Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Just blogging from the Central Library now...had lunch just now with Micqsy, Zheng Kuang and Joseph..hmm...i really dun kinda like organising meet ups..always there'd be some hiccups nearing the time itself...oh well, but nice to meet up with them lahz..haha...oh well, haven't blogged in quite some time ya?...so maybe here's a little update..
Well, I really want to thank Ernie Emerson for refurbishing my knives!...I'd sent in a Custom CQC 8, a Super Commander, a Commander, a Mach-1, and a Specwar Tanto. I'd been expecting a pretty quick turnover on the production pieces, but had expected a pretty long wait on the customs, as what is usually the case...so imagine my pleasant surprise when last saturday i opened the parcel in the taxi (after collecting from the UPS guy at Lucky Chinatown)..and i saw my Custom CQC 8 inside!!...Yippeee!..well, today it's my EDC, along with a Custom Mayo TNT in Damascus..haha..yeap!..that's more than 3 thousand dollars worth of investment in blades!!..haha..here's a picture of what i recieved from Ernie..my knives, and an Emerson Knives Polo Tee-Shirt...
oh wells, after collecting my knives, i proceeded down to the Chowies' house...brought them down to Swensens at Crown Prince Hotel to have lunch...kinda a birthday lunch actually..haha..cos Paul and Jabez had their birthdays during that week. It was pretty cool, having lunch with just the 3 of them...haha...i really enjoy having them around...thank you God once again, for bringing Elisha, Jabez and Paul into my life...they're really a blessing to me..as i hope i am to them..after that i had to bring them home cos i had to go for an audition at NUS at 3:30pm...the audition didn't work out too well actually..but oh well..nvm..
well, that's about all that happened during the past few days..Life's pretty much unexciting nowadays...but well, i'm living pretty happily..haha..not much to worry about, not much to trouble my little mind about, not much to get upset over..=)...

Right now, i've grown to be pretty happy in the solitary sphere of mine...sure i do sometimes wish it wasn't so lonely...especially since i'm the only child...but well, i've also grown to appreciate that this means i don't have to get upset over trying to please people, and i pretty much can do whatever i like, wear whatever i like too!..haha...(so what if i look "uncle-ish")..actually I believe that as long as one places his faith in God, everything seems much simpler..cos i don't have to worry about things...some phrases which i feel are very meaningful, and which i feel have spoken loads to me:
"If God puts you to it, He will pull you through it"
"When All that you have left is God, then you'll realize that all you need is God"
"God will provide"
right now i do have some dreams...some questions in my head, some things i wonder if it's possible..but now i've also grown to learn to not cast my all in, not to put my whole heart, whole soul into things which i'm not sure of..is that the right approach?..i don't know..all i know is that if God meant it to be, somehow it would be..it just would..I don't know if "u" are reading this blog..haha..but you probably won't know who i mean anyway....*i guess*...haha...and it's not who u think it is...so ya..=p..haha...whatever...
Oh well, there are some other thoughts in my head now, but i don't really feel like typing them out here..haha...so ya..i shall start reading my notes now..
Adios Amigo!
Cheers and Regards,

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