Wednesday, August 15, 2007

ahah! i am once again, in the bus, on my way back to school for my 2nd lecture of the day. Had one this morning from 12 till 1:20++, which was "Great Ideas in Contemporary Physics"...sounds a handful ehz?...i sure hope it's okay..=P...kinda pissed with myself because i didn't really pay too much attention during the lecture..was msn'ing with some friends, and that kinda distracted me a little...well, in subsequent lectures i shall just leave my msn off!..oh well, but anyway today the lecture ended early, and i thought i could have my percussion lessons earlier, at 2:30 instead of 3, cos i needed time to head back to sch for the lecture i'm so gonna be late for..haha..turns out faiser can't make it today, so it's been postponed till friday..i really really miss percussions!'s one of THE GREAT motivators in my life..haha...the other one being the Chowies..

Well, no percussion lesson today, so what did i do?..haha..i headed down to heeren to get my friend "Soh" to fabricate a custom neck pouch for my current EDC, a Tom Mayo Reptilian Damascus TNT folding knife. I must say the entire set-up looks kinda neat, and the knife's pretty light too, so i can carry it around easily without it being too much of a strain on my are some pictures of the knife and set-up...

Oh's a really cold day today!...i was freezing to bits inside LT25, when i had my Science Lecture just now, and when i came out, the wind at the bus-stop was not only pretty strong, but it penetrated my clothes too! this is gonna sound pretty random, but earlier on, i was bored, and decided to do an appraisal of how many hundreds of dollars worth of goods i had on me. And here's the breakdown:

Timberland Boat Shoes: $279
Timberland Kakki Pants: $100
GAP V-Neck Tee Shirt: $40
Blackhawk 3-Day Assault Backpack:
Tommy Hilfiger Wallet: $80
Compaq Laptop: $2200
Canon iXUS 850IS: $799
Samsung Portable Hard Disk:
Nokia E61 Cellphone: $399
Nokia E90 Cellphone: $1399
Nokia 7710 Cellphone: $1300
Tom Mayo TNT in Reptilian Damascus:
Spyderco Spydercard: $180
Parker Sonnet Pen: $50
Otter Waterproof Case: $60
Leather Pouch for knife: $50

That makes the total up to be: $8646!!..haha..i was kinda surprised too, because i thought i'd only about $3000+ worth on me...haha...if i had just one more knife, my custom emerson cqc8 on me, i'd have 10k+ worth of stuff on me!...oh well...anyway i just reached gotta go..seeya!!


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