Monday, October 02, 2006

Hello again!

Haha..for my second post, i shall talk about what has transpired over the last few days..=) Well, let's see, last week was my mid term break, kinda boring though..didn't do much..well, for a start Monday, Tuesday and Thursday were occupied with Arts Club matters, then on Friday, i managed to squeeze some time to meet up with my 3 God-brothers..brought them bowling..haha...which was cool, just that it just wasn't MY DAY!!...cos my score really sucked!...i think i got something like 40+? omigosh...But Paul and Elisha both improved, which was awesome..

Oh yarz, and on wednesday, a few of us went for Crab BeehooN!...there was Uncle Daniel, Jasper, David, Amanda, Weizhen=), Weiling, Eric, and myself. It was my first time there, and i really loved the food there!!..awesome!!..haha..can't wait to go again...poor Weizhen=) though, she was still recovering from her sore throat and cough, and couldn't eat much..=(

Oh yarz, on tuesday night, i went with friends from the Arts Club to Party World was pretty mad, but hell lot of fun!...haha...sang from 12midnight till 6 am!...really enjoyed it!..I don't usually go KTV-ing, but i do enjoy it lots!..

Hmm..Nothing much interesting left i guess, except that these few days i chatted quite a bit with flippy over the phone, and twas pretty cool...haha..oya, and yesterday i ended school pretty late, so decided to just drop by her workplace at 10 to surprise her..haha...twas pretty lame, cos i smsed her something like "i'm at home listening to music...etc", when actually i was outside waiting for her..but then i left many blank lines before saying "haha...okay, i lied"...but she din scroll down, which is what i expected. So she was pretty surprised to see me..haha...

Well, i guess that's about all?..i'm at Starbucks Orchard now studying alone actually...kenna p.s'ed by if anyone's reads this soon, u can always drop by ya...haha...


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