Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Hahaha...I had a presentation this morning for my SSA2209(Government and Politics of Singapore) Module!..haha...there's Sue Ann, Xinyi, Weizhen=), and I..Weizhen=) was the first speaker, and I, the last...I really enjoyed the lesson, because I love debating sometimes, and i managed to really utilize the skills i learnt in pursuing History in JC...haha...but weizhen=) said that i sounded very different, because i was then speaking in proper english, in proper and complete sentences..haha...but that's just me...i have the ability to switch between styles of writing, and speaking..=)...

After our lesson, weizhen=), rebecca, another girl(i forgot the name), and i went to ginza to eat our lunch..haha...or brunch, for weizhen=)..haha...i had my favourite chicken rice!..hahahaha...and then we shared a bit of "Har Gao" too! cool, rebecca is also a fellow "Har Gao" fan too! Weizhen=) time we can all go eat dim sum!!...

hahaha...hmm..nothing much about the day i guess, except that i'm buying a new knife!!...woohoo!!'s called the Emerson Super Commander, basically a Commander that's 20% larger!...haha...can't wait for it to come!...then it can complement my Commander EDC options!...haha

Well, that's about all for today, to my frens, thank yoU! Weizhen=), get well sooN!....Let's go for Crab Bee Hoon next week ya?..


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