Thursday, March 30, 2006


hahaha...i had a pretty cool day today!...Early in the morning, i went with my mum for her student's ballet role was mainly to play host to the examiner. The examiners are always foreigners, and always intrigue me because they all hail from high society..haha..well, this year's was no difference. The examiner was from Zimbawe, and is a fellow of the Royal Academy of Dancing...i don't fully comprehend the significance of it all, but all i know is that she's pretty "high-up".

Well, in the car after my mum fetched her from Orchard Parade Hotel, she started asking me about my interests...when i told her i was into photography, she really started to talk much more...hahaha...oh the exam...the girls did quite well i heard, and i met someone i haven't seen for ages!...haha....Xiaolin, who was one of my mum's ballet students, but who has now become a ballet teacher herself...cooL!...hahaha...but she's still teasing me over this girl called Sydney, who liked me way back when i was 12 or 13?...omg............hahaha..i really can't remember what Sydney told me last time, but Xiaolin says Sydney wanted to cook for me for the rest of my whole life...wahahahaha...shoots!, i can't even imagine how Sydney looks like now..hahaha...Xiaolin, if u read this, do leave me a's rebecca?...haven't seen her for i think somewhere close to 10 years too?..haha..oh well, all the best for ur ballet career!

After the exam, I went with my mum, and the examiner Ms Stirling(cool name...sounds like Mr Ling if you speak too fast), to Equinox, at Swissotel. This my first time to Equinox...the last time i used to go was when it was still Compass Rose..haha...that shows how long it's been since i've been there!...Here's what I ate,

Raw Salmon sashimi
Smoked Salmon
Salmon Steak
Oysters accompanied by White Wine from Chile
Beluga Caviar
Fois De gras
Strawberries dipped in a Choccolate Fondue

Hahaha...I quite like the food, but felt quite bloated after that!...hahaha...oh well, my mum said something which really made me jump...haha...she knows i miss Elisha, Jabez n Paul...and she told me should i want to go pay them a visit, she will pay for my trip to either Niger, or Canada!!...yay!..haha...gotta start manz!...i miss the kids sooooo much!...hahaha...hmm, well, that's about all for today...shall blog again soon!...seeya!...=)

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