Monday, March 27, 2006


some stuff happened I'm here to Rant it ALL online!..hahaha...but it proved my aunt's theory correct! aunt says that "for every nasty idiot you meet, there'll be a kind-hearted soul you meet to balance the equation"...haha

Okay, today i went to Marina Mandarin Hotel to watch the rehearsal for some dinner i have to take photos of..the dinner's tmr...anyway, i helped to do up this "programme sheet" for the event, but the people in the committee were so fickle minded!...after i did out the whole thing, they asked me to change bits and pieces of it...which requires me to basically RE-DO the darned thing!...urgggg...okay...after i calmed down, and i went to the printing shop, first, they told me i had to have a thumb drive...i din have, and asked if i could just borrow theirs for a short while, so i can transfer the data on the spot...they said i had to send the data from my comp to my phone via wireless, and save it on the MMC card...*perfect*...(here comes the nice part) thing is, my batt shows signs of 3% batt life left?!...okay, so i rush to my watch dealer's, laptop n fone in hand, requesting to borrow their power socket a while...which they nice of them...(anyone wants to buy watches, pls visit Prestige Time at Bras basah Complex!!)...

Finally got my data into the MMC card, brought it back to the printing shop, only to have the following conversation:

me: it's here..i need it printed double sided
them: oh, we don't print double sided
me: Oh...hmm, can print on one side first, then turn the stack of paper,
and print on the other side?..i'll pay you double.
them: Cannot. cos it will be printing double side.
me: I'll turn the stack of paper myself?
them: Cannot. cos it will still be printing double side.
me: What duh........(faints)

urgg!!!...i mean WTH!? it their principle that "thou shall not print double side"??....hahahaha...omG!! that basically resulted in me storming out of the shop, explicitly telling them that their shop is rubbish!...

hahaha...well, i managed to settle everything...wanna say some thanks to certain people here too...

Thanks Ben, for helping me with the video editing, and this dinner programme...
Thanks Weizhen, for helping me with the video editing...
Thanks Papa! for lending me your precious Nikon FM2..hahaha...i love that old workhorse!
Thanks Guofeng, for helping me with video editing too!..(though you probably will never read this...hahaha)
and last but most importantly, Thanks God!, for bringing me through this all, giving me the strength to pull through the late nights!...

Woohoo!...i taste freedoM!...=)
Thanks for reading! remember to tag ya?!.


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