Friday, June 02, 2006

29th May 2006 - (Day 7)

Hello! was a pretty good day!..haha...because I did shopping of my own!..yay!..haha..and i went alone, so it really felt awesome..can you imagine, the feeling of shopping in Paris alone!..haha...i seldom go shopping by myself, even in Singapore, so imagine how excited i was today!..haha..but i went with my parents to do other stuff prior to my shopping trip, so let me detail it all in a chronological fashion.

First thing we did in the morning was to go get another Carte Orange to last us for the week. Basically this Carte Orange provides unlimited travel on both the bus and the trains, so we don't have to worry about having to buy tickets..yup..after buying the Carte Orange, we went to buy the train tickets for our journey tomorrow out of paris, to chatrea tomorrow, it's somewhere in the countryside, and is supposed to be pretty beautiful..will take loads of pictures there! my mum initially wanted to leave some of our stuff at the left-luggage lockers, and i really was very reluctant to do so because i would hate to lose any of my stuff! i was quite happy when she checked it out, and said it was too expensive..haha...yay!..i'd rather lug my luggage around, then to leave it at the lockers...after that we went to a small shop behind our guesthouse, and i saw this umbrella which said 108E..i thought the number "10" must be the code, and the umbrella was 8Euro, because it looked just plain cheap plastic...but horror of horrors, when asked, the owner of the shop said it was 108 Euro!..OMG!..that would be S$216 for an umbrella?! carbon fibre one is even less costly than that!..and it's just plain plastic..and NOT branded!...after that, we came home, cos my dad wasn't feeling very well from the flu my mum and i headed out to the shopping district..haha..

At the shopping district, my mum went to do her shopping, whilst i went to do my own!..haha...i went to the knife shop initially, with the intention of buying the Benchmade AFO..haha..sneaky eh..but i was kinda sad when i realised the AFO was in the other knife shop..*sighz*...well, after looking around, i left feeling surprised that there was NOTHING at the knife shop that interested me!...can you imagine?!..haha..i think i have too many knives already..kinda like have ALMOST every interesting piece in the, i decided to go shopping for clothes and maybe a small leather bag for weizhen..haha..but in the end i couldn't find any nice ones for went to buy clothes!..haha..oh well, i bought a pair of Levi's 501 Button-Fly jeans for 42.5 Euros, which works out to only S$85!..haha..which is damn cheap lah! first pair of Levi'ss!..yay!..also bought a tee shirt from the GAP boutique, which is brown in colour, with this deep V cut, which extends down pretty much..but it looks cost 25 Euros, which is S$50..pretty okay at Galleries Lafayette is crazy...i went there with the initial intention to buy clothes, but the tee shirts cost at least 50 Euros each, which is 100 bucks for a top..hmm..a bit too expensive for me lahz..and there were some polo-tee shirts i saw and quite liked from Lacoste, but they cost like 150 Euros?..haha..i won't pay S$300 just for a polo tee manz..haha...oh well, that ended my "shopping alone in paris" adventures..haha...

hmm..besides shopping, i also did a couple of other things today..i checked my email too, but i didn't see any new mail...Yo! eunice!!!...i wanted to email you too kaez..but the stupid wifi connection was so laggy, and i was checking my mail out in the cold...haha..i think maybe tomorrow lahz, when i'm at the rail station...will try to then kaez?..

hmm...i think when i go back to Singapore, there are a few things i wanna do, cycle, meet up with Weizhen simply for bread before she flies to HK, meet up with Evien before she goes to the United States for her 2nd degree, meet up with Janice when she returns, before she flies back to the States, and meet up with my couz Mighel before he flies to Australia many of my friends as well as my cousin are going overseas!!..i also want to go catch the show X-men, maybe with mozzie, if the show isn't nc16, or pg..haha...micqsy says it's, i quote, "FREAKING NICE."..haha...dang...i haven't even watched the Da Vinci Code yet!!..urggg!..hahaha...alright..i guess that's all for today..


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