Wednesday, July 18, 2007


hmm...nothing much has happened in my life recently...but well, ya, i managed to get tix to ndp!! pretty excited...should be going with a school mate from rag..haha...first time i watch an ndp which is on the sea...heard from joann that the navy's performance is pretty cool ya...kinda looking forward to it..will have to then rush all my stuff so that i can go down guilt-free that day...heh...well, this saturday JK Rowling's next Hairy Potter book comes out!...and i'm getting it!..haha...a welcome gift to a friend...hope Sam likes it!...oh well, nothing much to blog about lahz...hmm..okay, today my percussion teacher complimented me saying that the sounds of the tone; slap; palm..etc, that i make sound almost like his...and that was really nice...bought a new phone some time ago too, and the functions are astonishing..well, i got the Nokia ya...=)..i'm actually quite stone now...came online primarily to check the weather for a friend...Sam's i'm just here to check the weather, and be the weatherman via sms...haha...oh well well, think i gtg do my stuff already...seeya!!..


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[Life is like a dream..In reality, things do not always go the way we want them to turn out. What we desire, may not always be what life destines for us. These unfulfilled wishes turn into actuality in our dreams. Dreams reveal what we want to happen in life, and it is only in dreams, that possibility is infinite..Dream a dream tonight...=)]

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