Wednesday, April 12, 2006

aGosh!...I don't Believe this!!...I collect vintage AL MAR knives, and I have this piece, which i never knew to be worth so much!...I purchased it some years back for about 600 Singapore Dollars, and it was only today when i was browsing through Evil-Bay, that i found a couple of on-going auctions for this piece, and the average high-bid was around US$1,100!!...i was appalled when i saw thaT!...gosh!...anyway, i have almost the complete set of AL MAR's SERE ATTACK series, with all the fixed blades, as well as 2 of the 3 folders, with the last piece, the Large folder enroute, and will take delivery of it in may..hmm, i wonder how much I would be able to raise, should i put the whole series up for bids on Evil-Bay...haha...

AL MAR SERE IV 3004 Posted by Picasa

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