Friday, March 31, 2006

Yay!!...hahaha...I finally found a knife i have been searching for for ages!...i've been looking for this particular knife for almost 3 years! at the knife shop, i managed to snag it!...I have reserved it, and will collect it on May 1st!...haha...just in time for me to get it to bring overseas to Paris!...woohoo!...

A short history on the blade...The man who designed this is called Al Mar. Unfortunately he passed away in 1992..This blade was the original folding knife designed, and adopted in use by the US Special Forces. The crest of the unit, "Deoppresso Liber" can be seen in the bolster(the metal part behind the blade, on the handle)...It was dedicated as a SERE folder...S.E.R.E being the acronymn for Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape...This knife was the original Mega-Folding knife, the pioneer knife which started the whole idea of what a "Tactical Knife" was all about. As such, it is a very special piece.

The piece that I am getting, is similar in all aspects, with the exception of handle material. The pictured is taken from a website, and has the closes picture to what i am getting...the pictured knife has a handle made of Neoprene Rubber, whereas mine has a handle made out of Micarta. Micarta is a composite material...haha...hard to explain...but for my knife-collector friends, you know what i'm talking better know!!...

Oh well, i'm just very excited now!...will be counting down to the day i get this piece!...haha...oh, and i want to get a new bag too...saw this pretty cool Blackhawk Pro-Shooter Range has tons of compartments, including some hidden compartments...kinda apt for my laptop, notes, and other stuff!..haha...can't wait to get that too!..=)

Oh well, I leave you guys for the night. Got to go sleep's 1:30am!...gosh..and i'm meeting my friend for a game at 10am !...goodnight!...

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