Saturday, December 30, 2006


hmm, i've been really caught up with so many things that i haven't had time to blog!..haha..but before that, here's a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to Mozz..may your teenage years be filled with loads of fun!..also, to becca, Welcome back to SGP!...haha...and to Jiajun, hope your leg's completely healed soon!..=)

Okay, so here's what i've been doing this week!..haha...caught 2 movies with the kids.."Eragon" on tuesday, and "Night at the Museum" just this afternoon..It's been fun..after watching the show at GV Vivocity, we would go to Toys'R'Us to walk around, and we always ended up playing "volleyball" with the soft was kinda lame, but Jabez really enjoys that the most!..haha...but Paul thinks it's kinda Elisha & Jabez were hilarious...they're 9, and 10yrs old respectively, but both of them squeezed into these little "push-cars" designated as for kids between 3-5...hahahaha..i was laughing my head off then!..haha..

After the movie, we went to "SuperDog" to eat our hot-dog sandwich's pretty nice...the Bacon Chilli Cheese Dogs are "really yummy"!(as the kids put it)..i tried something different today, some german bratwurst sausage thingy...but i din like it..=(..i shall order the Bacon Chilli Cheese Dog the next time!..haha..

twas fun today chatting with the kids too!..haha...only that sometimes i'm kinda lost when all 3 of them talk to me at the same time, and about totally different stuff!..haha...but still can cope lahz..=)their dad gave me a knife today too, one they brought over from Africa..pretty interesting piece.=)

Okay, Nothing much to update already..haha..hmm...oh!, met up with Evien on wednesday i think...she's back for a month(sch hols in UK)..she still looks pretty much the same..still as pretty..but not really used to her in jet-black hair..hahah..oh well, yeap..i think that's about all...gotta go sleep soon..i've church tomorrow!...


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Thursday, December 21, 2006


Hmm...I have been so preocuppied with camps that i haven't had the time, nor the chance to come online..well, here's what i've been busy with this December:

Standard Chartred Run(ended)

NUS SLC Camp(ended)
Jubilee Children's Camp(ended)
Jubilee Youth Ministry Camp(just ended)
Celebrate Christmas in Singapore Photography(ongoing)
Jubilee Youth Ministry Christmas Carolling(ongoing)
High Achievers Camp(upcoming)
Meet up with friends, back on holiday from studies overseas(upcoming)
Percussion Lessons(weekly)
Percussion Performance(20th till 31st)
Ballet Photography for Singapore Dance Theatre(ended)
Tuition Classes - Sec 4 English(weekly)
Tuition Classes - JC 2 General Paper(weekly)
Support the kids in their tennis competition(ended)
Bringing the kids out to:
-Science Centre
-Watch Movies
-Escape Theme Park
-Shopping at Plaza Singapura

Well, I'm really pretty stretched, and extremely tired...was admitted into SGH Accident & Emergency on sunday night actually, because of a high fever; diarohea & vomitting for no reason..also experienced some eyesight problems due to the fever. On the first day of the youth camp, i was actually unable to read anything because the fever somehow affected my eyesight temporarily, rendering my vision blurred when i tried to view objects close to my face. But that kinda got better as the camp progressed. Had a good rest today, and tomorrow i have the photo-shoot in town again..tell me more about fatigue man...I haven't even had time to get my hair cut!!...urgg..

Well, some short one-liners about the camps so far:

SLC camp was kinda okay, but boring..

Children's camp was awesome, and impressive!! favourite kid in my group this time was Jian Wei..haha...a very cute little boy...and i really loved the time spent at the camp too because this year, my 3 brothers were inside!.. Elisha, Jabez, and Paul..haha..Jabez's group was kinda like paired to mine, and we kinda travelled to many stations together..I'm really glad because of the 3 kids, Elisha was the one i was closest to from children's camp many years back; followed by Paul, when the kids were back last year..But my greatest regret then was that i hardly knew he was often so quiet..but this time round, Jabez has really opened up a lot, and now when i bring the 3 kids out, it's really awesome cos the 4 of us would really be close together!..

Youth Camp was alright..I felt that i really learnt the most this camp, but enjoyed the least..guess i'm just getting old..and a host of other reasons i shan't elaborate on...but it really took me a long time to decide whether to go for camp or not..I don't think I'll be going again next year though..this will probably be my final year there..

Well, guess that's about to go rest again..


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Saturday, December 09, 2006

An Update on my Day, as well as a picture of my EDC(Every Day Carry) for the day!..

Well, in the morning, a Singnet/Singtel personnel came over to my house to install some wireless router, capable of high speed access. I was kind of excited, as it was a trial programme, and I was very glad that I had been selected to be part of this programme. After which, i took a cab down to Suntec City to collect my Playstation Portable(PSP), courtesy of Singtel in way of a birthday present!..haha...but the game that came with it really sucked!...haha...Oh well, Time for me to buy some new games to bring with me to camp(s) next week and the following!..haha...after collecting my PSP, i rushed down in a cab to Kallang Tennis Courts to watch Paul at his first Tennis Competition. Although he lost to this other guy called Rohan, but I think he did pretty good...just a pity that he took a little long to warm to the game. Tomorrow I'll be going down to watch Elisha and Jabez at their games too!..All the best, brothers!!!..

Went for my percussion lessons after that, and it was fun..learnt some new exercises to train my rhythm and to train my speed!..i really hope i can improve even faster!..Well, monday's my next lesson, really got to improve quickly!..haha..Oh yarz, I want to thank Hock 26thMC pres too, for sending the email out about volunteers needed for the children camps. I've signed up for that, and will be going down for the interview this coming monday. Thanks!

Well, lastly, here's a picture of my EDC for today:

Let's see what the individual items are..

Firstly, the knives:
from the Top Left, the black knife's an Emerson Super-Commander in BT configuration, accompanied by a Custom Koji Hara SL2 Folding Asymetrically Ground Damascus bladed knife, clad in a Bolstered Mother of Pearl handle. The hawksbill knife on the right is a Zero-Edge, Chisel-Ground Custom Emerson Specwar CQC9 Eagle folder!. Finally, at the Bottom Left is a Spyderco-Spydercard, designed by the late Edward Brancisky.

Next, the 4 devices there:
The Black colour Device is a Sony Playstation Portable, also known as a PSP. Next, the device in green, is a Garmin 201 Foretrex Global Positioning System, also known as a GPS. The other two devices are cellular phones, the one with the number-pad being Nokia's E61, and the other touchscreen phone being a Nokia 7710. the silver tube you see there is a Lamy pen, and the other items being a bunch of keys, a pair of headphones, a Stingray pouch for my Koji Hara folder, and my Tommy Hilfiger wallet. Yeap!...that's my EDC for today, the Canon Digital IXUS 850IS used to take this photograph!

Cheers to technology and the world of knives!

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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Honestly, i've tried everything i can, saying sorry and stuff..but it seems that's just it...well, alright, maybe it's just how things are suppossed to be..cheers to enlightenment...and enjoy life as it is..


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Updates on the day:

Morning, went to take part in the 21km was soso...had too much stuff on my previous entry..was too tired too, and had a bad stomach ache from eating overnight curry...had muscle cramps too near the finishing line, but i guess something/someone pulled me past the finish line.

Church beats were all wrong..half the time my mind was somewhere else too..i felt like fuck...fuck this, fuck that....i seem to be using this word a lot nowadays...fuck care that too...

after church, there was some carolling practice...that sucked feels damn lousy to be in the same room as a friend who now hates you..shit...

after church, was suppossed to have tution, but i postponed it cos paula asked me to go watch this "water-performance" at the national museum...and the performance was awesome...thanks paula!..

sent her home after that, and i was so tired that as i was coming home, i fell asleep on the buses, and overshot all my stops, including the ones i had to change buses..ended up taking 6 rides to get home when in fact 1 or 2 could...dammit..

oh well, the week ahead's filled with stuff, some of which i really look forward to..

3 tuition classes to teach this week
spending a day out with the kids, cycling
collecting a new psp free from singtel
setting up my house for wifi
arts club monthly om

i guess that's about all..

well, i gtg..

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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Honestly, I really don't understand why you're so pissed at me...i mean, yes, i read your blog without asking you for the address...but i mean, a lot of people do that it really that wrong?...i know it's not nice, but i explained why i read it in the letter i sent you..okay, i realised maybe it's because i once asked you for your add, but you din give me...i'm sorry...that part slipped my mind...well, it's been more than a week since the incident occurred, and you have been like totally ignoring me...i just don't know what to do or say liao...i mean, i wish i don't lose a friend because of this, but it really does seem that way..i've said sorry to you so many times...what exactly must i do to redeem myself in your eyes?....haiz...i'm at a loss...I really treasure the friendship, will you forgive me?....i don't know...

i treat you as my friend always still,
but am i still your friend always?
honestly, i don't know anymore...


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