Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Hello!..haha...I haven't posted in quite a while...was pretty busy...well, here's an update!..
Last sunday we had this celebration of the 125th Anniversary of the Presbyterian Church's existence in Singapore, and had a dance item from the youths..I was one of the tambourine dancers...haha...pretty hard to imagine me dancing eh?..=)..well, it went pretty well, except for the fact that i was pettrified during the actual day..because i was located pretty much right smack in the centre of the performance area for the dancers...and furthermore i had friends who were looking...haha...twas a pretty nerve-wrecking moment. And i must really have been very "stone-faced", because after the event, a friend smsed me
"Hey u looked very stone todae during d dance. u okae?"
hahaha...thanks for your concern =), but i was just plain nervous...and kinda forgot my steps, and was focusing on Xy, who was in front of me, trying to make sure i didn't miss out, or make the wrong move..haha...there must have been at least 100,000 people in the indoor stadium that day?..well, i'm glad it's over now...but i did enjoy the experience..
After the celebrations, i went with some church friends for lunch, and had thai food at this sort of a 'thai-food restaurant"?..the food was pretty nice, except that the prices seemed a tad exhorbitant, considering the fact that the premises weren't air-conditioned, and resembled more of a coffeeshop than a restaurant. But it was nice..=)..
After lunch, we went for a tour around the recently built National Library at Beach Road, and it's a pretty nice place, but it still can't beat my favourite, which is the Esplanade Library..haha..accompanied Weizhen back after that, and had a pretty interesting chat along the way.
In the evening, i met up with Paila to go to Marina Pier, a place which i have found to be a beautiful place, and wanted to share with her..I have never been there at night, and I kinda feel that it looks nicer during the day, maybe because it's more quiet during a weekday, and there are lesser people making noise, and breaking the seal of silence that lingers..with that, my weekend drew to a close..
Well, some updates on the week that just begun some days ago..These few days have been pretty much un-eventful for me..I've been spending my time reading, drawing, making some cards for friends, as well as enjoying life, having my daily dosage of caffeine during tea-time beside the sea, at Bakerzin, located within One Fullerton. It's a pretty nice and quiet place to unwind, and read a book...
Well, that's about all for tonight..haha...
p.s: To my pal Evien, Congrats on getting attached..haha..my sixth sense was pretty accurate ya?..=)..

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