Saturday, April 29, 2006


I've been kinda busy lately, creating some slides for my church's Annual General Meeting...pretty exciting though...will update more on my life in the next few days...

Just a little Inventory List of mine..haha...i was rummaging through my "toy / gadget" cupboard when i chanced upon a few of my old phones...haha...for those of you who have been bugging me about what old phones i have, here's what i found:

Nokia 3100
Nokia 3210
Nokia 8210
Nokia 8810
Nokia 6510
Nokia 7100
Nokia 7710
Nokia 9500
Ericsson R310
Motorola Accompli A6188
Motorola v6188
Siemens M35
Sony CMD-Z10
Plus a Sony Ericsson P900 that i lent to a friend, and i might have 1 or 2 more which are lying around somewhere, and i've forgotten about them..=)

Hahaha...that's 14 phones..haha...i didn't remember when i bought them already man!...haha...and Nokia should really have some form of a membership club!...i'm such a BIG supporter of their's!

Nicky, aka the knifeknut / phonephnut

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