Saturday, December 30, 2006


hmm, i've been really caught up with so many things that i haven't had time to blog!..haha..but before that, here's a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to Mozz..may your teenage years be filled with loads of fun!..also, to becca, Welcome back to SGP!...haha...and to Jiajun, hope your leg's completely healed soon!..=)

Okay, so here's what i've been doing this week!..haha...caught 2 movies with the kids.."Eragon" on tuesday, and "Night at the Museum" just this afternoon..It's been fun..after watching the show at GV Vivocity, we would go to Toys'R'Us to walk around, and we always ended up playing "volleyball" with the soft was kinda lame, but Jabez really enjoys that the most!..haha...but Paul thinks it's kinda Elisha & Jabez were hilarious...they're 9, and 10yrs old respectively, but both of them squeezed into these little "push-cars" designated as for kids between 3-5...hahahaha..i was laughing my head off then!..haha..

After the movie, we went to "SuperDog" to eat our hot-dog sandwich's pretty nice...the Bacon Chilli Cheese Dogs are "really yummy"!(as the kids put it)..i tried something different today, some german bratwurst sausage thingy...but i din like it..=(..i shall order the Bacon Chilli Cheese Dog the next time!..haha..

twas fun today chatting with the kids too!..haha...only that sometimes i'm kinda lost when all 3 of them talk to me at the same time, and about totally different stuff!..haha...but still can cope lahz..=)their dad gave me a knife today too, one they brought over from Africa..pretty interesting piece.=)

Okay, Nothing much to update already..haha..hmm...oh!, met up with Evien on wednesday i think...she's back for a month(sch hols in UK)..she still looks pretty much the same..still as pretty..but not really used to her in jet-black hair..hahah..oh well, yeap..i think that's about all...gotta go sleep soon..i've church tomorrow!...


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