Monday, March 12, 2007


It's Monday again, and i'm kinda having the monday blues..haha..oh well, just upset over some stuff la...I know it's unfair, and It's not your fault that I'm upset, but just well, I feel sad when I see you...Like I mentioned some entries back, my greatest mistake in life was to fall for you. Your rejection really shattered all my self-confidence. I dare not love anybody anymore now, until I'm very sure that it's not going to be another case of unrequited love leading to the emotional death of the heart.

Oh well, but there were some nice things that did perk me up. Firstly, this morning i recieved a missed call when i was giving Jane tuition. When I called back, I was elated to find Elisha on the line!..talked to him a little, as well as to Paul. Whilst I didn't manage to talk to Jabez, but it was really good to hear their voices again!...

Secondly, yesterday saw a combined cell outing for Faith's cell-group, Angela's cell-group, as well as my Sec 3 + Sec 4 Boys cell to Sentosa. I was especially elated to see how my boys and the girls clicked so well!. That totally dispelled any initial fears of mine that there would be a gender-based seperation into 2 core groups during the outing. After the outing, the kids still wanted to go catch a movie!!..haha...but in the end that plan was shelved as some of them couldn't stay out too late. Well, instead, we went for dinner, followed by a short session at the Arcade. That was totally awesome!. Twas a pity that some of our cell members couldn't come along, like mozz, who was away in Jakarta, as well as others. Oh well, I will arrange another such outing in June, during the common school Mid-Year break!..

Alright, I got to go catch up on my sleep already. By golly, It's Tuesday already!...p.s: hope we can meet to study together on thursday..Ballet's cancelled cos my mum's former pianist, as well as close friend passed away from cancer. Rest In Peace Mrs Owen, and I thank you for teaching me piano when I was a kid. I have never forgotten the part about you telling me to lift my wrists when I was playing, and to imagine a train runnng below my wrists. May The Lord welcome you into His Heavenly Kingdom with Open arms.

Good Night!..=)

P.S: Below are some pics I took of my cell-outing!..I'm not in any of the pictures becos I was the one behind the camera lens...duh!.



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