Friday, June 02, 2006

28th May 2006 - (Day 6)

Hello! many things of which really got me so pissed!..

Oh well, in the morning we went to the Notre Dame, a church which was made famous by the novel "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" wasn't THAT fantastic..haha...everything pales in comparison to The Eiffel Tower!..oh well, attended a sunday service there, which was quite cool..i mean, to have attended services in such famous places. The other famous place i attended service in was in the Vatican City, Rome. During the service, i was very awed by the presence of the pipe-organs..kinda wish they had that back in Jubilee, but i realised it would be a freaking expensive white elephant, since we're generally playing contemporary stuff like Hillsongs..haha..but pipe organs have this majestic aura which flows out from them, together with their music..

After service, initially had the intention of going up Notre Dame itself to see a view of Paris, but decided not too because the Queue was damn long..haha..and as for me, after seeing the view up from The Eiffel, every other view is just "okay lahz"..hahaso we went to walk around, and have a look at some of the shops..found some shops which had stuff i wanted to buy..saw this shop which sold the "Tour De France" tee-shirts, and i think i'll go back there one of these days to buy one for Mozzie..found a shop which sells cool hand painted stuff, and i bought this pretty funky pair of ear-dangles(do you call them that?) for weizhen=)..haha..hope this time it doesn't prove so disastrous, as the time when i bought an enormous pair for her from vienna..haha..the ear-dangles are green in colour, cos she likes green, and i just felt that they were funky lahz..and not really that expensive..haha..don't ask me how much kaez..ermm, i forgot liao..hahahaha..=)..that's the first present i've bought this trip!..haha...oh yarz, passed by another knife shop just now, and saw this Opinel knife that i wanted to buy too, it's one of the traditional french knives, the other being the Laguiole...this one has this really awesome leather pouch too, with some other tool in the pouch..But i didn't buy it..because it would have taken up quite a bit of my still considering!..=)

Anyway, chatted a little with mozzie on the phone today, which was cool, as well as with micqsy through sms...well, i always miss my friends a lot when i'm overseas, especially those whom i'm close to, or hang out with quite a it always feels good to hear their voices..kinda makes me not miss Singapore so much..wanted to chat with Paila too, or Paula..(i call her paila cos of some pail thing during church camp..haha..)BUT she was busy...asked me to call back at night can!?..haha...kae lah...but "at night" i can't lahz, cos i'll be out taking photos'd be afternoon here..haha..and anyway we cant chat for an hour plus like at nights back in Singapore either, so i'll just store all i have to tell u first you when i return...i can pour them all out to you all then!...haha...just like water out of a PAIL..right, PAILa?..hahaha..

Oh yarz, i managed to steal wi-fi connection again today!...managed to reply to weizhen's=) email..haha...yay!...she simply refuses to reply my smses..haha...she will only communicate with me through email...wah laoz..haha...oh well, somehow as i was seated at this fast food restaurant surfing, i just had this dream of bumping into Elisha, Jabez and Paul along the streets...if only that were a cool it would have been...i miss them sooooooo much!

Oh well, today was spent mostly just walking around, so didn't really go anywhere else..haha...oh, now let me tell you what pissed me's just my plain carelessness lahz..we ate ate this place called "Quick"...basically it's like the parisans' version of MacDonalds..anyway, as i was clearing the trays, i stumbled a little, and i spilt the sauce on my pants and my shoes..URGG!!..i was damn pissed because i soiled my shoes just like that due to my clumsiness!...grrrr!!..

Okay, but the next place we went to was was this garden, which had an exhibition of beautiful photographs..i loved those!..took some photographs of the photographs..haha..walking further down into the garden, we arrived at this pond, which had these small sail boats running in the pond!...OMG!!...that was just absolutely beautiful!!!..i took like 2 rolls of film there, photographing the kids using these long sticks to push their rented sailboats back to the middle of the pond whenever the boats sailed to the edge of the was just so pretty!!...=)..oh well, we walked back to the guesthouse after that kinda sums up my day..going out soon for dinner, which will be escargot!!!...YAY! i'll blog about it when i return!..haha...ciao!...oops...Au Revoir i meant..haha

Hello...i'm back...haha...this is what i had for dinner today..for starters, i had 6 escargots, that were served with some olive oil and herb dressing..they tasted pretty alright..haha...i quite enjoyed was different from the way they usually serve it in Singapore, i.e: with garlic and herbs..and i think i prefer the olive oil and herb dressing more..for my main course, i had usual..dessert was this "fried-ice-cream" thingy with molten choccolate draped over it..tasted pretty good too!..and for beverages, i had Kir..the Kir tasted different from what i usually have in Singapore..tasted much more fruity..haha...queer huh... mum kinda scared me just now...she can't really stand inefficiency..just now at the restaurant, she got kinda pissed when the waiters weren't really "on the ball"..and she kinda told them off after our meal, just after we paid the bill, and were leaving the restaurant...i thought that wasn't very nice la...oh well, i guess she took this waiter's joke too seriously when he jokingly offered to cook their domestic cat for us..i thought it was kinda funny actually, and i even asked for cat sashimi..haha..furthermore, the waiter didn't seem to have heard of Singapore before, so he thought we were from china..which is fine for me, but my mum felt kinda insulted by what she percieved to be sterotyping..and the reference to eating cats didn't go too well with her either..oh well..that's my mum...

Anyway, i've gotta go sleep soon..prayers for the night, that Pastor Boon Young will recover asap, without any permanent side-effects from the stroke, for micqsy that she will do well for he Chinese AO paper tomorrow, for flippy that she will have the motivation and energy to study, and for weizhen=), that her exchange programme stuff will all be settled in time..=)


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