Friday, June 02, 2006

25th May 2006 - (Day 3)

hmm...just woke up a few hours ago...sometime during my sleep, my dad had come to put this woolen blanket/humongous scarf over really kept me warm manz!..was just telling mozzie thru sms tt i'm like covered in 2 tee shirts, 1 fleece sweater, 1 woolen blanket, and i'm still feeling cold!...haha..oh well...woke up, had breakfast, which was prepared by my dad...some "Pita", with ham, eggs, mushrooms, and beans..and my favourite Orange may not be my favourite colour, but Orange juice sure is my favourite drink manz!..well, we should be going to the Eiffel tower today, but my dad seems to be ill...he's still down with his flu, hand-carried over from my parents are still sleeping..time check, it's 10:22am now..haha....

chatted a little with eunice through sms today, and that was pretty's always nice to have friends to talk to when i'm few thousand miles away from home..makes Singapore seem so near, as though it were just a street away, yet at the same time i'm all too aware that it's 12 + 1 hours away even on a jet plane...haha..eunice is very hip...she always says hi to me with a "Yo!" instead of just a "hello..."..haha...she's quite funky....anyway, for this trip, i shall try to limit my smses to no more that 100 overseas smses. Based on the sms that Singtel sent me on the day i arrived, smses are charged at EUR 0.25 per message sent, which works out to around S$ 100 smses would be $50, still within my limits...that works out to 7.1428..smses a you must be a pretty close or special friend from me if u get SMSes from me manz..haha...during my other past trips, when i didn't really bother to check my limits...i usually ended up with something like 500+ dollars in SMS charges!..and my mum screamed her lungs out at me manz!..=)

hmm...i really enjoy blogging...i'm so glad i decided to bring my computer over with me..even though i can't use the msn and internet as i originally intended to, at least i get to use it as a diary, which i can simply copy and paste onto blogger back home onto my blog!..=)..oh well, shall finish up this entry when i return back to the guesthouse tonight!..=)

okay, back, but we didn't go out...because the brilliant heater just that means no hot baths, no hot water to bathe my hands!..haha...oh well, it's 1:35pm(paris-time) now, and we're waiting for the electrician/s to come check out the here i am to blog a bit more..

micqsy is damn funny..haha..prior to my departure from Singapore, when i asked her whether she wanted something specific from Singapore, she said she wanted a Frenchman..then i smsed her just now saying that i had asked a frenchman to come with me to singapore to meet michelle, but when i said the word "michelle", all he said in reply was "you eat escargot without the shell"..haha..okay, that was lame...and anyway i bluffed her, but she believed it..haha..."gullible", as she so claims..*bleahz*...well, anyway, i shall take some nice pictures of the Eiffel Tower, and the Arc De Triumpe, as well as the Louvre Museum for you yarz?...i will be going to the countryside for 3 days next week, will take some nice scenic shots for you too!...=)

Okay...the electrician came...apparently, there's like only 75litres of water ready to be used at any one time..and with all the bathing, washing of dishes, etc...we exceeded the 75litres that's available for use. so the only thing we can do, and we have to do, is to just wait for this 75litres to be replenished, heated, ready for use.

hmm..sometimes my mum gets on my nerves..she likes to take charge of things, and sometimes this gets very irritating, like when she tries to insist that i do things a certain way..for example, transfering water from a big cup to a smaller cup...and today, cooking maggi noodles. Today i got quite pissed cos i was simply cooking maggi noodles over the hotplate stove, when she came over and kicked up a fuss about me cooking stuff over the hotplate..she said that i should just have put tap water, and the noodles into the microwave, set it for 3 minutes, and 3 minutes later, take it out, turn the "noodle brick" over, and set it in for another 3 minutes. The thing is, i don't really like microwaving food, cos to me it seems pretty scary to have the thought of having your food being "roasted" my radiation..i still prefer to do certain things the old-fashioned way. Her reasons later were that first, i would dirty the stove, which i think is rubbish, because if that's the case, why let my dad cook even more elaborate stuff then!?..second reason,while plausible, i think was was that when the hot plate was hot, unlike an open fire stove, people could accidentally get burnt, because the fire isn't visible. well, that was why i was standing there guarding it right?!...urgg...I still like living with my grandparents manz..maybe because after living with them for so many years, i'm much much closer to them, i don't get so frightened of them...ya...i sometimes feel quite nervous, and tense when i'm with my parents...because there's this underlying current of tension that threatens to suck me in anytime...anyway, thanks Eunice, for listening to me rant/shout thru sms over in Paris..=)..thanks pal!..

Oh yarz, i used Microsoft Excel today to create a table, so that i can better track my sms usage as to how many smses in total i have sent, as well as who i sms/mmsed the most here..haha...pretty cool huh!...=)..


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