Friday, September 15, 2006

Some updates for the week:
hmm...let's see...last weekend those of us who were successfully elected into the NUS Arts Club, 27th Management Committee had to undergo this "Rites of Passage" weekend camp, which was physically exhaustive!..I've never walked as much in my life as i did then man!..haha..but the camp did result in better bonding between the formerly distinctly apart campaigning teams..I had fun during camp though!...haha...but being away from my knives certainly did throw me off balance a bit...felt a tad queer...i've never been away from my knives before...Not at least i had my fork+knife combo with me though..=)..being away from my cellphones too was scary!...i felt so out of touch with the world!..not to say tt i missed texting my frens!...certainly an experience i must say!...but i was very disappointed by my physical abilities...sux man!...urgg!
well, more about this week!..
Met up with flippy on wednesday for lunch at first time to the Newton Hawker centre in years!'s much cleaner now i must say..then we saw a church fren's dad there, and we were like trying to avoid him, and hope he would go away...but guess what, he chose to sit behind flippy..and facing us!...haha...well, but we managed to slip away before he saw us..haha...using exciting!..then went to suntec to walk around, before going to marina square...on the way, flippy was commenting that the sunflowers were very nice...and i did something wacky..haha..i just cut one off for's tax-payers(our) money k!...hahaha..that was pretty cool n fun!..after that walked a bit more then at about 3+ i had to rush back for lessons at 4, and she had to go home to cook dinner...met up again on yesterday for lunch and to chat, and twas quite nice, managed to chat quite a lot..heard some things which really upset me...but deepened my respect and admiration for her..shan't elaborate further, but to flippy, shd anyone bully u, i'll be there to stand up for you ya?..just let me know..
Well, I have a french test next week, and i'm quite stressed!...cos french really is tough for me!...this weekend i shall be mugging for french..hopefully i can grasp the language soon!'s the structure itself that's bogging me down!..pray for me!..
Also, I've been appointed the Welfare Secretary for the NUS Arts Club 27th Management Committee. Hope i do a good job!...and to my frens with me in 27th MC, do remind me when i lag behind, and gimme a kick if u feel i'm slacking!...and to all in NUS FASS, should u ever feel that u have issues to raise, do let me kNow!!...

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