Friday, October 13, 2006

My New hangout!...and a new friend I made there...


Haha...had some cool news today!..well, I really couldn't finish my Sociology essay in time for tutorial today. Twas quite nervous actually because I've been doing quite fine for Sociology, and I didn't want to be given a BIG FAT Zero for this assignment due to my lateness!..oh well, the tutor gave me an extension of an hour, so i managed to submit it in the end to her..

When i approached my tutor just prior to tutorial, she told me something which really made me a tad excited!. Actually she asked me if the people from the school USP(University Scholar's Programme) had approached me. I was curious, and said no, but queried her regarding the basis of her question. She told me that she had actually submitted my name for recommendation to the USP. My!...was i pleasantly surprised!..heh...Well, there's nothing concrete at the moment, but if there is, that'll be pretty cool!..=)..Well, that was what excited me for my day in school!...hahaha

Alright, recently i've been spending quite a lot of time studying at a particular Starbucks outlet. I love the place because it's not only quiet, but there's ample powerpoints which i can plug my laptop into, and with the presence of Wi-Fi here, I can surf the net, as I study, and sometimes i need the internet to download slides, or to upload my homework, and this place just suits perfect!...furthermore, this particular outlet opens till "minuit" (french for midnight), and there's a direct bus back's the best place for me!...

Since I came here, I've made a new friend too, one of the temporary workers here, called "E"..=)..I think she's got a very friendly look, and is very pleasant looking..I kinda like her smile. I found out more about her when once as i was ordering my food and drinks, she asked me for my name, and in return told me hers..=) We hardly talk, cos she's working, and i'm rather shy too...but well, today she gave me her msn email address..=) which is cool, cos we could talk more too...and furthermore she told me just now that she'd be working here everyday from now onwards..=) it's always exciting to make new friends!..=)

Hahahaha...this is so cool!...haha...will look forward to seeing you everyday!!..=)))))
Chill Out!

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