whole collection, and it really interested me a lot. For those of you who don't know, i pretty much love jewelry, fine art products and other exquisite stuff. There was a gemologist too, among the tour-crowd, who stepped in to share his knowledge of identifying the origins of various gems. After leaving the place, we left for lunch, and by then i was famished!..haha..had a good meal, then left.

Then on thursday, Paula and i met up again. This time we went to a part of Singapore which not many people know about. It's at the tip of singapore, where the breakwaters are, and it's an awfully serene and calm place. We sat there, and chatted whilst admiring the natural scene, and the wonders of God, and this place we call earth. it was an enjoyable quiet afternoon-evening, which i'm sure she enjoyed too.

Fast forward to Sunday. Ha..this was the day of Weizhen's=) birthday party which was held at the Aloha Chalet Resort. It was an interesting experience, as it was the first time i attended a party which had a dress-code; it was a uniform party. For this, i loaned my cousin's Airforce flight suit, which apparently as the others commented, looked very much like a parachutist's jump suit. Haha...Had a good time too, as i went cycling with mozz, probably the first time we've gone cycling together, since december last year. The downside being that i left my Identity Card at the bicycle kiosk, which i have to retrieve from the owner soon. That more or less sums up last week.

Today, was a good day. I successfully carried out my "Different-Breakfast-Surprise" i planned for Weizhen=). We had a rather interesting ride in the Aerophile balloon located at beach road, followed by a rather sumptous "prawn-noodle" brunch at an old shophouse along Beach Road. Just like to say to Weizhen=), that i'm glad you liked the ride, and hope that it made your 21st birthday a little bit more special.=)

Well, i guess that's about all for now, please pray for my upcoming exams, tests, essays due, and projects!..Merci Beaucoup!.



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Saturday, October 14, 2006


Today was a good day!...haha...i felt like a Mugger lah!!..hahaha...in the morning I went to school to borrow a whole lot of readings to go thru for my Sociology Essay!...hahaha....well, at least i managed to get the readings!...but my!...i'm kinda stumped by the question actually, and my brain's a bit dead now ya?....hahahah.....Oh well, After School, i went to church to play in worship practice for tmr...hmm, wasn't very happy there today...cos of worship style...etc...yeap..i guess the role of the percussionist is very different, depending on the accompanying players...yeap..=)

Well, anyway, after leaving my bag containing my laptop here, I went across to Paragon to buy something..and i had les problem un petit there!...i needed someone to look after my bag, but....seated to my left was a group of vocally disabled + hearing impaired people, communicating thru gestures...and on my right was a group of japanese..I couldn't ask anyone!...hahah...well, anyway eventually i did get someone to look after my bag...bought my stuff, and here i am back studying!...haha...

Took some pictures today!...check these out!!

hahahaha!...yay!...today when i was buying drinks, i chatted a little with "E", and she was telling me tt she hadn't eaten since morning!...thus i went over to paragon to buy her some cookies from Mrs Fields..haha...and she liked them..=)...bleahz....

hahahahaha...these are my 2 favourite things!!...the Congas that I play in church worship, and my knives!!!!...AWESOME!!!!




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Friday, October 13, 2006

Just a poem...
Both remain convinced
It was an impulse of emotion
which bound them together.
Beauty is such a certainty,
But greater a beauty is uncertainty.
Author Undisclosed...

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My New hangout!...and a new friend I made there...


Haha...had some cool news today!..well, I really couldn't finish my Sociology essay in time for tutorial today. Twas quite nervous actually because I've been doing quite fine for Sociology, and I didn't want to be given a BIG FAT Zero for this assignment due to my lateness!..oh well, the tutor gave me an extension of an hour, so i managed to submit it in the end to her..

When i approached my tutor just prior to tutorial, she told me something which really made me a tad excited!. Actually she asked me if the people from the school USP(University Scholar's Programme) had approached me. I was curious, and said no, but queried her regarding the basis of her question. She told me that she had actually submitted my name for recommendation to the USP. My!...was i pleasantly surprised!..heh...Well, there's nothing concrete at the moment, but if there is, that'll be pretty cool!..=)..Well, that was what excited me for my day in school!...hahaha

Alright, recently i've been spending quite a lot of time studying at a particular Starbucks outlet. I love the place because it's not only quiet, but there's ample powerpoints which i can plug my laptop into, and with the presence of Wi-Fi here, I can surf the net, as I study, and sometimes i need the internet to download slides, or to upload my homework, and this place just suits perfect!...furthermore, this particular outlet opens till "minuit" (french for midnight), and there's a direct bus back home..it's the best place for me!...

Since I came here, I've made a new friend too, one of the temporary workers here, called "E"..=)..I think she's got a very friendly look, and is very pleasant looking..I kinda like her smile. I found out more about her when once as i was ordering my food and drinks, she asked me for my name, and in return told me hers..=) We hardly talk, cos she's working, and i'm rather shy too...but well, today she gave me her msn email address..=) which is cool, cos we could talk more too...and furthermore she told me just now that she'd be working here everyday from now onwards..=) it's always exciting to make new friends!..=)

Hahahaha...this is so cool!...haha...will look forward to seeing you everyday!!..=)))))
Chill Out!

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Nothing much happened recently...hahaha...i'm just feeling happy....with my new knife, and everything!!...hahahahahaha....oya, i actually lost my 7710 stylus today!!...but managed to get it back...so Yay!!...alright...gotta go...gonna hurl myself back into the comfort of my books!!...studying rawx!!...


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Sunday, October 08, 2006

They say God provides answers...well, i'm going cycling now...just like the last time..That time when i cycled on the highway, i asked God to protect me if it was His will that i live on, and for Him to forgive me, and to console my close ones if i left...Then He told me that i was to live...God, what will your answer be today?...I've got all my favourite stuff with me now...=)...To flippy, should i leave, in my house, there's a box, it's this Green Battle Field 2 box, which is written as First Aid Kit, it's in my wardrobe..ask mozz, he should kNow..inside has some money, it was actually for Her birthday surprise...but well, if it never materializes, please help me buy something for her from there...To You, i know you never read my blog, which is good...haha..cos i don't have to worry abt u seeing these...but sigh, u know, in my wallet, is the first picture i ever took with u?..and for 5 yrs, it was the ONLY foto i ever took with u alone...remember west coast park?...that was where we took it..=)...well, i'm sorry for everything...take care, hao xiong di...will miss u...

"It's too Late - Carole King"

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FUCK MAN!!!!!!!!!


URGG...well, just wanna say sorry to you all, to Weizhen=), to flippy, to mozz, and to everyone else...to ben, i dun think u even read this anymore, but ya..thanks for the past..when we were good friends...sorry i'm such a coward...

"It's Too Late - Carole King"
Pray for me..

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I haven't blogged for quite some time, so just thought i'd blog now that i have the time..haha...first post!..I got a new kNife!!..This is the Emerson Super Commander in BT finish. For my non-knifeknut friends, B-T stands for Black Teflon, the black coating that is applied to the knife. But if my memory doesn't fail me, the new coating EKI uses is Black Ceramic, though the suffix still remains unchanged. Well, here are some pictures of my new knife, alongside my slightly older 06 Commander!..what's the difference you say?..haha...the Super Commander is 20% Bigger, i.e: the size of the Original ES1-M..I really love this knife!...recieved it last saturday from UPS, and it's enjoyed loads of pocket-time ever since!..Enjoy the pics!


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Monday, October 02, 2006

Hello again!

Haha..for my second post, i shall talk about what has transpired over the last few days..=) Well, let's see, last week was my mid term break, kinda boring though..didn't do much..well, for a start Monday, Tuesday and Thursday were occupied with Arts Club matters, then on Friday, i managed to squeeze some time to meet up with my 3 God-brothers..brought them bowling..haha...which was cool, just that it just wasn't MY DAY!!...cos my score really sucked!...i think i got something like 40+? omigosh...But Paul and Elisha both improved, which was awesome..

Oh yarz, and on wednesday, a few of us went for Crab BeehooN!...there was Uncle Daniel, Jasper, David, Amanda, Weizhen=), Weiling, Eric, and myself. It was my first time there, and i really loved the food there!!..awesome!!..haha..can't wait to go again...poor Weizhen=) though, she was still recovering from her sore throat and cough, and couldn't eat much..=(

Oh yarz, on tuesday night, i went with friends from the Arts Club to Party World KTV..haha...it was pretty mad, but hell lot of fun!...haha...sang from 12midnight till 6 am!...really enjoyed it!..I don't usually go KTV-ing, but i do enjoy it lots!..

Hmm..Nothing much interesting left i guess, except that these few days i chatted quite a bit with flippy over the phone, and twas pretty cool...haha..oya, and yesterday i ended school pretty late, so decided to just drop by her workplace at 10 to surprise her..haha...twas pretty lame, cos i smsed her something like "i'm at home listening to music...etc", when actually i was outside waiting for her..but then i left many blank lines before saying "haha...okay, i lied"...but she din scroll down, which is what i expected. So she was pretty surprised to see me..haha...

Well, i guess that's about all?..i'm at Starbucks Orchard now studying alone actually...kenna p.s'ed by aud...=p..so if anyone's reads this soon, u can always drop by ya...haha...


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