Friday, June 02, 2006

31st May 2006

Good morning Chartres!'s 10:30am here..I woke up something like 2 hours+ ago..had breakfast, which was awesome!..haha..this guesthouse feels real awesome...oops!..gotta go out now...will return to blog later!..=)

Hello!...i'm back...alright, this morning i woke up extremely glad that finally i have a proper sized bed! the previous guesthouse, the bed was so small that in the mornings when i wake up, i keep nearly falling over the side!'s a sofa-bed there actually...pathetic huh...haha...oh well, this morning when i woke up, i was glad that i could stretch, toss and turn in my bed a little before waking up, and without having to worry about falling down!...haha...breakfast was a luxurious mix of cereals, pastry, coffee, milk, jam and yogurt..i pretty much enjoyed it..=)..

After breakfast, lazed around a little, blogged 2 lines, before my parents came into my room to ask me to dress up, and get ready to go out..=)..we went to tour the little city a little, walked around, saw a few shops, had lunch at this place selling Turkish Kebabs, and i had a mixed kebab sandwich, which came in a pretty large portion. twas glad too for the heat provided in the shop by all the cooking as it was very cold outside!...After lunch, and a little bit more walking, my dad and i went cycling!!...haha...for friends who know me well, they will know that i am crazy over cycling...too bad i don't own a racer-bike of my own YET....well, we toured around the little town of Chartres, took some awesome photos of the beautiful scenery that is sort of impregnated into all the little houses, streets, etc...i mean, there are houses that are covered from chimney to walkway in plants!...and yes, i meant it literally!!...Gosh!!...well, took photos with both my camera phones, as well as with my trusty Nikon..=)..i've taken in total, 49 photos with my Nokia 7710 mobilephone, and 109 photos with my Nokia 9500 Communicator!..haha..i'm photo-mad...=)..

oh, forgot to mention, this morning i went to the Notre-Dame here too...finally i understand that Notre-Dame simply refers to a church, i mean, like there are many Notre-Dame's in France, as opposed to THE Notre-Dame...haha...well, there were many stained glass windows to see, and it was simply awesome!...the thing i like most about europe are the churches really feels different, when i'm in a modern church, and when i'm in an old, traditional church...i feel closer to God when i'm in a traditional's like you can feel the difference from being inside the church, and outside of's like once you step into the church, you feel this serenity within the church, which seeps into your mind and soul...makes you feel so at peace...

Oh well, i think that kinda covers my day today...that's all i'll blog for tonight, cos i'm tired, and i think i'll go sleep liaoz...


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