Tuesday, December 30, 2008


It's been a long time since i last blogged!..haha...had been very busy since the end of exams...my cell planned for the annual Youth Camp in church, and i had a wonderful time working with my cell, and was involved in helping out for logistics, and while it was tiring, but it was an enjoyable experience working with all of them..thanks especially to Cakes, for helping me out in logistics...it was nice working with u...:-)...

After the Youth Camp, i went with my cell group and some others to Chiangmai for a short mission-trip-exposure...and it opened my eyes a lot too, and also led me to think about a lot of stuff...still organizing my thoughts about that...will write a letter about that soon...

A lot of thoughts are going through my mind now actually...hope i can resolve them soon...nervous too for tonight's performance...really hope i won't screw things up manz...:S...

Lov lotts...

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