Friday, June 23, 2006


Hmmm...i'm trying so desperately to get a bicycle...for those who don't know, i love cycling...i really love the exhilarating rush i get when the wind brushes past me..whatever troubles i have are swept away by the wind..i used to have a bicycle, but it was lost at a friend's parents are still pissed with me for losing the bike because that was the bike they got for me when i was primary 6, and it cost somewhere like 600bucks...quite a large sum of money for a bike for a kid...and partially because of that, they are hesitant abt me getting a bike...(OMG! aunt just smsed me this):

"I would like to help u w it. Gv me yr plan to pay bk, i'll gv you the $ n jus go get it. Dont tell them abt my involvemt tho."

Gosh...she rocks!...thanks EE!!..haha...okay..let me finish my post...another reason why my parents aren't happy about me getting a bicycle is because they don't want me to get into an accident...urgg...i mean, HELLO!!...i'm 23 this year, can you pleaseeeee stop treating me like a damn kid?!...i know you all give me almost everything i want, like phones, and gadgets etc..but the things i always wanted, but never had are:

1: a brother
2: a dog
3: a road bicycle
5: understanding

You guys really don't know me at all!! home i hardly speak a word!..i'm always facing my computer because i really cannot click with anyone at manz...i want a bicycle because cycling is really something i love and i enjoy...can you please stop sheltering me??...the world is out there...please, open the cage...set me free...i've grown up in such an environment that i don't understand people at all, and i'm still so immature in terms of thinking...don't you realise that by "protecting" me all the time, you've let me get so badly hit each time i meet a crisis?...sigh...set me free...please...

p.s: the picture above is the bicycle that i am hoping to's $1100...but i'm probably going to get the one with a white frame, instead of yellow...


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