Friday, June 02, 2006

23rd May 2006 - (Day 1)
Hahaha...finally arrived here in Paris after an extremely long 12 hour flight from Kuala Lumpur..Oh well, it didn't seem as bad this time, perhaps because I managed to catch 3 movies through the inflight entertainment. I watched Hairy Potter n the Goblet of Fire, Entrapment, as well as Croccodile Dundee...haha..the latest sequel of Hairy Potter isn't too bad...hahaha..Hermoine is so pretty!...haha...till now i still think Hairy Potter is a dunce for not liking dumb!!...Oops...sorry i digressed!...

Anyway, back to events that transpired at Changi Airport..haha...Thanks Eunice!, for coming to send me off..haha...i'll go send u off the next time when u go overseas too kaez..haha...i think Eunice must agree with me that my lameness is part self-developed, part the foodcourt, my aunt was like telling eunice that she had passed my granny's (teeth inspection) test..lame la..basically saying that eunice has nice teeth *cough*-never see properly-*cough*..hahaha...whenever my family sees me with a girl, they will automatically assess the girl, to see if they think she's nice, etc..haha..and trust me, there have been cases when they didn't like the person's face, or some other characteristic..and whenever i say i'm going out with so & so, they'd say things like "she again? about your other friends?"...haha..pretty stringent tests!..haha...oh well, they think eunice is smiley, and has nice teeth...not to say genuine teeth, unlike mine, nice, but fake...haha...lame la...haha...whilst eunice was with us, my whole family somehow brilliantly displayed all their most unique characteristics...starting from my grandpa's(the toilet's my best fren) trait, my grandma's(gotta vett all of junpei's friends examinations), to my mum's (kanchiongness), and my aunt's (heck care attitude), to my dad and his lame jokes..and of course, me and my eternally corny lamality...hahaha...i think eunice got the full dosage manz!!..anyway, thanks again pal! for coming to send me off..=)..

First impressions..well, the apartment we're living in for the first week is claustrophobically small!..gosh!...we had to tilt our luggage sideways to get it in even!..Oh well, but it's an interesting experience..somehow the toilet seems pretty big in dimensions, in proportion to the size of the apartment..The place was a tad colder than what i had expected...luckily i had heeded my seasoned-traveller-auntie's advice to bring my Nike ACG fleece jacket along, as opposed to just bringing the outer garment. well, for the first week, my living quarters are on the lower level of the apartment,and within reach of me(literally), is the kitchen..haha..a pity i don't really know how to cook..we walked around a little today, found a supermarket "nearby", from which we could obtain our groceries..and thus settled the day..=)

Found the first shop that kinda sells knives here too..was walking by a row of shophouses, when i noticed some Laguiole knives in the display, as well as some Swiss army knives..the shop sold stuff like watches, and cigar cutters, one of which was going for 850euro. That equates to estimately 1700 Singapore Dollars for a cigar cutter!..


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