Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I haven't blogged for quite some time, so just thought i'd blog now that i have the time..haha...first post!..I got a new kNife!!..This is the Emerson Super Commander in BT finish. For my non-knifeknut friends, B-T stands for Black Teflon, the black coating that is applied to the knife. But if my memory doesn't fail me, the new coating EKI uses is Black Ceramic, though the suffix still remains unchanged. Well, here are some pictures of my new knife, alongside my slightly older 06 Commander!..what's the difference you say?..haha...the Super Commander is 20% Bigger, i.e: the size of the Original ES1-M..I really love this knife!...recieved it last saturday from UPS, and it's enjoyed loads of pocket-time ever since!..Enjoy the pics!


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