Friday, March 31, 2006

Yay!!...hahaha...I finally found a knife i have been searching for for ages!...i've been looking for this particular knife for almost 3 years! at the knife shop, i managed to snag it!...I have reserved it, and will collect it on May 1st!...haha...just in time for me to get it to bring overseas to Paris!...woohoo!...

A short history on the blade...The man who designed this is called Al Mar. Unfortunately he passed away in 1992..This blade was the original folding knife designed, and adopted in use by the US Special Forces. The crest of the unit, "Deoppresso Liber" can be seen in the bolster(the metal part behind the blade, on the handle)...It was dedicated as a SERE folder...S.E.R.E being the acronymn for Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape...This knife was the original Mega-Folding knife, the pioneer knife which started the whole idea of what a "Tactical Knife" was all about. As such, it is a very special piece.

The piece that I am getting, is similar in all aspects, with the exception of handle material. The pictured is taken from a website, and has the closes picture to what i am getting...the pictured knife has a handle made of Neoprene Rubber, whereas mine has a handle made out of Micarta. Micarta is a composite material...haha...hard to explain...but for my knife-collector friends, you know what i'm talking better know!!...

Oh well, i'm just very excited now!...will be counting down to the day i get this piece!...haha...oh, and i want to get a new bag too...saw this pretty cool Blackhawk Pro-Shooter Range has tons of compartments, including some hidden compartments...kinda apt for my laptop, notes, and other stuff!..haha...can't wait to get that too!..=)

Oh well, I leave you guys for the night. Got to go sleep's 1:30am!...gosh..and i'm meeting my friend for a game at 10am !...goodnight!...

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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Cool mAn!!

HAhahaha..finally i Know how to post pictures on my blog!...yay!!...Okay, more about this picture...i took it sometime ago...I love candles cos they are fierce, yet soft, easily bent by the slightest breath of a child, easily extinguished by a sneeze. The words were taken from a pamphlet i obtained from a gothic church in Vienna...really love these words...just something to share with you all.. hope you guys enjoy it.

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hahaha...i had a pretty cool day today!...Early in the morning, i went with my mum for her student's ballet role was mainly to play host to the examiner. The examiners are always foreigners, and always intrigue me because they all hail from high society..haha..well, this year's was no difference. The examiner was from Zimbawe, and is a fellow of the Royal Academy of Dancing...i don't fully comprehend the significance of it all, but all i know is that she's pretty "high-up".

Well, in the car after my mum fetched her from Orchard Parade Hotel, she started asking me about my interests...when i told her i was into photography, she really started to talk much more...hahaha...oh the exam...the girls did quite well i heard, and i met someone i haven't seen for ages!...haha....Xiaolin, who was one of my mum's ballet students, but who has now become a ballet teacher herself...cooL!...hahaha...but she's still teasing me over this girl called Sydney, who liked me way back when i was 12 or 13?...omg............hahaha..i really can't remember what Sydney told me last time, but Xiaolin says Sydney wanted to cook for me for the rest of my whole life...wahahahaha...shoots!, i can't even imagine how Sydney looks like now..hahaha...Xiaolin, if u read this, do leave me a's rebecca?...haven't seen her for i think somewhere close to 10 years too?..haha..oh well, all the best for ur ballet career!

After the exam, I went with my mum, and the examiner Ms Stirling(cool name...sounds like Mr Ling if you speak too fast), to Equinox, at Swissotel. This my first time to Equinox...the last time i used to go was when it was still Compass Rose..haha...that shows how long it's been since i've been there!...Here's what I ate,

Raw Salmon sashimi
Smoked Salmon
Salmon Steak
Oysters accompanied by White Wine from Chile
Beluga Caviar
Fois De gras
Strawberries dipped in a Choccolate Fondue

Hahaha...I quite like the food, but felt quite bloated after that!...hahaha...oh well, my mum said something which really made me jump...haha...she knows i miss Elisha, Jabez n Paul...and she told me should i want to go pay them a visit, she will pay for my trip to either Niger, or Canada!!...yay!..haha...gotta start manz!...i miss the kids sooooo much!...hahaha...hmm, well, that's about all for today...shall blog again soon!...seeya!...=)

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Hahaha...i'm in quite a good mood my previous post i ranted about this video i was doing?.. well, the person it was intended for liked it!, and praised it twice when he was giving his farewell speech on stage!..

Oh well, some updates here...

Firstly, I went to take photos for the dinner event yesterday, wasn't happy with the photos at all...they turned out under-exposed...even though i was using ISO 800 film!...urgg...maybe it REALLY is time to invest in either a DSLR, or a proper flash system!...but then again, i still prefer the solid feel of a full mechanical film slr the Nikon FM2...haha..oh well, gonna have to learn a lot more about handling light in photography!..there's a contest coming up, for this "Singapore Youth Photographer Award"...i wanna take part in it...if I can win, it would be cool!...could put that money to good use too!..haha...i've got loads of items on my shopping list!..i wanna buy a new knife, and a new bike!(more abt the bike next)

Haha..okay, on the bike...Today i went to test ride the bicycle(not motocycle) is a classic ALAN racing bike, probably made in the 1980s, but the quality is pretty good, and the bike feels structurally sound!..oh well, but it costs S$1500, a sum which i might not have to spare just now..=(..still have so much stuff to pay for, including knives of course!..haha..oh well, hopefully i get back most of my loans..haha...then things will be a lot easier on me..hahaha...yupz...

Oh well, guess it's gonna be a short entry today...cos i'm kinda tired..
Can't wait to go to Paris!!...

My prayers go to u Elisha, Jabez, & Paul, my 3 God-brothers!...haha...Do tag okay!!

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Monday, March 27, 2006


some stuff happened I'm here to Rant it ALL online!..hahaha...but it proved my aunt's theory correct! aunt says that "for every nasty idiot you meet, there'll be a kind-hearted soul you meet to balance the equation"...haha

Okay, today i went to Marina Mandarin Hotel to watch the rehearsal for some dinner i have to take photos of..the dinner's tmr...anyway, i helped to do up this "programme sheet" for the event, but the people in the committee were so fickle minded!...after i did out the whole thing, they asked me to change bits and pieces of it...which requires me to basically RE-DO the darned thing!...urgggg...okay...after i calmed down, and i went to the printing shop, first, they told me i had to have a thumb drive...i din have, and asked if i could just borrow theirs for a short while, so i can transfer the data on the spot...they said i had to send the data from my comp to my phone via wireless, and save it on the MMC card...*perfect*...(here comes the nice part) thing is, my batt shows signs of 3% batt life left?!...okay, so i rush to my watch dealer's, laptop n fone in hand, requesting to borrow their power socket a while...which they nice of them...(anyone wants to buy watches, pls visit Prestige Time at Bras basah Complex!!)...

Finally got my data into the MMC card, brought it back to the printing shop, only to have the following conversation:

me: it's here..i need it printed double sided
them: oh, we don't print double sided
me: Oh...hmm, can print on one side first, then turn the stack of paper,
and print on the other side?..i'll pay you double.
them: Cannot. cos it will be printing double side.
me: I'll turn the stack of paper myself?
them: Cannot. cos it will still be printing double side.
me: What duh........(faints)

urgg!!!...i mean WTH!? it their principle that "thou shall not print double side"??....hahahaha...omG!! that basically resulted in me storming out of the shop, explicitly telling them that their shop is rubbish!...

hahaha...well, i managed to settle everything...wanna say some thanks to certain people here too...

Thanks Ben, for helping me with the video editing, and this dinner programme...
Thanks Weizhen, for helping me with the video editing...
Thanks Papa! for lending me your precious Nikon FM2..hahaha...i love that old workhorse!
Thanks Guofeng, for helping me with video editing too!..(though you probably will never read this...hahaha)
and last but most importantly, Thanks God!, for bringing me through this all, giving me the strength to pull through the late nights!...

Woohoo!...i taste freedoM!...=)
Thanks for reading! remember to tag ya?!.


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Sunday, March 26, 2006


Hmm...i led children's worship today again, with Joannz, and today's was great AGAIN!!...the kids are wonderful...i used to be very nervous about leading children's worship, because sometimes the children would be chattering among themselves, and it made me feel that i was doing a lousy job, being unable to retain their attention...But for the past 1 month, I've enjoyed every single worship!..the kids have been great, singing, and actively participating in the worship..i felt so happy just being in their midst!...Can't wait till i next lead agaiN!

Just came back from a movie "Running Scared"'s an R21 show, due primarily to the fact that violence is in its abundance in the show...but i quite liked the show..because of the fact that it had a nice ending..maybe you'd think of me as being silly, but i really like shows which have a nice ending, where a family gathers, where romeo and juliet find the cupid within really makes my day..=)

I miss my 3 brothers too!...Elisha, Jabez, and of course Paul...Everytime I listen to Kenny G's "Forever In Love", I just think of them...The tune hurls me into a reminiscing mood, where i start to miss the days of fun cycling, swimming, tennis, bowling, etc with them...(i miss you guys!)..oh, the song "Final Countdown" reminds me of them too!...Paul's cool!, he told me this once, "I like the final countdown because you like it"...that was just absolutely beautiful...oh well, i've just got to wait for them to return in end-2007..may time just fly by me...

Oh well, guess that's all i have to share for today?..will be back to leave updates on my life, my dreams, my aspirations, my inspirations again...till then, I leave you with a quote,

"Life, What is it but a dream?"


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Thursday, March 23, 2006

You gave me Me,
So i could Be;
You gave me Life,
So i could Live;

You gave me Legs,
So i could Walk;
You gave me Eyes,
So i could See;

You gave me a Heart,
So i could Love;
You gave me Friends,
So we could Be;

You gave me Dreams,
So i could Wish;
You gave me Tears,
So i could Weep;

So give me Wings,
Teach me to Fly;
So give me Joy,
Teach me to Smile;

So give me Music,
Teach me its Beat;
So give me Love,
Teach me to Live.


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[Life is like a dream..In reality, things do not always go the way we want them to turn out. What we desire, may not always be what life destines for us. These unfulfilled wishes turn into actuality in our dreams. Dreams reveal what we want to happen in life, and it is only in dreams, that possibility is infinite..Dream a dream tonight...=)]

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