Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Hahaha...finally got my laptop back after it was sent for servicing at Hewlett Packard's Customer Service, and which the service there leaves much to be desired..long story, but the gist of it is that the lady who served me that day asked if i wanted the laptop to be delivered to my house f.o.c as it was still under warranty. I agreed, but apparently she didn't record it down, and for days my laptop has been sitting unclaimed at the service centre, repaired, and with no instructions..till today when a friend prompted me to give the service centre a call. That's when i found out it was ready for collection!...oh well...what a muddle-up!

Well, that aside, life rocks!...haha...gonna go for an audition for the NUS Jazz Band this saturday at CFA at 3:30pm, and just before that i'll be bringing the 3 kids for a Birthday-Celebratory lunch at Orchard Swensens..still thinking of what presents to get for them!..Wilson suggested a few board games, which i'll probably check out sometime tomorrow (my off day!)..any ideas?..besides DICTIONARIES(someone suggested..hahaha....u know who u are...) heh...oh well, i got to get back to my readings!...got to read up on the definitions of International Relations before my next lecture at 4!...till then...adios!

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