Friday, June 02, 2006

24th May 2006 - (Day 2)
hmm...woke up this morning a bit confused what time it was...earlier on, i had woken up to sms mozzie good luck for his final day of exams at 5:50am (singapore time), then went back to sleep, and awoke at 5:55am (paris time)...I was confused then as to whether i had simply dozed off for a mere 5 minutes, or had i had a 6hr 05 min sleep..haha..The answer?.. the latter. Oh well, we had breakfast, which consisted of some greens, and eggs(my fav), and some luncheon meat, which my dad whipped up..Most of the stores are closed today as it's acsension day..Time now is 8:12am, and my parents have gone back to sleep...haha...i wanted to venture out alone to take some photos initially, but the cold has kept me largely confined to my somewhat comfortable bed..haha..and here i am, listening to some cuban music, "blogging", as well as playing with my knives..=)..i'm kinda toying with the idea of doing some work on my current project "The Book"...but my parents may be waking up anytime, and might want to leave i think i shall wait till later when i come back tonight..=)

I'm back!...had a long day today..went to tour the neighbourhood a little bit more, and for the first time in my life, i caught a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower..although it was in a distance, but the sheer sight of it has made the trip to Paris worthwhile..took a bus that ran thru the Museu De Louvre, that weizhen's mum told me about, and there too, i saw the pyramids, made famous by the "Da Vinci's Code".

After some bus rides, we hopped off at where must be one of Paris's main shopping areas. My mum was busy shopping inside the United Colours Of Benetton boutique, and i decided to use my Nokia 9500 Communicator to see if i could hop on to somebody's Wifi, and surf. Imagine my joy, when to my pleasant delight i could!.. I managed to drop Paul Chow a reply to his email, as well as 2 more emails, 1 to weizhen and 1 to micqsy. Hopefully i'll be able to carry out a similar feat tomorrow..=)

Walked into 2 knife shops too..knife and gun shops to be more precise, as the shops sold both knives, and guns. The first shop we walked into had this beautiful custom Fred Perrin "street surgeon", which i really wanted to buy, but my dad kinda put his foot down on that..=(..oh well, i shall try to somehow get to buy it over the next 1 week+..=)..saw a few other knives which interested me too.. Al Mar's bolstered Eagle folder, Cold Steel's Safe Keeper II(which sadly was the "Made in Taiwan" variant, and not the "Made in Japan" variant), as well as the Benchmade AFO!! and Benchmade auto-Benchmite!...

Guess that's about all for today..i'm feeling tired, and want to catch some sleep..=)..Happy Birthday Pongsy!'s your birthday today babe! i write, the time is: 4:18am, (25th may) - Singapore time, and 10:18pm, (24th may) - Paris time...well, best wishes for the year ahead Pongsy!...catch up with you soon ya?..=)


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