Thursday, March 08, 2007


I had a pretty good day today..=)..This morning, i met up with Ms Balloons at 10am. Together, we went to the National Library at Beach Road. She has an assignment due beginning of April, and thus we went to do some research..Actually more like she went to do research, and i just tried to help here and there...hahaha..Oh well, the cool thing was that we did our research in the "Lee Kong Chian Reference Library"..and that was my first time there.. Managed to find some interesting reads there, and Miss Balloons is now interested in Yoga because...."blah blah blah"....hahaha..=p..

Well, the place is pretty cool. Firstly, it's so quiet that one can really do some serious studying there, and the scenery is so beautiful!..Cos it's pretty high, one can really see quite a fair bit around!..=)..well, basically i loved the place.. Let's go there and study again kaez?..=)

After our research, we left for lunch, and i brought her to this place i've always wanted to go to for like dunno how many years!!..It's this nice fish and chips place called "Fishermans' Wharf"..haha..well, guess what we had there?...haha....Fish & Chips...Duh!!..I guess i was too eager for us to sample the food...between the 2 of us, we had a *something..something..Cod* fish and chips, + a Snow Fish fish and chips, + some prawn and chips thingy, a coleslaw, a bottle of mineral water, and a cup of capuccino..haha...actually i wanted to get Oysters too!...but they didn't have it then...=(..well, it was pretty good, and I really LOVED the prawns!...they were so fresh!...haha..the only bad thing was that Miss Balloons got a stomach ache after the meal. I'm so sorry!..I shan't order so much food the next time we go for lunch or dinner. (p.s: i think i really made myself look like a complete glutton these few times we went out to eat!)..heh...

After that, nothing much, we cabbed to school, as she had to rehearse for her presentation, and i went to the clubroom..=).

In the evening, i helped set up the banner and some other small stuff for the NUS Open House..haha...seems like i've become the "Banner I.C" for all events...hahaha..oh well, that about summed up my day...hmm..oh..i watched "Hannibal Rising" just now too...met up with a friend for supper, and suddenly this man walking by thrust us a pair of tickets for the show. So well, we just went to wasn't too bad..but I'm not too sure whether i think i liked it or not..haha...Oh well, I've gotta sleep!...gotta wake up early to do work tomorrow!..

Love lots,

p.s: To Elisha, Jabez & Paul, Bon Voyage to you guys and your family on your short trip to Taiwan..See you guys next thursday or friday..I'll bring you guys out then..

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