Sunday, December 03, 2006

Updates on the day:

Morning, went to take part in the 21km was soso...had too much stuff on my previous entry..was too tired too, and had a bad stomach ache from eating overnight curry...had muscle cramps too near the finishing line, but i guess something/someone pulled me past the finish line.

Church beats were all wrong..half the time my mind was somewhere else too..i felt like fuck...fuck this, fuck that....i seem to be using this word a lot nowadays...fuck care that too...

after church, there was some carolling practice...that sucked feels damn lousy to be in the same room as a friend who now hates you..shit...

after church, was suppossed to have tution, but i postponed it cos paula asked me to go watch this "water-performance" at the national museum...and the performance was awesome...thanks paula!..

sent her home after that, and i was so tired that as i was coming home, i fell asleep on the buses, and overshot all my stops, including the ones i had to change buses..ended up taking 6 rides to get home when in fact 1 or 2 could...dammit..

oh well, the week ahead's filled with stuff, some of which i really look forward to..

3 tuition classes to teach this week
spending a day out with the kids, cycling
collecting a new psp free from singtel
setting up my house for wifi
arts club monthly om

i guess that's about all..

well, i gtg..

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