Saturday, December 09, 2006

An Update on my Day, as well as a picture of my EDC(Every Day Carry) for the day!..

Well, in the morning, a Singnet/Singtel personnel came over to my house to install some wireless router, capable of high speed access. I was kind of excited, as it was a trial programme, and I was very glad that I had been selected to be part of this programme. After which, i took a cab down to Suntec City to collect my Playstation Portable(PSP), courtesy of Singtel in way of a birthday present!..haha...but the game that came with it really sucked!...haha...Oh well, Time for me to buy some new games to bring with me to camp(s) next week and the following!..haha...after collecting my PSP, i rushed down in a cab to Kallang Tennis Courts to watch Paul at his first Tennis Competition. Although he lost to this other guy called Rohan, but I think he did pretty good...just a pity that he took a little long to warm to the game. Tomorrow I'll be going down to watch Elisha and Jabez at their games too!..All the best, brothers!!!..

Went for my percussion lessons after that, and it was fun..learnt some new exercises to train my rhythm and to train my speed!..i really hope i can improve even faster!..Well, monday's my next lesson, really got to improve quickly!..haha..Oh yarz, I want to thank Hock 26thMC pres too, for sending the email out about volunteers needed for the children camps. I've signed up for that, and will be going down for the interview this coming monday. Thanks!

Well, lastly, here's a picture of my EDC for today:

Let's see what the individual items are..

Firstly, the knives:
from the Top Left, the black knife's an Emerson Super-Commander in BT configuration, accompanied by a Custom Koji Hara SL2 Folding Asymetrically Ground Damascus bladed knife, clad in a Bolstered Mother of Pearl handle. The hawksbill knife on the right is a Zero-Edge, Chisel-Ground Custom Emerson Specwar CQC9 Eagle folder!. Finally, at the Bottom Left is a Spyderco-Spydercard, designed by the late Edward Brancisky.

Next, the 4 devices there:
The Black colour Device is a Sony Playstation Portable, also known as a PSP. Next, the device in green, is a Garmin 201 Foretrex Global Positioning System, also known as a GPS. The other two devices are cellular phones, the one with the number-pad being Nokia's E61, and the other touchscreen phone being a Nokia 7710. the silver tube you see there is a Lamy pen, and the other items being a bunch of keys, a pair of headphones, a Stingray pouch for my Koji Hara folder, and my Tommy Hilfiger wallet. Yeap!...that's my EDC for today, the Canon Digital IXUS 850IS used to take this photograph!

Cheers to technology and the world of knives!

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