Sunday, June 04, 2006


Haha..i haven't posted much these few days because i was a little tired..we're finally back in Paris, and as i write, our luggage is already packed, and it's 1:18am Monday Morning here..we fly back to Singapore at 12pm it's kinda like my last blog here from Paris/France...

Well, I really enjoyed the trip...saw the Mona Lisa painting today..twas awesome to be able to be standing in front of such a famous work of art. To me, it was like being in front of the a world leader..the feeling of grandness is there...anyway, i tried to snap a photo of the Mona Lisa, and i did, but at the expense of being scolded very badly by the security guard there!...he was like ranting away in French, and there i was playing along, giving totally meaningless replies in hokkien..i was just replying him with stuff like (I like to eat chicken rice);(I love to drink coffee),'s so lame..haha..he must have thought i was replying him....hahahaha..Oh well, hope the photo doesn't turn out blur!..

To weizhen=): Sorry i didn't manage to find the painting.=(...the place is too BIG lahz, 7500 pieces of art there...and i only spent a day there...

Oh well, i'm kinda excited to go back to Singapore too!...kinda miss home, and miss my grandparents...especially my grandmother...i also miss the sense of security i have back in Singapore...Did i mention before, that i always feel so insecure when i'm overseas...Here in Paris, i always have my HUGE folding knife in my windbreaker pocket, with my hand firmly grasping it..and another few other knives in hidden pouches all over my body..Somehow that helps make me feel safer..haha

Well, tuesday will be pretty cool too!...will be meeting up with eunice at the airport, and after that, meeting another friend to go cycling with..yay!..haha..and maybe meet up with my other friends who are flying off for coffee..=)..anyway, this trip is the first i have ever had overseas without buying any knife!..haha..that's something to remember!

Oh well, i guess i've gotta go sleep body's kinda tired now...Goodbye Paris!, and rehi Singapore!


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