Friday, June 02, 2006

26th May 2006 - (Day 4)

haha...was damn tired this morning, hence i didn't blog..actually i had wanted to blog yesterday!..Yesterday was pretty cool after all. I went to the Eiffel Tower!!...OMG!..i think it's absolutely stunning..i mean, whilst my parents didn't find it fantastic at all, but i really thought it was awesome. Many reasons why so. Firstly, the sheer size and grandeur of it all just blew me away!..i mean, imagine, in 1888, people actually had the capability to build such a monstrous structure!..that's just amazing..secondly, when i was there, i saw the gears, and cogs located in the tower itself. The way the lifts are transported up the tower, carrying precious loads of human life is just so amazing too!..Okay, from a distance, i thought the eiffel tower looked funny...don't know why, but it just resembled a phallic symbol...okay, maybe it's just me, but i had this impression that it also looked like a middle finger saying a big "F-OFF" to the french monarchial system and regime prior to the French Revolutions.=) i said, maybe it's just me...haha...okay, but basically when i was at the eiffel tower, i was like a little kid, as if learning for the first time, in detail how an aeroplane is able to fly...i was just soaked, drenched in the awesome beauty of the eiffel tower...words just flew past me, people just flowed past me..and for an instant, there were just 3 elements around, the Eiffel Tower, My Camera, and Me. I shot something like 3 rolls of film there?..which equates to 72+ shots on 35mm film..i love the eiffel's just beautiful...was so excited too!...called flippy to share my excitement with her..haha...tried calling micqsy and eunice too, but micqsy didn't pick up, and auntie eu's phone was off!...grrrr!...GRAWR! GIAP!..okay, that was lame...oh well, i'm going there again early tomorrow morning, to take the lift all the way up!...yippee!...and i'm going alone!..haha...i love the feeling of travelling in a foreign country alone!...haha...don't really feel that scared too, cos firstly i'm a guy, secondly, i got many knives with me, not to mention the HUGE knife, which will probably make any mugger shiat in his slacks...haha....then tomorrow night i will most probably go there again to take photos, since my friend micqsy says that the eiffel tower is beautiful at night..haha...

Oh well, more about TODAY!!...haha..i went to visit the Arc De Triumphe too!..haha...but somehow it didn't excite me as much as the eiffel was okay lahz...quite pretty, but didn't have the "awe" factor...maybe if the whole thing had been constructed of solid gold...ahhh...that would have been something!..haha..well, after spending some time shooting the Arc De Triumphe with my trusty Nikon, we ventured down Champs Elysee Avenue...saw a few interesting things there.. firstly, it was cool, but queer to see automobile showrooms located in the middle of the shopping district, but it was damn cool because, far from being the usual showroom one sees back in the little Red Dot, these showrooms were more like concept stores, or boutiques, they featured prototypes, featured existing models with totally wacky acessories, such as a Renault Laguna with a jeweled steel/aluminum casing..(jewelled refering to the metal having these circular patterns polished onto them, similar to the steel locking liners in my knives), they also had this other Renault with little red sheres covering the entire car body, less the mirrors, windscreens etc. That was bizarre!..the next car showroom i went to was the Toyota showroom..when i was in there, i wished mozzie was there too, because i think he would have enjoyed it!.well, besides 2 very interesting concept cars featured on the lower level, on the second floor, there was also this "hand-eye" co-ordination test game that was developed for Formula 1 car drivers to hone their reflexes, and hand-eye co-ordination. out of a total score of 60, i managed to get only 35, which was surprisingly quite good, because the average score attained by most of the other people i saw attempting it ranged between 21 to 24 tops...there was also this freaking cool driving simulation game, where one actually sits in the cockpit of a F1 car mock-up, and there is this huge plasma screen in front, giving you the simulated view from the cockpit!...OMG!!...

Alright, after that, we came back to take a short rest, before heading out to have a look at the Notre Dame...haha...when i was taking photos of the Notre Dame, i felt so tempted to ask somebody to take a photo for me, with me in the photo, hunching my back..haha...i could be the Hunchback of Notre Dame then!...okay...lame...but seriously, i might get someone to take that photo for me soon.

Walking on, we chanced upon a shop selling Airsoft guns, which looked so damn real!..i was so tempted to buy one, and smuggle it into Singapore, but i didn't have the guts to do that lahz..haha...oh well, it started to drizzle after that, so we just took buses, to tour the urban parts of Paris, sheltered from the rain in the relative comfort of the bus.

Recieved a rather upsetting sms from my pal eunice sometime in the day. Twas quite saddened to hear that Pastor Boon Young had gotten a stroke. Such a pity because he was such an active person..Oh well, i'm sure God did that for a good purpose...Just hope Pastor Boon Young gets well soon..and hope micqsy's sore throat gets well too..oh, and my final prayer request, that weizhen enjoys the retreat in Batam, and that God grants her health too, free from her headaches..=)..


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