Friday, June 02, 2006

27th May 2006 - (Day 5)

haha..i went to the summit of the eiffel tower alone today!...OMG!..the view was absolutely fantastic!..okay, but first, let me describe my journey to the top!..haha...i had to queue for ages!..haha...the lifts to the top start work at 9:30am in the morning, and being the kiasu singaporean i am, i arrived there at 8am..haha...oh well, at abt 8:30, seeing that the queue was still damn short, and i had an impending stomach ache, i went to find a lavatory. The damm thing was that the eiffel tower's toilets only open at wth! i walked back towards the RER-train station where i knew there were the outdoor toilet cubicles. supposedly you're supposed to pay 0.40Euro, but somehow i didn't know how to pay, or how to operate the damn thing..haha..i just went in, closed the door, and shat. I thought that since this sign thingy turned red when i opened the door, it meant "occupied", and i thought i didn't have to worry about the door opening on me when i was doing my business. i went in, and there are 2 handles inside, 1 small one, and 1 big one...the thing is, both are to open the door, and there's no knob to lock it. remember i thought it would self-lock...=) fine...i finished my business, and came out, only to see another person go into the cubicle beside mine, which had the same red sign, and same words...and the fact was that he could just go in like that..omg!..can you imagine, if someone had just opened the door on me when i was doing my business?..haha...yucks!...

Okay...after that, i headed back to the tower. It was about 8:50...Horror of Horrors!..the queue had become so damn long!...omg!...but i was very determined that no matter what, i HAD to go up the eiffel tower! i queued...

and queued...

and queued...

and queued...

and..finally, bought my tix, and went into the felt real awesome then!..i was pretty excited, tried to call a few friends, but only managed to get through to flippy..euni's phone was off AGAIN!!!...grrrr!...GRAWR!..*can you switch your phone on??*...oh well, i chatted a little with micqsy through sms..haha...(iModels..haha...been there, done that la..=)*winks*)..anyway, i got all the way to the top, where the view and the feeling of being right up there just blew me away..haha. maybe you'll think i'm mad, but when i was up there i was like talking to myself, saying "woah...i'm at the top of the eiffel tower lehz!...eiffel tower lehz!.." haha...even though i've seen other awesome places like the pantheon, stonehenge, capella sistina..etc, but the eiffel tower just beats it all's an amazing piece of artistic expression, and yet so functional, and so grand!..OMG!! did make me wish i could become an architect/engineer..haha...nuts lahz...and micqsy, i smsed n mmsed you from the top of the eiffel tower..hahaha..isn't it cool?..i tried calling you too......but you didn't pick up!...i bet i'm the first person to sms and mms you from the top of the eiffel tower..=)...anyways, from up there, i could see the pyramides, as well as the arc de was simply awesome...haha..okay, that's about all for the eiffel tower(for now)..i'm going again later, to take night photos..micqsy said the eiffel tower looks damn nice at night...haha...i'll take pics for you lahz..okay, so far i've spent like 4 rolls of film on the eiffel tower alone..can you imagine?..

haha..after the eiffel tower, *oh, did i mention, i spent the whole morning alone..haha.*..okay, after the eiffel tower, i went to meet my parents, and we went to the Notre Dame to take some photos. met this damn amazing man there, who was feeding birds from his hand!...OMG!..he would just hold up a piece of bread between his thumb and forefinger, and the birds would literally flock to feast off his hand!...GOSH!.i took another 50+ exposures here..haha...shall post pics on my blog when i manage to get them developed and digitalised..alright...i shall sign off here, cos got to go get my stuff(cameras, etc) ready..cos i'll be going out to take night photos of the Eiffel tower soon..=)..

Oh yarz, i had a horrible toothache today! incisor hurt like mad..i don't know why..i think it's some infection in my gums, because my tooth is dead, as in the nerve has been killed, and i had a crown done..paila should know what i mean...hence it can not possibly be hurting!!..oh well, it feels much better now, after 2 ponstans(painkillers), plus a panadol extra..haha..okay, i shall pen off for now...might return to blog later..but if i'm too tired, i'll probably just leave a one-liner..haha...bye!

haha..i'm back..alright, the eiffel tower really looks gorgeous at night!!..firstly, it is lit with this warm golden colour, which makes it look so much "warmer", and much more pretty!..then, there were some moments when suddenly these bright white flashes would be lit sporadically, and suddenly it would seem as if the stars had descended upon the eiffel tower, and were dancing on the tower itself...real awesome!..anyway, my dad got kinda spooked. because as we were walking along the river, we witnessed some policemen chasing some people who were bigger and faster then dad kinda felt then that paris was a little unsafe. One policeman literally threw his thruncheon/baton at them dad then commented to me that if the muggers were to chase us, they'd definitely out-run us!..BUT i replied that if they were to fight us, we would definitely out-knife them!..haha...i believe my dad was carrying 2 knives, including 1 with a gut-hook, and i was carrying 4 knives..haha..and 1 of the 4 knives i was carrying, was my enormous, and hefty AL MAR SERE Attack 3 Folding Knife!..haha..i think if i were to pull that out, any mugger would at least think twice, or even thrice about robbing us...haha..okay, that's about all for today...i realise that my entries are getting longer and longer...shall try to shorten them...=)..alright..that was an 8-liner..hahaha


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