Friday, February 02, 2007

Hmm..i'm seated in the back of a van now, accompanied by 600 bottles of New Water, 200 New Man magazines, a dozen FHM calenders, a sound system, and other stuff..listening to different songs today..currently i'm listening to Sun Yanzi's "Yu Jian"..and that just song is "At The Beginning - Anastasia"..hmm..nothing much exciting to blog about today..
oh, maybe the cool part of today was seeing Mediacorp Publishing Pte Ltd for the first time of my life..heh..took a spyshot of how it was like with my camera phone..haha..

hmm, i'm glad it's friday already..because that means i get to see my favourite kids..will be going there earlier today since i get to drop off nearby..fridays rock!..=) during lecture i was actually surfing the net for tee shirts to buy..i want to get some tee shirts that are wacky, or controversial..haha..saw some nice ones by greenpeace, as well as some which make a statement on topics ranging from saving the turtles, to anti-nuclear sentiments..pretty intresting..there's one i might says's basically against nukes..=)..i think tee-shirts are a very good way of expressing one's sentiments, as well as one's stand on issues such as politics..never really had many of these "funky" tee shirts before, and i guess the university is a good place, at a good time for these..haha..since when have i become an activist at mind...heh

well. Gtg..reaching my next destination soon...but i still hope to get to the destination of my heart..=)..


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[Life is like a dream..In reality, things do not always go the way we want them to turn out. What we desire, may not always be what life destines for us. These unfulfilled wishes turn into actuality in our dreams. Dreams reveal what we want to happen in life, and it is only in dreams, that possibility is infinite..Dream a dream tonight...=)]

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